10-25-13 WWE Smackdown


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Hey fuckers, its Friday night, Great Puma is scaling ancient temples in Burma and yours truly is drunk and ready for the go-home Smackdown before Hell in a Cell!

-recap video about HBK being the ref for the ppv, Big Show’s shenanigans and the contract signing for Hell in a Cell followed by more Big Show shenanigans.


-there’s an 8 man tag main event tonight… it’s the Miz, the Rhodes boys and Daniel Bryan vs. Randy Orton and The Shield… hmm someone doesn’t fit the rhyme scheme tonight…


-Michael Cole starts the show in the ring and intro introduces Triple H… they are basically doing the same thing they’ve been doing on WWE.com with the Cole/Triple H interviews. Hunter mentions people have been fired over what Big Show did in regards to getting onto WWE TV and how Show is fired and he ain’t suppose to talk about him because of the lawsuit. They cover Cena vs. Del Rio, he relates to Cena coming back from an injury. Cole reminds us that the WWE Title has been held up now for 6 six… god damn that’s a long fucking time to not have a main champion… They go over this match and HBK being the ref for the title match. Hunter thinks Michael’s will “do the right thing” which brings out Daniel Bryan, Hunter ain’t happy about this. Bryan says the “right thing” is for everyone to let he and Orton finish this in Hell in a Cell and how HE is going to be the new face of the WWE. Hunter isn’t happy and gets all serious face while Bryan leads a YES chant. This was fine but makes me want to initially see Hunter vs. Bryan.


The Uso’s vs. Wyatt Family w/Bray Wyatt

-Miz is on commentary… Mid match Miz stops Bray from getting involved which caused the distraction and the double super kick to Harper for the pin. I get you need to push the Uso’s going into the ppv but why THIS team?

Winner: Uso’s


Diva’s Champion AJ w/Tamina vs. Nikki w/Brie Bella

-I’m just going to put it out there, I want to see AJ butt ass naked… like I want to see what she has for dinner n shit… not long before this breaks down and Nikki ends up in the black widow for the tap out. Straight and to the point.

Winner: AJ


-there was a John Cena video but I didn’t want that bullshit.


-this gets interrupted by Bray Wyatt in the back… they’ve beat up and caught Miz.


Los Matadores w/El Torito vs. 3MB

-I officially hate Los Matadores, racist shit. Real American’s come out to watch this match that’s now gone on for millionth time. The Matadors win this one… again… this time they got a different finisher. The American’s do nothing but Jinder gets an a springboard moonsault on the outside. Zeb shits on them after them and how they kidnapped a man and put him in a bull outfit. Fuck this lame shit.

Winner: Matadors



Ryback & Paul Heyman vs. CM Skunk

-this kid comes out to Punk’s music and tights but has a skunk streak across his head. Ryback beats on this kid as does Heyman with a kendo stick. Heyman made the pin on Skunk after a shell shock from Ryback. After the match Heyman cuts a promo on the match on Sunday, short but dope as always.

Winner: Ryback & Heyman


-Vicki in the back laughing about what happened to Skunk when Big E walks in and wants in the main event because Miz was taken out by the Wyatt Family. Langston gets a “we shall see”… Well at least its better than Miz!


-World Champion Alberto Del Rio comes out to the stage to cut a promo on Cena and his match on Sunday. It was fine until he tells the crowd to kiss his ass in Spanish! Haha


-Santino and R-Truth sale merch… Santino can’t do no wrong. Funny ass motherfucker.


Great Khali w/Natalya & Hornswoggle vs. Fandango w/Summer Rae

-why is this shit taking up time on Friday night!? The only thing of note was Natalya and Summer Rae getting into it which causes the DQ/No contest… Fandango takes a chop to end this bowlshit…

Winner: !?


Daniel Bryan, Big E Langston & WWE Tag Team Champions Cody Rhodes & Goldust vs. Randy Orton & The Shield

-Team Bryan kept the advantage for most of the early goings of this one. Goldust even got a cross body from the top rope! Cody finally gets cornered which set up for the hot tag to Goldust which turns into a hot tag to Bryan to clear house and gets the flying knee on Orton for the pin! Good main event match.

Winner: Bryan, Langston and the Rhodes boys.


-I gotta say I miss covering 2 hour shows, they seem to move much faster. Overall, not a bad night but I worry that with Bryan going over 2 shows in a row that he’s getting screwed (again) at the ppv…






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