10-07-13 WWE RAW




There best be some serious fucking damage control done tonight!

-Steph comes out to the ring to start the show, she gets boo’s right off the bat. She tries to put over that she knows how we feel. You have no idea, you got $45 to spare… She calls Big Show to the ring who comes out to take a scolding. He apologizes but she isn’t buying how sincere it was. This gets heated and he admits it was he who chose to knock out Orton but it was Steph told Big Show to knock out Bryan. Steph starts losing her shit and continuously slaps Show in the face while he smiles on… Steph then fires Show and this time he aint crying about it and walks off like no big deal.


-ok so check this shit out. the graphic that comes back after the break says “WWE Battlegound had more social media activity than a bunch of other TV channels. Funny, no NBC Universal channels are listed here… yeah people were talking about the ppv because of how lame it was for the most part.


Dolph Ziggler vs. Damien Sandow

-During this rematch of last night, Cole and JBL bicker about how Brad Maddox was in the middle of this mess from last night. Also Big Show was bounced from the building. This match got time playing up that Sandow is more aggressive tonight. this doesn’t matter as Ziggler pins Sandow clean after the famouser

Winner: Ziggler


-in the back Steph gives Maddox his own tongue lashing. She even brings up the power outage. Ha! Steph then tells Brad to head to the ring and apologize for last night… no ma’am that should be your booking team heading to the ring…


-Bruno Sammartino was brought out during the break to the live crowd. Lawler leads a birthday song for him. fuck man, you couldn’t have done that during the show?! I know you ended up showing most of it but still.


Alicia Fox, Aksana & Rosa vs. Natalya, Jojo and Eva Marie

-Eva Marie makes Aksana look like a skilled vet, the read head is GREEN! This was so bad. Rosa doesn’t look like Rosa anymore… Fox ends up tapping out to the sharpshooter.

Winner: Total Diva’s


-Brad Maddox comes out shortly after that match to apologize for last night and makes Orton vs. Bryan in a Hell in a Cell match with a special guest ref… that we get to choose for tonight… Booker T is one of the choices. He pleads for our votes tonight…


3MB vs. Los Matadores

-yet another rematch of a rematch… same shit as before… no wait, this time El Torito gets a hurricanranna off the top rope to Heath Slater who super sold this move. Fuck.

Winner: Primo and Epico


-After the break Punk Heyman and his guys are out in the ring. He goes over beating Punk and how Punk cheated to beat Ryback with a low blow… this brings CM Punk out to the stage and says he just kicked Ryback in the balls to see if he had any balls. This gets heated and out of nowhere R-Truth invites himself out to this shit to even the odds… the fuck…


CM Punk & R-Truth vs. Intercontinental Champion Curtis Axel & Ryback w/Paul Heyman

-Truth spend the majority of the match cornered. Punk finally gets the hot tag but that ultimately led to Truth getting the pink on Axel… meh.

Winner: Truth Punk


-Bob Backlund is also in the running for the ref spot in for the HIAC match. He loses his shit live on tv.


Kofi Kingston vs. Randy Orton

-hey remember when… oh nevermind those days are dead and Kofi was never going to be put over Orton. This started off slow but build up to a few good spots like Orton hitting the rolling powerslam on Kofi who was springboarding into the ring. Kofi then took the draping DDT from the barricade then an RKO to finish this off. After the match Daniel Bryan attacks Orton. This ends up but the announce table with refs and officials trying to break this up. Orton headed up for higher ground while Bryan laid chase.

Winner: Orton


-Vicki Guerrero in the back when Alberto walks up and hopes Vicki can pick a worthy opponent for Del Rio. He sucks up to her big time before kissing her on the check. He walks off but her expression changes to a negative one…


-HBK is the last person you can vote for in this WWE app poll. Michaels goes over being friends with HHH but how he trained Daniel Bryan. He calls himself H-B-Shizzle which gets a chant for the same name. haha!


World Champion Alberto Del Rio vs. Ricardo Rodriguez

-Vicki came out before the match to announce Ricardo Rodriguez as Alberto’s opponent… right as the match started she announced John Cena as Del Rio’s opponent at Hell in a Cell when Ricardo rolls up Alberto for the shocking win! Del Rio then takes Ricardo apart after the match at ringside focusing on double R’s arm. John Cena, really…? This seems very anticlimactic…

Winner: Ricardo


-why is Cena wrestling so soon and what’s up with this World title match!?


Zack Ryder vs. Fandango w/Summer Rae

-why is this on RAW? Even worse, what’s up with this being in hour 3?! Luckily its short and Fandango wins with the leg drop off the top.

Winner: Fandango


-HBK wins the poll with 61% over Booker T and Bob Backlund.


-Goldberg match compilation collection comes out… tomorrow… well, why push this DVD so soon…!?


Santino & Great Khali w/Hornswoggle vs. Real Americans w/Zeb Colter

-once again this resolves around the big swing by Cesaro on Khali for the win. After the match Hornswoggle takes the big swing until Santino makes the save with the cobra.

Winner: American’s


-MizTV was about to start when it gets interrupted by the Wyatt family. Miz is surrounded before he and Bray go at it briefly. Miz retreats while Bryan hangs upside down while being held by the family.


-Maddox in the back with Steph. Hunter walks in to talk shit about Maddox fucking things up last night.


Daniel Bryan, Goldust & Cody Rhodes vs. The Shield

-before the match started Triple H came out to watch from ringside. Goldust look good here, keeping the pace with Rollins. Cody was kept cornered until Bryan’s hot tag. Bryan puts the YES lock on Rollin’s before Ambrose comes in

Winner: Bryan & the Rhodes boys by DQ.

-Triple H restarts the match not wanting to end the show like they did last night but the match is now no DQ. Orton comes out of no where and takes out Bryan at ringside before Rollins gets the pin on Bryan.

Winner: The Shield

-after the match the Shield take out Bryan and the Rhodes before Big Show comes out even though he was “fired” earlier. Hunter runs scared into the ring where the Shield stand in front of him. Big show smiles and heads for the ring where he fights off the Shield briefly. They finally get show down while Hunter barks orders. Big Show makes another come back before he knocks Hunter the fuck out! Show walks off as Bryan stands over HHH and leads the crowd in a massive YES chant. Bryan then fixes Hunter’s tie which is funny seeing as he was fired because of what he did with a tie…


-tonight had its moments but in no way did it make up for the $45 bucks I shelled out last night for that bowlshit!









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One Response to “10-07-13 WWE RAW”

  1. tellstarcookie Says:

    Steph and HHH need to get their act together. We all know that they used the internet to order Show to knock out Bryan. And why is Show being punished when other wrestlers do the same thing and get away with it? Script or not script it’s just plain wrong.

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