Smackdown [September 27, 2013]


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The Shield steal the show once again.

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Milwaukee, WI

  • WWE COO, Triple H is in the ring. He talks about not being able to make people happy because he has to do what’s “best for business.” He rambles on until the Miz interrupts him. Miz questions if Triple H has been fair and impartial. Triple H says that Miz has squandered opportunity after opportunity and that it’s Miz’s fault, not his. Triple H also goes on to say that Stephanie was justified in having Big Show knock him out. Triple H makes a rematch of Miz vs. Randy Orton so Miz can have “revenge.” He asks if Miz’s hometown has an airport that can accommodate a G5 so he can fly his parents in, but then says Miz probably wouldn’t know.
  • Alberto Del Rio pins R-Truth via Concussion Kick
  • After the match Triple H and Vicky Guerrero are talking in the back. Triple H makes RVD vs. ADR an anything goes “Battleground Rules” match.
  • The Real Americans defeated the Prime Time Players when Jack Swagger tapped out Darren Young via Ankle Lock (Patriot Lock)
  • Bray Wyatt pins Zack Ryder via Sister Abigail’s Kiss
  • Dean Ambrose (w/ Reigns and Rollins) and Dolph Ziggler (w/ Kofi and RVD) wrestle to a no-contest when a brawl erupts on the outside between the Shield and Kofi and RVD.
  • Triple H makes it a six man tag.
  • The Shield defeat Dolph Ziggler, Rob Van Dam, & Kofi Kingston when Ambrose pins Kofi after Rollins rocked him with a headstomp
  • Triple H insults the Big Show backstage and taunts him. Show threatens to knock Triple H the f*ck out but Triple H reminds Show to think about his family.
  • AJ Lee (w/ Tamina Snuka) pins Cameron (w/ Naomi) via Shining Wizard
  • Paul Heyman comes out, cuts another CM Punk is going to get destroyed promo, and says that CM Punk and Ryback have a match at Battleground. You know the rest.
  • Santino Marella (w/ The Great Khali & Hornswoggle) pins Heath Slater (w/ Drew McIntyre & Jinder Mahal) when Khali plays a flute that brings the Cobra back to life to finish Slater
  • They show a segment that hypes up Cody Rhodes and Goldust meeting with Triple H on next week’s Raw. Internet reports that it’s going to set up a match between them versus Reigns and Rollins at Battleground.
  • The Miz defeats Randy Orton via DQ when Orton refuses to stop beating on the Miz.
  • Afterwards Triple H restarts the match claiming that Orton got himself DQ’d on purpose.
  • Randy Orton pins The Miz via RKO


Triple H destroyed Miz in the opening segment, which was perfect because it made me want to cheer Miz in the main event.

ADR vs. R-Truth was basically a Superstars Squash. It’s unfortunate because I think R-Truth is a solid worker that had the crowds in the palm of his hand when he was doing the Little Jimmy shtick. I’m not sure if R-Truth is major championship material but I’m sure he could be used in a more compelling way where he could put more asses in seats than he does now.

The Real Americans and the Prime Time Players put forth an entertaining tag match. I haven’t seen Roman Reigns do his Superman Punch in a few weeks but I think Antonio Cesaro’s Giant Swing is my new favorite move in the WWE right now. I remember getting destroyed by that move in Tecmo World Wrestling on the NES. The match itself was good despite the short match time.

Wyatt vs. Ryder was okay. Every time I see the Wyatt Family I really just want to see Luke Harper do his thing in the ring. Bray is a solid performer but there’s still something missing from his moveset that’s going to make me want to really pay attention to his matches. He might as well do a moonsault to get the point across that he’s a Samoa Joe-type of wrestler that can move despite having a big frame.

Holy shit. Just when you think you’ve seen every six man tag finish, the Shield and their opponents give you something new. The finish to this match was pretty exceptional. Kofi blasted Reigns with the SOS, Ambrose rolls up Kofi, who countered with his own roll up, but was then blasted by Rollins’s headstomp finisher that allowed Ambrose to roll him up. Sick.

I really don’t know where they’re going with the Big Show but if it doesn’t pay off with the Big Show destroying Triple H with an epic KO punch, this angle is all for nothing. It has to happen and Big Show needs to have redemption in the end. It’s the ultimate tale of a person overcoming an almost impossible situation. Seeing Triple H and Stephanie get away with all of this bullshit at the end would really leave a bad taste in my mouth.

Cameron’s moveset is the worst. You can’t possibly root for someone when they dance before they hit every signature move from their repertoire. Even AJ’s delivery of the Shining Wizard looked a bit awkward due to Cameron’s off timing. The sad thing is that the WWE probably sees more potential in Cameron than Naomi. I wouldn’t be surprised if Cameron held the Divas Title before Naomi does.

Paul Heyman is gonna Paul Heyman.

While some wrestling purists may shit on the 3MB match, I found it pretty entertaining. Wrestling needs a comedy segment every now and then. I hope this isn’t the last time we see the Cobra flutes.

As we’ve mentioned many times before. The best Randy Orton matches involve a very good technical worker like CM Punk, Christian, and Daniel Bryan. Orton vs. Miz was just okay. I realize it was supposed to be more of a squash to make Orton look strong heading into the pay per view but the match just seemed to fall flat.

The overall tone of this episode was somewhat dark and cynical. Triple H pushed Big Show’s back against the wall, The Shield is victorious once again, Heyman gets to gloat, and Orton obliterates the Miz. The Shield match is worth checking out but that’s about it.

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One Response to “Smackdown [September 27, 2013]”

  1. Estell Newton Says:

    HHH wants to control people. He doesn’t care what’s right for business. He’s a #1 bully. The only wrestlers he cares about are the ass kissers. Big Show and the Miz did NOT deserve what HHH said and did to them.

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