10-21-13 WWE RAW



super tag team go home night….

-The new McMahons started the show talking about the pay per view and about respect. This gets Big Show on the titantron who argues with Hunter while Steph tries to ask the staff at ringside to cut him off and why he’s up there. They argue about lawsuits and bullshit before Steph kicks him off the screen… this leads to the first match of the night…


United States Champion Dean Ambrose vs. Daniel Bryan

-these two can’t do no fucking wrong when working with each other. Even with a missed moved they covered it up nice and moved on cutting off fans before they could chant “you fucked up”. Bryan focused on Dean’s arm early on which would lead to the tap out by Ambrose at the end. This was match of the night hands down. Yes I realize this was the first match of the night but nothing will be as solid and fluid as this match was. So good.

Winner: Bryan


-CM Punk comes out after the break to go over what the Hell in the Cell match does to people. How he’s the only person walking out of that match. Fairly short and to the point which was good.


-The new McMahon’s in the back when HBK walks up, he’s happy to see them they seemed stressed with this whole Big Show thing. They conversed about Bryan being WWE Champion and how things have changed around here. Shawn is saddened by this but isn’t letting it phase him.


Santino Presley w/Hornswoggle & Great Khali vs. Heath Slater w/3MB

-Yeah they are in Memphis which of course means the good guys came out looking like Elvis. Santino had the Elvis jumpsuit on and wrestled in it… this had a lot of Elvis style karate moves. Cobra had an Elvis wig too… pure comedy match. Santino got a dope kip up into a cobra shot. Santino shills Lawler after the match calling him the only King in Memphis.

Winner: Santino


Dolph Ziggler vs. Randy Orton

-these two got dueling chants and rightfully so, this match was fast paced and hard hitting. Orton works best with the smaller guys and this was a perfect example of that. Good shit here!

Winner: Orton


-didn’t give a fuck about the Cena video piece so it got a forward job.


Diva’s Champion AJ & Tamina vs. Brie & Nikki Bella

-quick match, closing sequence was cool which is all that mattered.

Winner: Bella’s


-youtube greatest hits showcases Del Rio’s arm bar… you would think they would pepper the “current views” on their youtube style graphics.


-Big E Langston turned into a good day on Smackdown which leads to an interview by Renee with Paul Heyman and his guys. Paul is channeling the Ultimate Warrior tonight… what the fuck man you’re going to work yourself into a coronary. No one cuts a promo like this dude, god damn. Big E Langston walks up and they set up Langston vs. Axel at some point. Big E needs to tone it down a little, he looked goofy.


-video package on Shawn Michaels training Daniel Bryan, even showed footage of him in Shawn’s fed back in the day.


Wyatt Family w/Bray Wyatt vs. Miz & Kofi Kingston

-typical match until Kofi gets the hot tag but its Luke Harper who was the MVP here. He’s the Wyatt family member to watch out for, he’s got a nice lariat clothesline. After the match Miz gets tied up in the ropes for Bray to cut a promo on him.

Winner: Wyatt’s


Intercontinental Champion Curtis Axel w/Paul Heyman & Ryback vs. Big E Langston

-before the match Ryback and Axel jump Big E but he fights them off for a bit before he’s outnumbered. Heyman hits Big E with a kendo stick which gets Punk to come out and even things out. Vicki comes out and pulls a Teddy Long by making the match a tag team match.

Intercontinental Champion Curtis Axel & Ryback w/Paul Heyman vs. Big E Langston & CM Punk

-decent tag team match which built up to the hot tag to Big E who hit the big ending on Axel for the pin. Big E is full fledged now. After the match Punk chases Heyman into the crowd.

Winner: Punk & Langston


-R-Truth is on merch duty tonight… no really… he’s the WWE’s version of Don West… he’s giving us 20% off tonight… thanks Truth.


Tons of Funk vs. Real American’s w/Zeb Colter

-I guess its tag team night tonight… the whole match is used just to talk about Colter taking a bull shot by El Torito on Friday. Clay took the big swing before tapping out to the ankle lock. Colter rants after the match before unveiling a bullwhip… oh boy…

Winner: American’s


-another video package for Cena that I didn’t watch.


-WWE Tag Team Champions Goldust  and Cody Rhodes come out for the next match. Their themes have been remixed together ala Big Show and Chris Jericho.


#1 Contenders Match

The Shield vs. The Uso’s

-JBL is fucking this up for the Rhodes, making them look like chumps, so stupid. Sometimes its best to keep talent off commentary to keep the allure going. Very distracting. Mid Match Ambrose starts shit with the Rhodes which causes this to break down. Ref calls for the bell as the Shield beat up on both teams before the Uso’s and Rhodes clean house.

Winner: no contest


-Contract signing for the Hell in the Cell main event ended the show. This saw Steph, Hunter, Orton, HBK and Bryan in the ring all at once. Both Bryan and Orton cut promos about stuff and things before signing this contract. Hunter compares Bryan to Jericho, RVD and Edge but they weren’t “the one” and how if they were they’d all be working for Ted Turner right now… he then shits on Bryan by saying he only fights stars which Bryan isn’t. HBK then turns the tide on Hunter and how he doesn’t understand what’s become of him and why he has an issue with Bryan might just be because Bryan proved Hunter wrong. This is about to break down when they cut to the back where a semi is coming into the back… its Big Show. He drives into the arena causing the distraction and Orton takes a flying knee. Bryan then heads over to the semi to celebrate with Big Show to end the show.









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  1. zankarne Says:

    I haven’t watched since the last snooce-per-view… Did I miss anything?

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