11-24-13 WWE Survivor Series

-The Survivor Series panel tonight is Mick Foley, Booker T and Bret Hart.
Kofi Kingston vs. The Miz 
-match was fine and both guys hustled but I’m over both characters. Miz won with a reversal to a rollup. After the match Miz offers his hand but gets slapped instead. What a sore loser.
Winner: Miz
-The new McMahon’s start the pay per view… they promise no interference in any match tonight before Hunter goes “are you ready…” fuck man are you a good guy or a bad guy??
Survivor Series Elimination Match
Rey Mysterio, The Uso’ and WWE Tag Team Champions Cody Rhodes & Goldust vs. Real Americans’s w/Zeb Colter & The Shield 
-Zeb twerked before the match…!? stupid. Cody rolls up Ambrose in the early goings for the elimination, fuck. Swagger took the 619, an Uso superkick and splash for the elimination. Cesaro gets a swing on both Uso’s before Cody rolls him up for the pin. Reigns & Rollins are alone. Reigns speared an Uso for the pin. He then speared Cody for the elimination. Rollins gets the head stomp for the Uso pin. Goldust and Rey on one side Reigns and Rollins on the other. Seth got rolled up by Rey but then got beat up but Rollins after his elimination. Reigns is solo. Roman then gets the spear on Goldust for the pin. Rey goes for the 619 when Reigns speared his ass for the pin. FUCK! Solid opener too bad thats where this ppv is going to end being good.
Winner: Roman Reigns 
-Orton and the new McMahon’s spot in the back, nothing worth mentioning.
Intercontinental Champion Big E Langston vs. Curtis Axel
-match was good but crowd was a little quiet. Langston gets the big ending for the pin. Renee Young gets an interview in with Big E, he sucks up to Boston.
Winner: Big E
-AJ in the back with Tamina yip yapping about not being taking down now… she’s talking to her Survivor Series team. They ain’t having it.
Survivor Series Elimination Match
Total Diva’s vs. regular Diva’s 
-Cameron pinned Fox with a split legged moonsault ala RVD. Rosa pinned Cameron. Nikki pinned Rosa. Nikki pinned Summer after a dance off. Kaitlyn pinned Eva Marie. Kaitlyn pinned Naomi. Brie pinned Kaitlyn. Aksana spinbustered Brie for the pin. Nikki pinned Aksana. AJ pinned Jojo. Natalya makes Tamina tap out with the sharpshooter. AJ then taps out to the sharpshooter for the win.
Winner: Natalya & Nikki
-in the back Orton sucks up to ref Charles Robinson…
-they cut up to the SS panel only to get cut off by Ryback who comes out to talk shit on the panel and the crowd. He calls out whoever… and gets the returning Mark Henry
Open Challenge 
Ryback vs. Mark Henry
-muscle match. Henry gets a fucking cross body and the WSS for the pin. short and to the point.
Winner: Henry
World Champion John Cena vs. Alberto Del Rio 
-typical shit for Cena even though he’s in his home town. Match was pretty decent and Cena even pulled out a few new moves. still don’t like the dude. Cena got in one AA and pinned Del Rio.
Winner: Cena
-Santino and Truth talking about winning Money in the Bank then bust into playing with action figures. They get interrupted by Los Matadores, Fandango and John Laurenitis…
CM Punk & Daniel Bryan vs. Wyatt Family
-Crowd was heavily into Punk and Bryan. Pretty good match from both teams, it dragged in a couple of spots but good stuff nonetheless. Punk got the GTS on Harper for the pin. Bray teases getting in the ring after match but thinks otherwise.
Winner: Punk & Bryan
-Cena in the back with the new McMahon’s when Orton walks in. Cena excuses himself leaving Orton to question what was just going on…uh… please don’t unify the titles…
WWE Champion Randy Orton vs. The Big Show
-off the bat Orton tried to keep his distance from Show. Slow paced match to the point where its getting boring chants… Big Show fucked up Orton’s attempt at the draping DDT from the top rope… Orton kicked out of the chokeslam, barely any reaction. Orton got KO’d at ringside but as Show rolled him into the ring the new McMahon’s and KANE come out. Orton gets an RKO off the distraction then the punt for the pin.
Winner: Orton
-after the match John Cena comes out…?! He comes out to hold up his title while Orton holds the WWE Title tight… the fuck man, please don’t unify these titles…

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  1. tellstarcookie Says:

    No intererence or help? Laugh and a half.

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