10-28-13 WWE RAW




-I’m not happy about doing this fucking show after the bowlshit we had to put up with last night. The ONLY good shit last night was the triple threat tag team match. Everything else, I was WAY fucking over especially when you’re trying to get me to pay for a Great Khali match… on PAY per view… they better give me a good FUCKIN’ show tonight….


-we start with recaps of Punk vs. Ryback and Bryan vs. Orton from last night. they are just showing stills cause the main event was botchy.


-show then starts with new World Champion John Cena… I keep telling myself, at least its not the WWE Title… I love me the “big gold belt” but at least this fool isn’t holding the biggest title in this fed. He thanks JBL for being a skeptic before going into an impression of him… He’s got his “ghetto accent” back and says he’s going to Smackdown and some tour of Europe… he thing bring up the WWE Champion celebrating as well. Before Cena leaves Damien Sandown comes down with his chocolate bar of a briefcase to proclaim the uncrowned champion is here… He claims its impossible for a tricep to heal that fast and how he’s afraid Sandow will cash in on him. He teases cashing in tonight but doesn’t… Sandow then beats on Cena with the briefcase while the crowd chants YES! Cena then gets his shoulder thrown into the post will Sandow yells “rise above THIS” haha! Sandow then takes a chair to Cena’s injured arm on the steel steps… HE’S CASHING IN!!!!


World Champion John Cena vs. Damien Sandow

-this gets a commercial break before the actual start. Cena tries to keep Sandow from the arm but its all for not. Sandow focuses on the arm even though Cena tries to fight him off. Cena then makes a comeback after another commercial break and ends up getting the AA. Sandow rolls to the outside while the ringside medic starts to look concerned. Cena tries the STF but Sandow rolls out since Cena can use the arm. Cena kicks out of the neck breaker at 2. Cena then gets a close 2 as well with a variation of a neckbreaker that was actually kind of cool. Sandow then gots the STF on Cena but Cena gets out of it. They exchange another set of near falls, this crowd is into this and give this a “this is awesome” chant. Sandow then goes for a piledriver but Cena turns it and hits the AA….for the pin… fuckin’ shit. Good match but FUCKING COME ON! Fucking WWE…

Winner: Cena


-Shield in the back talking about Ambrose defending against Big E tonight… oh no… they are also teasing dissention of the Shield when Ambrose is trying to play cocky back saying he’s the only champion in the Shield blah blah blah… god dammit they REALLY are trying to get me to stop watching this fucking bullshit. Isn’t bad enough I can’t even watch TNA right now and you’re doing this shit too… COME ON!


United States Champion Dean Ambrose w/the Shield vs. Big E Langston

-Big E was muscling Ambrose when he went for the ropes and Reigns pulled the rope causing the DQ. They start to beat up on Langston when the Uso’s run out to even things out and clear house. Brad Maddox then comes out to pull a Teddy Long and makes this a 6 man….

Winner: Big E by DQ


The Shield vs. Big E Langston & the Uso’s

-back and forth match after the break. Reigns takes a DDT from one of the Uso’s and sells that shit nice. The Uso’s are really coming into their own lately… and then one of them calls for a reverse and its super audible… oh well, I have super human hearing and was probably the only fool to hear that shit. Super plex is blocked by Jay Uso who then goes for the splash, Rollins gets his knees up which sets up for the DOUBLE SPEAR out of nowhere by Reigns for the pin! DOPE!

Winner: The Shield


-Shawn Michael is out next to explain some shit to Daniel Bryan in person. Bryan comes out and plays up not looking happy. Shawn gets a loud “you sold out chant” while he tries to explain himself. He tries to explain how he was just trying to defend his best friend after what Bryan did to him and how that’s always strongest than anything. How Hunter was there for him during dark times and how he was there for him last night… he doesn’t expect Bryan to understand but to accept his apology… this get a massive NO chant… he then tries to tell us he taught him everything he knows and how he should trust ANYONE in this business… not even his soon-to-be wife. HBK tries to shake his hand again but Bryan shakes his head at this and Shawn gets PISSED. Shawn claims to be an A+ player and how he doesn’t know about Bryan even know he’s defended him and he better shake his hand. This crowd is losing their shit… Bryan finally shakes his hand but puts HBK in the YES LOCK!!!! Michaels fights but starts to tap out before referees come out to pull Bryan off of HBK to “you sold out” chants. This was a good segment, Shawn Michael is still gold! Bryan walks off all serious face while the refs check on Shawn who is selling his arm.


-Renee in the back with Bryan when all of a sudden the lights go out and The Wyatt family jump him… what…? they beat on him until Bray hits his finisher on him into a steel fence. Bray then rolls staging equipement at Bryan… what the fuck… you really moving Bryan out of the WWE Title picture… sigh…


2 on 3 match

Los Matadores vs. 3MB

-fuck El Torito… Slater has a net and is trying to catch him… Slater takes a fire extinguisher in the face and gets his ass gored… Matadores his their finisher on a distracted McIntyre for the pin. Slater then gets netted and takes a springboard head butt from Torito… I’m embarrassed to be watching this shit right now and hope my wife doesn’t walk in right now… fuck.

Winner: Matadores


Diva’s Champion AJ & Tamina vs. Bella’s

-Brie plays distracted because Bryan has apparently been taken to the hospital after the Wyatt family beating… lame story short Nikki is cornered and finally put in the black widow for the tap out.

Winners: AJ & Tamina


Kane vs. Miz

-quick squash match… chokeslam into the pin… after the match Kane calls out Steph… she comes out to the stage while Kane brings up the negative things she’s done… but how its best for business and how the monster is hers to unleash… she then walks up the stage while Steph looks confused as Kane pulls off his mask and hands that shit to Steph who holds it up in victory. The fuck? Kane goes heel for the McMahon’s again.

Winner: Kane


-the Primetime Players are now on duty to shill merch… FML. We’re getting free shipping tonight… just go and buy pink stuff to support breast cancer.


-David Otunga is repping Big Show…


WWE App Stip: Street Fight

CM Punk vs. Ryback

-Punk cuts a promo about what he did to Heyman last night and claims Paul is history. Crowd is MASSIVE for Punk here. Lawler gives us the stip and it’s a Street Fight. Right off the back the Goldberg chants start… stiff match that saw a kendo stick and a table brought in… Punk got the Macho Man elbow onto the table and the anaconda vice for the win. Short and too the point. This has to put Heyman and Ryback to bed… All of a sudden its goes dark and the Wyatt’s are out once again tonight… The Wyatt’s then attack Punk as Bray watches on, this gets a “Daniel Bryan” chant while this beat down goes on. Bryan then comes in and is about to give him the sister Abigail when he fights them off… this is short lived and he takes the sister Abigail. Once again Bray claims “the devil made him do it”…

Winner: Punk


Real American’s w/Zeb Colter vs. WWE Tag Team Champions Goldust & Cody Rhodes

-Goldust is heavily over with this crowd in Orlando. Good back and forth match. Goldust gets the HOT tag until Swagger takes out his leg and puts him in the patriot lock for the win. Good stuff here.

Winners: American’s


-Alberto Del Rio is out next and he’s pissed and threatens Cena. He wants his title back.


-The Undertaker vs. Goldberg won some poll so now we get to see a video reenactment… this beat a lot of matches that made more sense…


Summer Rae w/Fandango vs. Natalya w/Great Khali & Hornswoggle

-why the fuck is this match happening SO late in the show?! Too late to be watching this shit so this got a forward job. Nattie wins with the sharpshooter.

Winner: Natalya


-the last segment sees the locker room brought out to the stage for the Randy Orton Celebration… Shield is at ringside at the guard position while the new McMahons come down to the ring. Hunter takes credit for making Orton a star, etc etc etc makes fun on Daniel Bryan… he then intro’s WWE Champion Randy Orton. He comes out and hugs the new McMahons… awkward. Steph wants the roster watching to give him the respect he deserves… Orton claims to be better than all of us because he is WWE Champion. All of a sudden the Big Show’s music plays and he comes from the stage. Shield attacks but so does the Uso’s and the Rhode’s boys. Big Show then comes into the ring and everyone hits the bricks! Show then gets on the mic and says his lawsuit is going to cost the new McMahons a lot of cash money. Orton then attacks Show with the WWE Title, he fights back and knocks Orton the fuck out. the new McMahon’s watch in shock. The crowd is going crazy… chanting…YES… Hunter starts to take his jacket and tie off but then bitches out while Steph holds him back. This finally breaks out into a “lets go Big Show” chant. SO I guess Big Show now gets the main event spot while Bryan and Punk go off to take on a subpar team in the Wyatt Family?!… come on.


-interesting happenings tonight but it no way makes up for what happened last night and I definitely didn’t like Sandow not becoming World Champion thus becoming the 2nd person not to win a title with the Money in the Bank briefcase.





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One Response to “10-28-13 WWE RAW”

  1. Estell Newton Says:

    We all knew t he Shield were ass kissers and personal body guards for them. If there really is a protections order against Big Show, why was he allowed in the building? He should have been stopped at the door by security. Them letting him in makes it null and void if the order actually exists.

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