11-04-13 WWE RAW



three words: KANE the Accountant

CM Punk vs. Luke Harper w/the Wyatt Family

-right off the bat we went into this match. most of the match saw Harper keep the advantage with a few short comeback by Punk. Punk finally rolled up Harper for the pin. After the match Harper and Rowan attack Punk while the crowd chanted yes. Bray was coming in for the sister abigil when Bryan showed up with a chair. Both Bryan and Punk stand tall while the crowd eats this up. Good stuff.

Winner: Punk


-footage of Hunter banning Big Show for life is shown…


-Renee in the back with Punk. He cuts a promo on what happened with the Wyatt’s and he isn’t alone.


-Heyman is live via a phone call… he claims to have spine trauma and is in Europe getting treatment. Paul pours on the water works before hanging up.


Ryback vs. Great Khali w/Santino & Hornswoggle

-early tonight Ryback tried to start shit with Hornswoggle when Santino and Khali came in… and this is why we have to watch this shit now… luckily Khali’s entrance happened during the break… probably took that fucking long… it took a bit but Ryback finally puts him away with a meathook clothesline. At least it was a good visual seeing Khali get clotheslined on his ass. After the match Hornswoggle and Santino try to outsmart Ryback… it didn’t work…

Winner: Ryback


-more clips of things Big Show has done recently like costing the Sheild the tag titles.


Kofi Kingston vs. Alberto Del Rio

-why does it feel like I’ve seen this pairing a million times… match seemed good but I’m so detached from Kofi’s character that I couldn’t get into it. He needs a makeover/change in a bigger way than wearing long tights… armbreaker and the tap out.

Winner: Del Rio


-Big Show’s “attorney” supplies examples on why Show is suing the WWE… well at least this helps put this silly shit over.


WWE Champion Randy Orton vs. WWE app poll winner…  Big E Langston

-before Lawler could announce the winner of the poll, Orton shits on the crowd and how the bitches in the crowd are fantasizing about him. Langston won by 75% over Miz and Ziggler. This was a pretty decent match, it helped that these two don’t wrestle each other 3,255 times like a lot of the combos on this show lately. Crowd was into Big E especially when he almost hit the big ending on Orton. Good stuff and Langston looked good here.

Winner: Orton


Fandango & Summer Rae & Tyson Kidd & Natalya

-good to see Kidd back, he hasn’t lost a step. He gets the win with the sharpshooter on Fandango.

Winner: Kidd & Natalya


-Renee in the back with Damien Sandow. He is asked about being the 2nd person to unsuccessfully cashing in the briefcase. He isn’t happy. Zeb Colter walk in with his crew to talk about tonight’s 6 man match tonight.


World Champion John Cena & WWE Tag Team Champions Goldust & Cody Rhodes vs. Damien Sandow & the Real American’s w/Zeb Colter

-Cena cuts a promo about breast cancer month and intros breast cancer survivors in the arena tonight, touching promo which thankfully no one booed. Del Rio is on commentary as is Colter who argue about shit like Cena and how he’s not American… not long before Cena is getting the dueling chants. This one was high paced and the crowd was definitely into this one tonight. Goldust ended up taking the big swing from Cesaro before Goldust hit final cut for the pin. These 6 can keep wrestling each other, this was a fun match.

Winner: Goldust, Cody & Cena


-Big Show is in the back getting greeted by the boy as Hunter is texting… Vicki walks in to let HHH know that Show is in the arena. Steph walks in and admits that she let Show in the arena tonight because the “board wanted it”… they bicker about this shit and it gets awkward… lame story short the “board” wants this shit squashed.


Dolph Ziggler vs. Intercontinental Champion Curtis Axel

-short and typical match for these guys. Luckily Ziggler gets the win here. Not much else to say here except I would love to know who Ziggler pissed off.

Winner: Ziggler


-Bryan in the back when Renee walked up on him with questions… he wanted payback and he took it.


-the new McMahon’s wait for Big Show but Vicki says he wants to do this in the ring… typical.


Uso’s vs. 3MB

-two and a half hours in and NOW this match is going on!? Got on instagram doing this one and looked up as one of the Uso’s was hitting the splash from the top for the pin.

Winner: Uso’s


-Renee is now with Los Matadores… she’s really pulling overtime today… she shows footage of these dudes before Torito comes in… this was a waste.


Bella’s & Eva Marie vs. Diva’s Champion AJ, Tamina & Aksana

-Eva Marie got the roll up on Tamina for her first win… that’s all she basically did…

Winner: Bella’s & Eva Marie.


-the new McMahon’s come out for the finish of the show as does Big Show. They bicker and banter back and forth. Big Show just wants his job back… Hunter is losing his shit and Steph is the voice of reason and gives him his job back. Show is all happy and leads a YES chant… he also wants a big bonus and the face of the WWE. All of a sudden the Shield’s music hits and they make their way down to ringside. Show then says he wants a WWE Title shot at the Survivor Series. Hunter shoots this down and Big Show walks off threatening to sue the new McMahon’s for everything. This of course changes things and Big Show gets in title match. Show makes Hunter repeat this over and over again, heelish. Hunter puts Big Show in a match right now against the Shield and Orton.


Big Show vs. WWE Champion Randy Orton & The Shield

-Show puts up a fight until he takes a big spear from Reigns. They then go on to beat on Show, they got for the super bomb but Show fights out chokeslamming Reigns and double suplexing Ambrose & Rollins… Show corners Orton when Kane’s music hits… this fool comes out in a suit! BAHHAHA! This causes the distraction that leads to an RKO. The Shield and Orton then take chairs to the back of Big Show that were given to him by Kane the Accountant… Kane then clears out off the announce table for the Shield to hit the super bomb to Show through the table!

Winner: no contest

-very few shining moments tonight and Kane in a suit, hilarious!








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2 Responses to “11-04-13 WWE RAW”

  1. tellstarcookie Says:

    What a fake deal from Stephanie and HHH. As usual, they had their thugs to do their dirty work. This was obviously premeditated. Big Show didn’t even get to finish his requests before he was attacked. I hope the law suit goes as previously planned.

  2. tellstarcookie Says:

    For those who forgot, when Stephanie said the board told her to get Big Show to drop the law suit, she was talking about herself, After all, she and HHH are on the board.

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