Smackdown [October 11, 2013]


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The Rhodes Boys and the Wyatt Family deliver a slobberknocker

Quick Results

Columbus, OH

  • They show a video recapping Big Show’s KO of Triple H on RAW.
  • Vicky talks about how the Big Show’s house is for sale and that he is now unemployed. Alberto Del Rio interrupts and pleads with her to reconsider his title defense against John Cena at the Hell in a Cell pay per view. Vicky asks ADR if all the game he spit to her last Monday was real. She tries to get him to make out with her and he actually dips her and goes for it. She messes with him and asks ADR to kiss her ass. He doesn’t do it and Vicky tells him that she is not going to reconsider her decision.
  • This brings out Damien Sandow who tells Vicky that ADR is just trying to manipulate her into getting him out of his match with Cena. Sandow runs down ADR and tells Vicky that he’s attracted to her superior intellect. Vicky suggests that they have a match against each other. Del Rio drops Sandow with a cheap shot but Sandow gets up and grabs his briefcase. ADR escapes the ring to end the segment.
  • Curtis Axel (w/ Paul Heyman) retains his IC Title against R-Truth via pinfall after his modified neckbreaker finisher
  • Los Matadores (w/ El Torito) defeat Los Locales after they hit their finisher on El Locale #2 (Ricardo Rodriguez)
  • Brie Bella & The Funkadactyls defeat Natalya, Kaitlyn and Eva Marie (w/ JoJo) when Naomi rolls up Natalya
  • Renee Young interviews the Rhodes brothers about their victory over the Shield and their upcoming match with the Wyatt Family.
  • Alberto Del Rio taps out Damien Sandow via Cross Arm Breaker
  • The Great Khali & The Prime Time Players defeat 3MB when Khali chopped Heath Slater for the pinfall
  • Cody Rhodes & Goldust vs. The Wyatt Family (w/ Bray Wyatt)


Okay opening segment. I like both guys but I don’t think they’re strong enough characters to base a whole show around.

Axel – R-Truth was okay. The ending got pretty interesting with some near pinfalls and a few counters.

I enjoyed the Los Matadores match mostly because I enjoy watching Ricardo Rodriguez work in the ring. I think he sells like a champ and he always makes his opponent’s offense look great.

The Divas match was okay. I’m a mark for those “everybody hit their finisher” sequences, which happened at the end of the match. I also liked the cool rollup finish.

I wanted to like the Rhodes promo more but it just wasn’t clicking. It wasn’t bad, it just wasn’t great. I think the bulk of their overall charisma is going to come from their in-ring work like Daniel Bryan.

Any match that features an Elbow of Disdain is a good match in my book. ADR and Sandow put forth a lovely little match. ADR pulled out a lot of his offense tonight from his concussion kick to his back stabber. I’m glad it wasn’t a total squash and Sandow was allowed to look somewhat formidable.

The six-man tag was okay. I think the fans are beginning to root for 3MB or maybe it’s just wishful thinking. Who doesn’t want to root for delusional dorks that don’t take themselves too seriously?

The main event made up for this show’s lack of star power and less than stellar matches. The stand off between Goldust and a masked Rowan was as good as it gets. Goldust should always be the WWE’s number one freak with nobody coming close to second place. The WWE might as well turn him into their own version of Crow Sting and ramp up his freaky side ten notches. Hell, why not throw in some Great Muta in his character as well and have him spit out alternating gold and black mists? That would be some real vape shit.

But I digress, the match itself was almost as good as the Rhodes Brothers versus the Shield. Rowan showed the most offense he’s ever shown since his debut. Luke Harper was Luke Harper and he made both of the Rhodes boys look great, especially when he was in the ring with Goldust. I loved Bray Wyatt’s hell bent on revenge expression after the match to end the show. The show overall was just okay but I’d make time to catch the Rhodes in the main event.

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One Response to “Smackdown [October 11, 2013]”

  1. tellstarcookie Says:

    This deal with Big Show was all planned out by Steph and HHH. They wanted his house and now they have it. They wanted him gone and they got that too. She knew Big Show couldn’t hit her so she repeatedly hit him. He’s not the first to get fired and come back into the building but he’s the only one with trespassing charges. And assault with a deadly weapon? I recall seeing four other people in the ring. And HHH is a wrestler–one that defeated Lesnar. So why are they contemplating assault charges? Looked to me like the grease heads attacked Big Show first.

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