11-18-13 WWE RAW




Well, it’s “country” night… let’s see how else they will fuck up the go-home show for a dead ass pay per view… spoilers, just go and watch the main event!

-A recap of last weeks UK shenanigans starts the show… a 12 tag match is the main event even though they should have made that the a Survivor Series match at the ppv… instead we get Punk & Bryan vs. Harper and Rowan… god dammit… after a crazy main event last week that’s what they announced… a tag team match…


-the new McMahon’s start the show talking about the chaos from last week and how they will deal with Vicki and Brad later… oh joy… WWE Champion Randy Orton interrupts this all pissed off and blames them for the shit from last week… Vicki then interrupts with Brad in tow… lame story short Vicki and Brad are put into separate matches…



WWE Champion Randy Orton vs. RAW GM Brad Maddox

-This is who Maddox got… he tried to run but it didn’t help… Maddox did get a mic shot and a corner post shot which lead to a DDT but it wasn’t long before Orton beat the shit out of him. He did get a short and light “let’s go Maddox” chant. Ref ended up stopping the match after Orton took this kid apart.

Winner: Orton by stoppage.


-Looks like they a wasting a potential rumored WrestleMania match tonight with Big Show vs. Ryback…


-Survivor Series analysis team is Bret Hart, Booker T and Mick Foley… this is how they are pushing this pay per view folks…


-Maddox got carted out while Vicki looked on and shit herself…


Intercontinental Champion Curtis Axel vs. Big E Langston

-Langston’s music gets a bit of a remix… I’m going with that leading to a title change… match was ok but the crowd was into this title change in Nashville.

Winner: Big E Langston wins the title


-Orton in the back with the Shield… they are only doing what the New McMahon’s want… looks like everyone is on the same page again… was Orton wearing a CM Punk hoodie??


-Lawler’s got all the diva’s in the ring… they are doing Diva musical chairs tonight… ugh… this got a forward job… sorry I didn’t want to watch this… looked like a brawl happened… couldn’t give a flying fuck.


The Big Show vs. Ryback

-typical big man match… impressive to see Ryback get Big Show up for the shellshock, he kicked out though. Shortly after that Ryback got knocked the fuck out. After the match Orton tried to get involved only to take a spear! Oops.

Winner: Big Show


-Zack Ryder gets TV time sucking up to some country singers… 3MB come in with another new gimmick.. they are playing up the country theme tonight… The rhinestone cowboys…


-in the back Orton whines about the Shield not helping him after he got speared by Show… wah, wah wah.


Real American’s w/Zeb Colter vs. Kofi Kingston & The Miz

-Zeb didn’t get much mic time on the show, must have gone down on the app. Match was typical up until Miz was going to get the hot tag and then left Kofi for dead and the tap out for the American’s. Miz finally goes back to heel-land.

Winner: American’s


-Vicki pretends to pass out in the back… it was pretty funny she was up, called for the trainer then pretended to pass out. haha! After the break Vicki is getting carted out when Steph stops them and forces the medic’s to cart her out to the ring… Vicki was pure comedy!


Vicki Guerrero vs. Diva’s Champion AJ w/Tamina

-Vicki strapped to this stretcher got carted all the way to the ring while she yelled bloody murder! Haha Vicki then passed out in the ring while AJ got a chant… Vicki tried to leave ringside but ran into Tamina… she tried to leave only to have AJ come get her… they are totally playing AJ up as a good guy tonight which makes no sense… crowd has no idea how to react right now… not long before Vicki ends up in the black widow and taps out. After the match Vicki passes out on the ref again, fucking comedy! Haha

Winner: AJ


-Hunter in the back with Sandow and Ziggler… he sets up a Broadway Brawl between them yet he himself admittingly has no fucking idea what that means… ugh.


Broadway Brawl

Dolph Ziggler vs. Damien Sandow

-so basically the ring is filled with a bunch of musical instruments… stupid. Plunder match… Ziggler won with the drum shot and the Double J strut and chair shot… Jarrett got a couple of mentions which was interesting…

Winner: Ziggler


-the new McMahon’s in the back when Orton comes in all grumpy in shit about what’s going on and is feeling all self-conscious with his position as the face of the company… and it seems rightfully so as Steph isn’t sure anymore…


-World Champion John Cena comes out with an arm in a sling to recap what’s been done to his arm lately by Alberto Del Rio. He does his typical pity party promo that turns into truth, justice and the American way… Del Rio interrupts his shit to give his 2 cents. Cena plays possum with his arm brace and jumped Del Rio briefly before he got out of dodge… still no interest for this match on ppv.


Rhinestone Cowboys vs. R-Truth & Xavier Woods

-Well this had to be the coldest debut ever… he just came out Truth and apparently they are partners now… well at least it gives Truth something to do, sort of like old school teacher/student tag team. Woods does the Gail Kim eat defeat move as his finisher.

Winners: Truth & Woods.


-Orton and the new McMahon’s in the back again… they are ok with him being the face of the WWE but he’s not getting help on Sunday from no one.


-country band played, forward job…


Daniel Bryan, CM Punk, WWE Tag Team Champions Goldust & Cody Rhodes & the Uso’s vs. The Shield and Wyatt Family

-and so I ask why the fuck not do this match on the ppv??! This Survivor Series is SO cold and doing this match here with SS rules would have been awesome… off the bat the Shield and the Wyatt’s tease tension. Uso’s are over here heavily, loudest “U-SO” chants in their career. Crowd was HOT for the Bryan hot tag. Not long before he’s cornered, even to the point where the heels throw all of his partners off the ring apron. Punk got a nice combo neckbreaker DDT on both Ambrose and Rollins after his hot tag. Nice double dive by the Uso’s onto the Wyatt’s. Dope spot where everyone hitting their finishers until Punk hit Ambrose with the GTS for the win.

Winners: Punk, Bryan, Uso’s and Rhodes


-after the match the Real American’s get involved until Rey Mysterio makes the return at the save! At the end Punk, Rey and Bryan stand tall to massive YES chants! All the goodies celebrate after the ring is cleared. Good main event, could have skipped the entire show until the main event!


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