Smackdown [October 4, 2013]


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Dolph Ziggler and Alberto Del Rio steal the show in a wrasslin’ clinic

Quick Results

Baton Rouge, LA

  • They show a video recap of the Orton-Bryan feud with bits of Orton’s latest RAW promo serving as the voice over.
  • Big Show comes to the ring and talks about how he had to do bad things to support his family. Triple H comes out and says that he just purchased Show’s home so now Big Show owes him everything. Triple H changes the main event to a handicap match featuring Big Show vs. The Shield and Randy Orton.
  • RVD defeats Fandango via DQ when Summer Rae interfered and knocked RVD off the top prior to a Frog Splash. After the match RVD hits the Van Terminator on Fandango.
  • Ryback pins R-Truth via Shell Shocked.
  • After the match, Curtis Axel attacked and R-Truth.
  • Renee Young interviews Alberto Del Rio and the interview is interrupted by a production assistant who gives a gift, the damaged trash can, to Del Rio. It was described as a gift from RVD.
  • Alberto Del Rio taps out Dolph Zigger via Cross Arm Breaker
  • The Whirling Tito Santanas Los Matadores defeat Heath Slater and Jinder Mahal when they hit their double backbreaker finisher on Mahal. By the way El Torito has a twitter, y’all.
  • Brie Bella pins Aksana via Acid Drop
  • After the match AJ Lee cuts a promo with Tamina standing by her side, disses Brie, Daniel Bryan, and their future “goat” baby. Ouch.
  • Kofi Kingston pins Big E Langston with a surprise quick roll up.
  • After the match, the Wyatt Family comes out and Bray cuts a promo to set up their match at Battleground.
  • Big Show defeats Randy Orton and The Shield via DQ when Orton drops Show with a chair.
  • After the match, Orton and company attack the Big Show that ends up with the Shield holding Show up for an RKO.
  • Orton threatens to smash Show’s head with a steel chair but the Usos and Daniel Bryan run out for the save. Orton retreats of the ramp while Bryan leads the whole arena in YES chants as the show ends.


Glad the crowd is reacting well towards the Big Show. The opening segment set the tone for the next few months of the company. I’m happy with Big Show being part of the main storyline of the WWE. He certainly deserves it with the quality of work he’s put forth in the last few years. Also I’m finally used to seeing Triple H with short hair. It took a while.

RVD-Fandango was just okay. Cool to see Fandango use the Falcon Arrow. RVD’s DDT after he hopped over the top rope was dope as well. Also, I think the Van Terminator should be only be used at the major pay per views after this Sunday to keep it special.

R-Truth put forth a valiant effort in putting Ryback over but the match was just okay.

Hehe. I like how the WWE is playing towards RVD’s strength and not making him cut so many promos to hype his feud with ADR.

Damien Sandow joined the announcing team for the Ziggler match.

ADR vs. Ziggler was the match of the night. The storytelling was superb and the counters were very cool to see. Ziggler’s counter to the tilt a whirl back breaker into a dropkick was brilliant. Too many great sequences to mention here but Ziggler rolling out of the first arm breaker into the famouser is worth noting.

Los Matadores impress again in another squash. It’s going to get interesting when Los Matadores start having six man tag matches so El Torito can showcase his talent. I honestly think El Torito can be a huge moneymaker for their kids market. The merchandise concepts are endless.

Brie vs. Aksana was what it was. Thanks to AJ’s promo I am looking forward to seeing how this plays out on Sunday. I wonder if Brie possibly winning the title will be featured on Total Divas.

Loved the Kofi-Langston match since Big E didn’t lose any face at all losing in that fashion. I’d like to see them tangle again. The spotlight treatment for Bray’s promo is a nice touch.

The Big Show handicap match was great because it ended the show on a very high note. The match itself was solid with everybody getting a chance to shine. This time, Ambrose took over for Rollins as the whipping boy for the Shield’s opponent. Roman Reigns’s spear has to be included as one of the best spears in the history of the business. He’s not close to Edge’s legacy or drawing power yet but I think his spear is a lot more brutal looking than Edge or Christian’s spear at the moment. I’d throw Rhino’s name in there but I don’t want my family being slaughtered by angry ECW fans.

Overall this was a great episode of Smackdown. All the matches were solid and the matches for Battleground were hyped up nicely. Definitely go out of your way to see ADR vs. Ziggler.

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One Response to “Smackdown [October 4, 2013]”

  1. tellstarcookie Says:

    I wish HHH and Steph would leave Big Show alone. He doesn’t deserve the treatment that he’s being given.

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