Smackdown [September 20, 2013]


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Daniel Bryan, The Usos, and the Shield tear the house down again

Quick Results

Cincinnati, OH

  • They show a interview piece of Triple H discussing Daniel Bryan’s controversial title win at Night of Champions. Triple H compares DB to Pete Rose.
  • Vicky Guerrero comes out and runs down Daniel Bryan, then introduces him to the ring to a huge pop. She tries to get DB to admit that he conspired to win the title at Night of Champions. DB says that the ref could have counted to 20 because Randy Orton was knocked out. DB also goes on to say that he should still be the WWE Champion.
  • Vicky decides to punish all the superstars that helped Daniel Bryan out at the end of RAW. She puts them all in a handicap gauntlet match versus the Shield.
  • AJ Lee taps out Naomi via Black Widow Hold
  • Santino Marella pins Jack Swagger (w/ Antonio Cesaro and Zeb Colter) via backslide
  • Paul Heyman, Curtis Axel, and Ryback cut a promo on CM Punk in the ring.
  • Ryback obliterates local worker, Nick Nardone with the Shell Shocked
  • Randy Orton is in the ring and re-introduces his sadistic viper side and that he’s going to end Daniel Bryan and regain the WWE Title.
  • The Shield make their way down for their gauntlet match.
  • The Shield pin Darren Young via Roman Reigns’s Spear.
  • The Shield pin Titus O’Neil via Shield Bomb
  • The Shield defeat Dolph Ziggler via countout when Ziggler is speared on the outside
  • The Shield pin Kofi Kingston after Ambrose rocked Kofi with the Headlock Driver
  • The Shield and Rob Van Dam goes to a no-contest when Triple H cancels the match right before RVD could hit his Frogsplash on Ambrose.
  • Triple H berates Vicky Guerrero backstage and justifies his cancellation of the match. He says he doesn’t want the wrestlers to revolt for unfair competition. He suggests a six man tag between the Shield versus the Usos and Daniel Bryan.
  • Luke Harper and Erick Rowan (w/ Bray Wyatt) defeat Zack Ryder and Justin Gabriel when Harper clotheslines Ryder for the win. After the match, Bray Wyatt blasts Ryder with his finisher.
  • Triple H apologizes for RVD in the trainers’ room and rewards him a rematch against Alberto Del Rio at Battleground. After he leaves, ADR attacks RVD.
  • Alberto Del Rio submits R-Truth via Cross Arm Breaker
  • The Usos and Daniel Bryan defeat The Shield when Daniel Bryan pins Dean Ambrose with the Running Knee


Nice and effective opening segment to set up the rest of the show. Unfortunately, Triple H canceled the gauntlet later in the show.

The Divas worked hard to give the crowd a decent match. I worry that Naomi’s tights will snap when she’s delivering one of her high flying moves. I was also impressed by Naomi’s flying clothesline. The finishing sequence was pretty interesting. It reminded me of Urijah Faber tapping out Ivan Menjivar at UFC 157. Both AJ and Urijah hung on and climbed into position to tap out their opponent while they were still standing.

I hate seeing Swagger and Cesaro jobbing to anybody but for some reason I don’t mind when it’s putting over Santino. I don’t know where this Santino push is going but I hope it lasts a little while before they cut the legs from under it.

The only equation I want to see is Punk vs. Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman. I don’t really care to see Heyman associated with Axel or Ryback. I would have preferred to see an NXT worker be the next Heyman guy instead of the Ryback. I think Ryback was doing just fine on his own. I’m just glad Axel didn’t touch the mic.

I do enjoy a good Ryback beatdown. I hope this heel run will lead to Ryback having some meaningful programs with Mark Henry or the Big Show before the year is over. I hope Punk can bring out the best in him in the coming months.

The handicap gauntlet match was shaping up to be an epic showcase for the Shield before Triple H stopped it. I liked how each of the faces looked a little nervous before they each entered the ring. The spear on Ziggler was downright brutal. It was cool to see the crowd root for everybody involved.

Luke Harper continues to impress week after week. I look forward to seeing Harper break away from the group and start dominating singles competition. His discus clothesline was impressive. I realize the spotlight is on Bray but I think Harper is going to be the breakout star as soon as his character comes together.

ADR vs. R-Truth was okay. While the WWE creative goes to great lengths to give twists and turns to the saga of Punk vs. Heyman, they continue to book by the numbers when it comes to anything involving ADR. He’s a great worker but it’s hard to care when he’s involved in limp storylines.

The Mexican Surfboard has returned! I can watch Daniel Bryan and Seth Rollins wrestle every week. I also hope the Usos win the tag titles before Los Matadores come in and take up the tag team division spotlight. The Usos’ double team moves are just what WWE’s tag team division needs right now.

I’m beginning to feel spoiled by the Shield and Daniel Bryan wrestling in the main event every week. This match was no exception and everybody brought their A game as usual. The dives to the outside by all competitors were well done. The finish was perfect and I no longer dislike the Shield losing as long as Daniel Bryan is the one celebrating at the end.

Overall this was a solid plot-driven episode of Smackdown. Daniel Bryan was the focal point of the show and I can’t complain about that.


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One Response to “Smackdown [September 20, 2013]”

  1. tellstarcookie Says:

    HHH still has way to go before I’ll believe he has the best interest of the company in mind. His idea of being fair is crap.

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