Smackdown [October 18, 2013]


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Because this was better than the Battleground pay per view

Quick Results

Kansas City, MO

  • They show highlights of the Rhodes Brothers’ glorious tag team title win on RAW.
  • Team Brickie is out and they run down the Big Show and say that they hired security to keep him away from the show. Daniel Bryan comes out, teases Big Show appearing, but brings out the Rhodes Brothers instead. Vicky books all three of them against the Shield.
  • The Wyatt Family defeats Kofi Kingston & The Miz via pin after Luke Harper destroys Kofi with a discus clothesline.
  • Brie Bella w/ Nikki Bella pins AJ Lee w/ Tamina via Acid Drop
  • Big Show enters the ring in a hoodie and jeans. Show gets a cheap pop from the Kansas City crowd. He also shows his autograph on his ticket from Daniel Bryan. Show kisses up to the crowd, but Team Brickie shows up and Brad Maddox tries to tell Show to get out of “his building.” Big Show tells him that he has nothing to lose and knocks Brad the fuck out.
  • CM Punk pins Big E Langston via Go To Sleep
  • After the match Paul Heyman, Curtis Axel, and Ryback come down and cut a promo that included an awesome AC/DC reference. They try to gang up on Punk but Big E steps in and backs them down for Punk.
  • Alberto Del Rio cuts a promo on John Cena and demonstrates how he’s going to injure Cena’s injured arm on an unfortunate Josh Mathews.
  • The Pink Usos defeat the Pink Real Americans after Los Matadores come out for the distraction and El Torito attacked Zeb Colter. The Usos got the W after Jey hit the Splash on Swagger.
  • Randy Orton comes out and cuts a promo on Daniel Bryan and guarantees a win and being the face the WWE again.
  • Daniel Bryan, Cody Rhodes & Goldust defeat The Shield when Bryan drops Dean Ambrose with his Busaiku Knee Kick


Decent opening segment. I really hope Daniel Bryan wins the title at the pay per view. At this point, I don’t really care about what he, Randy Orton, or Triple H say on the mic anymore. I just want to see the next great match Orton and Bryan are probably going to give us, with Bryan coming out on top… with a clean pin.

Holy shit. Really glad they’re highlighting Luke Harper whenever the Wyatt Family has a tag team match. Harper is just one of those big men that makes his craft look effortless. Hopefully, if his mic work is better than average, it’s only a matter of time before he goes solo and has a successful singles career. You can just tell.

The Divas match was entertaining with a solid looking finish. Brie has improved tenfold in recent months. I’m thinking she’s getting extra ring practice in with her fiancĂ©, Daniel Bryan, the true best wrestler in the world. You have to give kudos to Brie for working on her in-ring abilities. Beauty and the ability to work a match is a hard combination to beat. Just ask Trish Stratus. I also wonder if they plan to turn Tamina or if they’re transitioning her into a monster force in the Divas division. Personally, I miss the Tamina that used her own Cobra.

I enjoyed seeing Big Show blasting Maddox with a huge KO punch but I have a feeling he’s going to turn before we see Sting in a WWE ring. I’m enjoying Show’s face run and I don’t want to see him turned into a monster again without a good reason behind it.

Punk vs. Big E delivered. It wasn’t necessarily a pay per view quality match but it made me want to see them wrestle each other again. Big E just has this presence in the ring that Mark Henry took a decade plus to develop. His power moves look brutal and very crisp for such a young talent. Big E slamming Punk on the ring apron was dope to see. Punk was Punk of course and it was a treat to see him grace WWE television on a Friday night.

Big E’s face turn makes him relevant and will keep him in the minds of the WWE audience. Hopefully, they figure out a way to input the 5 count gimmick that worked so well for Big E in NXT. Hopefully this isn’t a ruse for Heyman to add another Heyman guy to his stable, but that’s just my cynical opinion.

Alberto Del Rio re-injuring John Cena’s arm is the obvious route to go at the pay per view. I don’t think Cena has been gone enough for even his own fans to miss him. I think a return at the Royal Rumble will be perfect, and the right amount of time to build a proper program with whomever his Wrestlemania opponent is going to be.

I enjoy the Usos but the idea of the Rhodes Brothers having epic tag matches against the Real Americans is just too good for the WWE to pass up. However, the visual of Antonio Cesaro rocking El Torito silly with the Cesaro Swing would be amazing.

Wow. This might be Randy Orton’s greatest promo. Short, to the point, and with ten times more venom that he’s ever cut a promo with.

We got another epic main event from the Shield and friends. The finish was fantastic and all six men put their bodies on the line in yet another six man tag masterpiece. If there was a rookie of the year award, Roman Reigns takes it by a mile. The way he sold Goldust’s boot and then fluidly turned around to see Cody’s dropkick was a thing of pro wrestling beauty. Reigns is now in the same company as Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins as wrestlers that I truly look forward to watching every time. Thanks to the Shield and Daniel Bryan, this current era of Smackdown is going to rival the Smackdown Six era when all is said and done. This was an excellent episode of Smackdown.

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