11-11-13 WWE RAW



FINALLY something about the Survivor Series to look forward too!

-show starts off with a John Cena voiced over piece for our US veterans… even though these fuckers are in the UK tonight…


-apparently the new McMahon’s are on vacation so they ain’t in the UK tonight leaving Michael Cole to ask who is in charge tonight… he forgets the fact that each show has what seems like 15 figure heads…


-WWE Champion Randy Orton comes out to yip yap about Big Show getting his job back and a title shot at the next pay per view. He claims to be in charge before Brad Maddox comes out and reminds Orton reluctantly that he is the RAW GM… This then brings out KANE the Accountant… this visual is just so odd… he gets a “you sold out” chant. KANE the Accountant says he is in charge which Brad isn’t having. They bicker about matches for tonight before Vicki then comes out to massive boos. She combines KANE the Accountant’s opponent and Braddox’s choice and makes Orton vs. the Rhodes boys in a handicap match…


WWE Champion Randy Orton vs. WWE Tag Team Champions Goldust & Cody Rhodes

-crowd is into the Rhode’s boys before starting a “Randy’s boring chant”. The announcers got their own chants too. Cody got the hot getting a near fall after a moonsault off the top. Orton is sent to the outside which leads to him walking off for the countout. The tag team champions are kept strong as was Orton. Big Show then shows up and beats on Orton at ringside. Show then sets up the steel steps by the announce table and choke slams Orton through the table! Good visual and the crowd ate it up. They should have made people pay for that bump on pay per view.

Winner: Rhodes’ countout.


-during the break Big Show takes a taxi to get drunk. JBL, Cole and Lawler have to look like assholes sitting in front of this fucked up table.


Los Matadores & Santino vs. Union Jacks… aka 3MB

-Santino was wearing bull horns… yeah, 3MB came out wearing the union jack all over their tights… this spilled to the outside where El Torito did a senton to the outside. Santino got the cobra (also wearing bull horns) on Mahal for the win… oh boy.

Winners: Matadores and their bulls


-Orton is getting looked at as Vicki and Maddox try to apologize… Kane walks in and he’s not having Orton’s grumpiness.


Damien Sandow vs. Kofi Kingston

-gloried squash match.

Winner: Sandow


-country version of RAW next week… great…


Intercontinental Champion Curtis Axel vs. Dolph Ziggler

-crowd was heavily into Ziggler and although this was a pretty good match Ziggler gets jobbed.

Winner: Axel


-Kane the Accountant and Brad Maddox bicker about stupid shit in the back. They make matches for later tonight, most notable is Punk & Bryan vs. The Shield. Dope!


-The Miz is in an ABC Family movie… something else I can ignore!


-Zack Ryder is hustling merch this week. His goatee looks like someone left a Cleveland steamer on his face.


Tamina w/Diva’s Champion AJ vs. Nikki Bella w/Brie

-at an hour and 20 minutes this is already dragging even though the brits gave this a short “this is awesome” chant… Tamina with a “superfly adjacent” for the pin. Brie clears house after the match…

Winner: Tamina


-WWE2k14 create a characters will be shown on Friday night… really? Where were you 10 years ago god dammit!? I made a dope one of myself back then!


-the Shield walks in on Orton and his pitty party, they don’t give a fuck about any of this bowlshit.


Fandango w/Summer Rae vs. Tyson Kidd w/Natalya

-Fandango has his union jack tights on as well. They show Totally Diva footage of bickering between Fandango and Kidd… stupid… the brits are keeping Fandango’ing alive. Decent quick match. Fandango squeezes the win when he rolls up Kidd for the pin

Winner: Fandango


World Champion John Cena vs. Real American’s w/Zeb Colter

-Colter does the usual shit on foreigners and brings up Mr. Bean. Haha typical treatment for Cena by the crowd here. Del Rio comes out in the early goings for the distraction. Cesaro lands a massive uppercut before he tried the big swing… Cena fought out… crap. The American’s were good on double team duty here. Good match overall. Swagger taps to the STP to end this. Cesaro comes in after the match to brawl with Cena only to get thrown out. Del Rio comes in with a chair from behind and uses it on Cena’s injured arm. Big E Langston made the save for Cena.

Winner: Cena


– Kane the Accountant, Maddox and Vicki in the back when Del Rio walks in to brag about what he just did… this trio makes a match with Langston and Del Rio…


Ryback vs. R-Truth

-as soon as Truth’s music stopped this crowd fell asleep… so, uh… Ryback got sent into the corner then got rolled up for the pin… WOW is there a lot of talent at the bottom in the WWE…

Winner: Ryback


Big E Langston vs. Alberto Del Rio

-the brits started a wave during this match then when into a “we are awesome” chant, that’s gotta be a first. Not long before Big E tapped…

Winner: Del Rio


-Paul Heyman is all of a sudden in the middle of the ring in a wheelchair, neck brace and leg brace… oh yeah Curtis Axel is here too. He’s all pissy about what Punk did to him. Heyman then shits on Ryback and how he was never a Paul Heyman guy… ouch. He then claims he will return with a vengeance against CM Punk… who then comes out… Axel and Punk brawl at ringside before Punk gets the best of Axel with a GTS at ringside… Punk then gets a kendo stick from under the ring before using it on Heyman over and over again.


Daniel Bryan & CM Punk vs. The Shield

-slow paced for the most part until Punk gets the hot tag from Bryan. Pace picked up at that point. Punk got the anaconda vice on Ambrose until the lights went out. the Wyatt’s and the Shield have a brief yelling match before the Shield and the Wyatt’s brawl!!! Reigns and Bray at ringside! Both teams regroup in the ring before Bray tries to convice everyone that they have a common emeny. This got a “this is awesome”. Punk and Bryan then fight the Shield and the Wyatt’s before the Rhodes boys and the Uso’s come out to even things out! at the end of this the good guys stand tall!

Winner: No contest


-holy fuck that right there did MORE for the Survivor Series than anything else could have! This 6 on 6 best main event that ppv!




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