09-30-13 WWE RAW




Subpar go home show into a ppv not a lot of people are going to bother with…

-CM Punk started to show coming out to a massive ovation. He talked about what’s going on with his sage against Paul Heyman and his crew. Brad Maddox came out and got made fun of for not having entrance music. Brad’s color pallet tonight, purple and blue… Christ.  Maddox is bad here… Punk wanted a fight tonight and got Big E Langston to come out to the ring… Punk got beat up until he evened things out. A match was teased before the break…


CM Punk vs. Big E Langston

-this was a good match. Langston played up the power and keeping Punk grounded until Punk make his come back with the elbow from the top and the GTS. Big E sold the GTS oddly going to his knees and a dazed look before Punk pushed him over and pinned him.

Winner: Punk


-a “family summit” is advertised with the new McMahons and the Rhodes’ crew.


Fandango w/Summer Rae vs. Kofi Kingston

-Fandango has a WWE t-shirt, this one is pink for breast cancer month. Classy move by the WWE to do this again this year with Susan G. Komen. I don’t know man but just seeing good matches from Kofi isn’t good enough anymore, something needs to change. Crowd goes into entertaining itself with chants. Short match that ends with Kofi hitting the trouble in paradise. After the match the Wyatt Family did their entrance leading to Bray talking about nightmares

Winner: Kofi


-Sandow vs. Ziggler is taking the pre show spot on Sunday’s ppv… geez…


-The Bella’s yip yap before being interrupted by Randy Orton who brought up Brie’s engagement to Daniel Bryan. He threatens that Bryan isn’t going to be able to walk down the aisle. Espookies!


-Renee Young did a back stage with Paul Heyman who isn’t fazed by Punk’s threatens and wants him to bring it tonight.


-Los Matadores debut tonight… funny how they are trying to get the Ole chant to shift from Sami Zayn.


Heath Slater & Jinder Mahal vs. Los Matadores

-its painfully obvious that its Primo & Epico… Puerto Rican’s playing Mexicans… they have a midget with them dressed as a bull… their entrance is them bullfighting the midget… I wish I was kidding. Crowd wasn’t into this and started a boring chant. the bullfighters finisher was a fancy double Samoan drop… meh.

Winner: Matadores


-Stephanie and Hunter came out to start the second hour of the show who called down the Rhodes family. The Rhodes come down in suits… and Goldust had his face painted… odd look a suit and paint… no one’s ever been able to pull this off…  HHH then shits on Dusty about not being able to make it outside Florida or the NWA. dude… The McMahon’s shit on these three before Steph bringing up that Dusty is down in NXT developing talent. She offers Goldust and Cody a match against the Shield, if they can beat them they can have jobs but if they lose they will never work in the WWE again and Dusty will be fired. Dusty gets in Hunter’s face before they make the match official. The new McMahon’s leave before the Shield attack of the Rhode’s boys. Cody then took the super bomb before the Shield posed over him… ok, I’m interested in this match right here! It will be cool to see Cody and Goldust tag team.


R-Truth vs. Intercontinental Champion Curtis Axel w/Paul Heyman

-bored with this match until Punk’s music hit… he didn’t come out but it caused the distraction for the Truth win…

Winner: Truth


-Trish Stratus had her baby and named him Maximus.. that’s definitely a wrestling name.


-we got a video package on the relationship of Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella… Way to exploit their relationship WWE.


Alicia Fox vs. Brie Bella w/Nikki

-all I remember from this match was Brie pulling the tights out of her butt the entire time…

Winner: Brie


-Axel and Heyman in the back when Ryback walks in for a moment… Heyman says he’s proposing to Ryback tonight… I hope they’re in an accepting state!


-Renee with Big Show in the hand… basically his hands are tied with the actions the McMahon’s make him do. He then changes his tone and how he’s going to knock HHH out tonight.


-After the break Truth and Maddox talking about his win when Big Show walks in and Truth gets the fuck out of dodge! Haha Maddox gets roughed up…


Zack Ryder vs. World Champion Alberto Del Rio

-yes, the World Champion took on Zack Ryder on television… make of that what you will. Basically a squash match… you sure this is the go-home show to this ppv!?

Winner: Del Rio


-Ryback and Paul Heyman came out to the ring to yap about what Punk has lost in Heyman’s friendship. Paul said he wants something more meaningful with Ryback before getting down on one knee and asking Ryback if we he will a “Paul Heyman guy”! Funny shit on Heyman’s part. Punk music hits to interrupt this proposal. Punk comes through the crowd and jumps the barricade but appears to be injured with and is holding his knee. Paul held Ryback back trying to sell that this might be legit. Punk tries to make it to the ring but he can’t. medic comes out to check on Punk but he tries again… this time he makes it into the ring with a kendo stick… someone was playing possum. Ryback and Heyman makes it out but its Axel who’s left behind to take this beating. Well at least this segment might save this show cause the rest has been looong.


The Shield vs. Dolph Ziggler & the Uso’s

-match was fine until the paced picked up with the hot tag to Ziggler. Nice exchanges from that point, most notable is the constant tags with the Shield to finish off Ziggler and the Uso’s. Dope finish.

Winner: Shield


-Big Show was still in the new McMahon’s office when security came in to take Show away. Steph comes in to talk the security out of arresting Big Show but then shits on Big Show not “performing” at home…  frowny face. She walks off to leave Little Show to knock a hole in the wall… I mean the hole was already there they just put a poster over it to make it look like that’s what he did…


-Renee with RVD in the back… I guess the new recap video for guys are youtube clips of their finishers… haha! Man RVD doesn’t need to be talking here… fuck. where is Ricardo to save him!?


Antonio Cesaro w/ Jack Swagger & Zeb Coler vs. Santino w/Great Khali & Hornswoggle

-this match was built up solely for Cesaro’s airplane spin which is still impressive. Unfortunately this causes the dizzy pin on him.

Winner: Cesaro


-Jerry Lawler was in the ring for the final segment brining up footage of Bryan and Brie getting engaged before bringing Bryan out. Cole talks about how ruthless Randy Orton is while he comes down to the ring… he takes a slow ass time. He yaps about how he isn’t the viper of old and he’s all scary again. Bryan plays the devil’s advocate on why Hunter vacated the title but how he is going to win the title back. Good promo on Bryan. This doesn’t make Orton happy so he changes the subject on his engagement and question why Brie would be marrying a barn yard animal. Bryan flips his shit and beats on Orton before he turns the tides and continually took Bryan shoulder first into the ring post. Before Orton could hit the vertical DDT from the ring apron Brie comes out only to see this move first hand. Orton then cleared off the announce table and RKO’s Bryan through the table! Brie is a crappy actor here…. Brie kneels next to Bryan, Orton walks of and that is how the go home show ends… the fuck.


-I have to say this was probably the worst go home show in a long time, so much fluff tonight.






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One Response to “09-30-13 WWE RAW”

  1. tellstarcookie Says:

    We don’t watch much because it’s getting to be a breeding ground for bullies but I did like Los Matadores. Nice change from the bull that normally hits the ring.

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