10-14-13 WWE RAW




Welcome to Distraction Night…

-show started cold and right into Shawn Michaels coming out to the ring. He goes over the Hell in the Cell match, how he trained Bryan, he doesn’t like Orton but is still besties with Hunter. He guarantees a new WWE Champion at the pay per view. This then brings out Randy Orton while Michael Cole reminds us that the first HIAC match took place in St. Louis where they are tonight. Orton reminds us he’s from and he’s trying to up the crowd before crapping on them. They bicker back and forth before Orton tries a RKO only to have HBK almost hit the sweet chin music on him. This then lead to Miz coming out to jump on Orton at ringside. Guess we’re not wasting time tonight.


Randy Orton vs. The Miz

-match was decent until the Wyatt family come out to the stage for the distraction and the RKO for the Orton pin. Bray cuts a promo on Miz after the match. Crowd seemed to like this trio.

Winner: Orton


Fandango w/Summer Rae vs. Santino

-glorified job match. Rae causes the distraction for the Fandango rollup. It is Distraction Night tonight?

Winner: Fandango


-Brad Maddox and Paul Heyman in the back and Heyman is NOW bringing up how Ryback got nut shot’d at the last ppv. They bicker about what kind of match Punk should get at the ppv against Paul’s guys. This gets a series of matches for tonight with the outcome setting up the ppv.


-apparently there is a petition to get Big Show rehired allegedly started by NXT’s Xavier Woods.


-John Cena hype video package… yay…


Los Matadores w/El Torito vs. 3MB

-what we’ve seen already. After the match Los Matadores set up a triple spot on Jinder. I officially hate this shit.

Winner: Matadores


-recap video on Big Show knocking out Triple H. This leads to the new McMahon’s coming out to the ring to address what happened last week. This leads to a “you got knocked out chant”. They are taking action against Show. Steph then cuts this promo on who the fuck Hunter is, good shit on her part. Hunter then vents about what happened before getting a loud YES chant. He then pulls his dick out about him officially being the bad guy. Daniel Bryan then interrupts to lead the YES chants when all of a sudden Alberto Del Rio jumps Bryan from behind…? Steph makes this a match for tonight.


Beat the Clock Match

Ryback w/Paul Heyman vs. R-Truth

-whoever beats the clock tonight names the stip for the ppv match. Truth tries to waste time on the clock which was humorous. Anyhow Ryback wins the match at 5:44.

Winner: Ryback


-in the back Steph walks up to the Bella’s and fires them… kidding, she puts Brie in match with Chyna… I mean Tamina…


Tons of Funk vs. Real American’s w/Zeb Colter

-I don’t know why JBL wants to start a fight with people named Xavier… good match used to basically get Cesaro over. We didn’t get the big swing during the match we got it after the match to Tensai. He got Khali around more times, Tensai was a sack of potatoes.

Winner: American’s


Tamina w/Diva’s Champion AJ vs. Brie Bella  

-Brie put up a fight but took a big boot for the pin. Tamina beats her up after the match and hit the superfly splash off the top. AJ then got the black widow on her. so far the only entertaining shit on this show.

Winner: Snuka


-Steph and Maddox watch the Goldberg DVD when Bryan walks in all mad about what just happened… leads to nothing.


Beat the Clock Match

CM Punk vs. Intercontinental Champion Curtis Axel w/Paul Heyman

-please take the belt off Axel already, its doing nothing here… the beat the clock timer gets a hashtag… fast paced match that Punk won with 11 seconds to spare. After the match Punk announces the stip for the match as he makes the handicap match that Heyman suggested only its Heyman and Ryback taking on Punk in the Hell in a Cell…

Winner: Punk


World Champion Alberto Del Rio vs. Daniel Bryan

-this was a good match… it gets interrupted by Orton on the titantron checking on the injured Brie. Del Rio takes advantage of this. Bryan fights off and runs to the back to save the save the day. Orton then jumps him from behind in the trainer’s room before the refs come to stop this shit.

Winner: Del Rio by countout.


-Shield in the back talking shit about the Rhodes and Bryan when Steph and Hunter walk in to make their match tonight no DQ… Steph then smooches Hunter… its awkward like watching your parents make out…


-we get shown Cena’s personal journey to recovery… all two months of it…



WWE Tag Team Champions The Shield w/Dean Ambrose vs. Cody Rhodes & Goldust

-I’m glad this match is getting the main event spot… I hope I don’t regret typing that… frequent tags by the Rhodes boys to start off the match. The tide turns mid match and Goldust is kept in the corner of the Shield. Cody finally gets the hot tag and gets a couple of near falls on Reigns. Ambrose stops the crossroads attempt and end up giving the beat down to Cody. They go for the superbomb but Goldust comes back into the ring with a steel chair to even things up. This spills to the outside where Rollins hits a running powerbomb to Cody onto the barricade! This match is HOT! Oh shit, spear by Reigns to Goldust through the barricade! Big Show is out through the crowd! KO to Ambrose! KO to Rollins! KO to Reigns!!! Cody covers!!! 1…2….THREEEEEE! After the match Big Show leads a YES chant in the crowd while Hunter comes out and loses his shit in the ring.

Winner: the Rhodes boys!


-Well that main event made up for a pretty boring night, such good shit there!








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One Response to “10-14-13 WWE RAW”

  1. Estell Newton Says:

    Glad I missed it. Hope Big Show does get rehired.

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