09-23-13 WWE RAW



Don’t go messing with the Rhodes boys!

-The show starts with a brief video package on the late Angelo Savoldi who I’ve heard was the oldest living wrestler from back in the day. The piece was voiced over by Vince… he made it sound a little condescending.


-A recap of the WWE Title controversy is shown which then goes into the “roster” coming out to help Daniel Bryan from his beating for the Shield and Orton.


-the 10 from that helped Bryan last week are on the stage before Steph and Hunter head to the ring. They recap everything before thanking these 10 for being men and stepping up. RVD gets mic time first and how he did do that for Bryan and how Hunter screwed him. Hunter and Steph play devils advocate on why these dudes should be fighting for opportunities like the WWE Title. HHH brings up how they should be frustrated because all of them have been beaten up by The Shield, and that’s why they ran out last week, not because of Bryan. He then makes an elimination match for them against the Shield with Daniel Bryan as their partner… its 11 on 3 tonight. Steph makes a poll for the winner to take on Orton tonight… Ziggler, Truth and RVD are the choices even though being in Chicago, these people want Punk. Use the stupid app to choose.


-oh shit Machete Kills commercial!


World Champion Alberto Del Rio vs. Kofi Kingston

-typical match for both, crowd wanted to chant for other shit as they seemed bored which I assume to start the match. Colt Cabana gets his own chant. Also an Ole chant. Kofi totally misses the dropkick to ADR who was coming off the top, fuck. He recovered and gets a near fall that got the crowd behind him. Nice spot by Del Rio turning the trouble in paradise into a German Suplex. Crowd is paying attention now. Its not long before the arm breaker is on and Kofi taps… good match.

Winner: Del Rio


-Cena now has an app game… fuck.


-Renee in the back with the Miz who gets booed in Chicago. He asked about what happened to his ass last week. Hunter walks in to interrupts making MizTV for tonight with the Big Show as the guest.


-recap of the Rhodes saga thus far.


-the graphic for the 11 on 3 match for tonight looks like a Shield hit list…


Wyatt Family vs. Primetime Players

-crowd was clapping with their song. Rowan wrestled briefly with the goat mask, he then pulled it off and got more aggressive… are they trying to make this a thing…? Titus gets the hot tag and looked alive. This was picking up steam when Harper hit the lariat clothesline on titus for the pin… oh well. Bray gave Young a “sister Abigail” before the Wyatt’s pose over the beaten PTP’s

Winner: Wyatt’s


-MizTV was next he was pissed about what happened last week, he threatens Orton before talking about Dusty Rhodes getting knocked the fuck out by Big Show last week. This brought Show out who’s questioned about what happened last week before getting a pep talk by Miz where he tells him to stand up to Steph… oh hey shockingly she comes out and shits on Miz and his beating last week. She claims he peaked too early and calls him a utility player who does radio appearances, far off appearances, etc. Steph says he failed everyone last week including himself. Steph then has Big Show knock Miz out which the crowd loved. Show walked out leaving Steph standing over Miz. Good segment here, I like this version of Steph…


Randy Orton vs. poll winner…. RVD w/Alberto Del Rio (with 57% of the vote)

-Chicago is loving RVD. This one had a lot of near falls. RVD then gets his head kicked off while he was on the top rope. Orton then loses his shit and starts beating on RVD at ringside for the DQ. This was a lengthy beating… RVD taking the inverted DDT from the top before the trainers hold him at bay.

Winner: RVD by DQ


-Matadores debut night Monday night.


-during the break Alberto Del Rio attacked the downed Van Dam.


-man I have to say, WWE 2013 looked a lot better than 2014…


-In the back Orton threatens the Brie Bella and Bryan. He then hits on Brie before getting all grumpy face about Bryan.


-apparently Hunters and Steph’s wedding made the Triple H DVD… this leads to Steph watching in the back. AJ walks in and gets a DVD of what a real wedding looks like… oh snap. They bicker about stuff and things before Steph threatens AJ’s Diva’s title… AJ a good guy now??


Fandango w/Summer Rae vs. Santino

-fun little match but it did see Santino get his first loss since coming back. He took the leg drop off the top for the win.

Winner: Fandango


-CM Punk comes out to a massive ovation, he’s sporting a Blackhawks jersey… he was trying to get the Stanley Cup here tonight but its off getting engraved. He then goes on how he let us all down and how he doesn’t know if he deserves to wrestle anymore since he let us all down but then he came out to this ovation and crowd. He cuts a promo on what the Blackhawks did to win the cup, that’s funny. Good riled up promo by Punk before Heyman comes out singing New York by Frank Sinatra, he’s on his wheelie. They banter back and forth about Heyman’s beating before he reminds us that he beat Punk. He then shits on Chicago and Punk being the “2nd best” before trying to get his scooter restarted. Punk goes to attack but Axel and Ryback attack Punk and keep him away from Heyman. Punk recovers whipping Axel into the stage and diving off onto Ryback. Ryback then recovers to beat on Punk throwing him through shit. Punk then gets press slammed through a table… fuck! I ran this in slow motion and Punk might have hit the back of his head with the table as it broke… Heyman then took out of his scooter like nothing is wrong. Team Heyman then walk off smiling and celebrating. Punk is then being assisted as the next match started to get introduced.


Natalya, the Bella’s w/Eva Marie vs. Diva’s Champion AJ, Alicia Fox, Layla & Aksana

-Brie got the pin on AJ…

Winner: Total Diva’s


-a best of the RKO is shown… from youtube…


-the Shield promo in the back about how this is best for business even if their back is against the wall tonight.


-Daniel Bryan comes out and Chicago give him just a big a chant as CM Punk got, impressive in Chicago. He goes over him getting screwed at Night of Champions. Good promo for Bryan. He then gets interrupted by the Shield who come down to ringside… oh shit the Shield get attacked by GOldust and Cody Rhodes!!! Finally security carts off Dusty’s boys as the Shield looks on shocked and pissed.


The Shield vs. Bryan, Ziggler, Uso’s, Players, Ryder, RVD, Gabriel, Truth & Kofi

-RVD is the first one eliminated by Ambrose hitting his front facing DDT… shocker! Kofi suffered the same fate. Titus had a valiant effort but took the spear from Reigns for the pin… Gabriel got the same as did Ryder. Bryan then come in on fire setting up for the Uso’s hitting the splash from the top for the upset pin on Reigns!!! It’s a 6 on 2 match now. Young had a good run before taking the springboard knee from Rollins for the pin. Ziggler then comes in on fire and hits the zig zag on Ambrose for the pin!!! Rollins is left alone! That set up for the R-Truth hot tag who got a close pin on Seth. Rollins finally gets the head stomp for the pin. It’s a one on 4, Uso’s, Bryan and Ziggler then surround Rollins in the ring before beat the shit out of him. Ambrose tries to come back but then are kept at bay by dives leaving Bryan and Rollins in the ring. Bryan got the flying head butt and the running knee to put away Rollins! Justin Roberts announces Bryan is the winner but not the rest of his team that was left. He celebrates to end the show

Winner: Bryan, Uso’s & Ziggler


-good show from Chicago that I thought moves fast!





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  1. tellstarcookie Says:

    How about these matches: AJ vs Stephanie and HHH vs the Shield.

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