Smackdown [November 15, 2013]


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The Beard and the Best give a tag team clinic.

Quick Results

Manchester, England

  • The Wyatt Family defeats The Usos via pinfall when Luke Harper dropped Jey with a discus clothesline
  • After the match Bray Wyatt hit Jimmy Uso with his finisher. Bray cuts a promo about Survivor Series and how they’re going to turn Punk and Bryan into victims.
  • Ryback and Axel Curtis declare their “I’m No Longer a Paul Heyman Guy” status. They want to take their frustrations out on CM Punk tonight.
  • The Primetime Players and R-Truth freestyle in the locker room.
  • Natalya submits Tamina Snuka via Sharpshooter after Tamina accidentally knocks AJ off the apron
  • Vicky Guerrero gloats to Brad Maddox about how he and Kane are going to be in trouble with the McMahons on RAW.
  • Prime Time Players & R-Truth defeat The Fab Three (3MB) when R-Truth hits the Lie Detector on Heath Slater
  • John Cena beats Alberto Del Rio in an arm wrestling challenge. Both men cut promos about their match at Survivor Series. Afterwards, ADR cheapshots Cena and manages to spinebuster him through a table. ADR lays his T-shirt over Cena’s limp body and walks up the ramp.
  • The Funkadactyls defeat The Bella Twins when Naomi hit the Rear View on Brie
  • CM Punk and Daniel Bryan cut a promo on the Wyatts backstage. They get over “The Beard and the Best.”
  • The Great Khali defeats Hunico & Camacho when Khali destroys Hunico with a Punjabi Plunge
  • CM Punk & Daniel Bryan battled Ryback & Curtis Axel to a No Contest when The Wyatts interfered while Ryback was caught in a Yes! Lock
  • The lights went out and the Wyatt Family stood in the ring looking for Punk and Bryan, who are no where to be found. Harper and Rowan attack Axel and Ryback and blast them out of the ring. While Harper and Rowan were distracted, Bryan and Punk come out from under the ring and briefly stun the Wyatts with kicks. The show ends with the Beard the Best walking up the ramp with the crowd chanting Yes! Yes! Yes!


The opening tag match was solid. I’m sold on Luke Harper but I still think Rowan is a bit green at times. Harper’s grunts and nonsensical yelling gets me way into his character and the match. He makes his opponents look great and his offense is just downright nasty. The finish was sick with Harper giving Jey a sickening discus clothesline.

I don’t know how the Usos are ever going to have a window of opportunity to run with WWE Tag Team titles, but I hope they’re given a chance before they’re disbanded or retired. They’ve been part of some great tag team feuds and matches I would hate for them to be passed over for the sake of pushing some other, less talented team.

I don’t care about Ryback or Axel Curtis but I was mildly entertained by the tap dancing of PTP and R-Truth. Lord.

The Divas match was okay but it’s a shame two of the better workers in the Divas division only got 3 minutes to showcase their skills.

The 3MB six man tag was fun for what it was. I thought the post match antics of Darren Young were more entertaining than the match itself.

Cena clowned on the local Super-Man and then cut a decent promo on ADR. Alberto Del Rio delivered another bland, non-threatening promo, while Cena did his usual crowd pandering shtick. So should we all play dumb and buy into ADR injuring Cena so bad that he won’t be able to successfully defend his belt at Survivor Series? I think not.

The Total Divas tag match was entertaining. I liked Nikki Bella’s Alabama Slam on Cameron early in the match. Naomi hit a nice wheelbarrow stunner. I don’t know where the Divas division is going but I’m liking Nikki’s slight differentiation in apparel, and how Naomi’s talent seems to be highlighted.

I enjoyed “the Beard and the Best” promo. That’s cool but I’m not sensing any sort of great chemistry between their personalities like I thought they’d have. It’s almost as if both of them are subduing their own individual characters to get the team over.

The main event was great despite the non finish. I’m glad the WWE knew who to put in the main event. Punk and Bryan were definitely over in a British Bulldog mega star way. Lots of great moments from the stereo suicide dives to the almost finish. I’m too crazy about the show’s ending. Bryan and Punk BARELY stun the Wyatts with some kicks and then celebrate up the ramp? What happened to blasting somebody with beer from a beer truck? What happened to dropping tons of feces on your hated opponent? I hope the stakes are raised in the coming weeks because this feud isn’t really heating up for me at the moment. The idea of seeing Punk and Bryan tag together is more compelling than those two actually getting “revenge” on the Wyatts.

Overall this was a decent episode with a good main event.

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