09-16-13 WWE RAW



MUCH better night than last night!

-Recap of the ppv with Heyman beating CM Punk with the help of Ryback and Daniel Bryan winning back the WWE Title. Bryan’s pin isn’t shown.


-New WWE Champion Daniel Bryan then comes out to the ring, great reaction and ovation for him. The celebration is interrupted by COO Hunter…  Hunter brings up the fast count last night and how everyone is talking about it. He then brings ref, Scott Armstrong out who gets NO chants. Hunter plays video of Armstrong doing a “normal” ref count and the final pinfall of last night’s match which was obviously faster than normal. Triple H even goes as far as showing a split screen of these two pin attempts before interrogating Armstrong over this controversial count. Scott then says something to the extent of “how they got us Daniel”… Hunter loses his shit and accuses Bryan of paying off Armstrong… he then vacates the WWE Championship because of it… Hunter then asks for the title, which he does not get. Then this brings out Randy Orton who is held at bay by Hunter who claims “he’s got this”. Bryan says NO and then takes an RKO for his troubles. Hunter then walks off with the title while Orton stands over Bryan. Massive “Randy sucks” chant. well, I figured some bowlshit was going to go on tonight with the title… oh well.


-in the back Steph and Hunter talk about what happened before Orton comes out pissed and wants his title back. Steph basically pushes Hunter aside to get into Orton’s face. Oh snap. She wants to know what happened to the old Randy Orton who would do “ruthless” types of things and threatens to find a new face for the WWE if he don’t get his shit together.


United States Champion Dean Ambrose vs. Dolph Ziggler

-great pace in this one. I love that Ambrose is doing the spin buster, #mark. End came when Ziggler hit the zig zag out of nowhere for the pin!!!…. in this nontitle match… solid match nonetheless.

Winner: Ziggler


-Big Show in the back with Brad Maddox. They aren’t speaking to each other before they cut to commercial… well that was a waste. After the break Steph and Hunter are with these two. Show is left with the McMahon’s who tell him he is staying in this office unless she needs him.


Fandango w/Summer Rae vs. R-Truth

-not going to lie… I didn’t watch this, sorry. Fandango got the win with the leg drop.

Winner: Fandango


-recaps of Cody losing his job and Goldust losing to Orton to get Cody rehired. This leads to Dusty Rhodes to come out. Good ovation for the American Dream but Dusty says he’s out here as “Virgil Runnels”, well shit I don’t think I’ve hear heard Dusty say his real name out loud… he talks about the sacrifices he’s had to endure for his boys. He cuts a promo about family and what Cody has done in his career. Steph then comes out clapping her hands…? He shills this promo by Dusty. Steph got Cody and his bride a gift card for Bed Bath and Beyond… haha! Steph will offer either Cody OR Goldust but not both and Dusty has to pick which kid gets the job… damn. This gets uncomfortable as they both try to interrupt each other. Steph plays devil’s advocate on who will get the job the good son or the fuck up… Dusty tells Steph to go to hell when The Shield then come out… oops. Steph then calls Big Show out too… Dusty’s new choices are getting beat up by the Shield or knocked out by Big Show… Dusty doesn’t say anything when Steph tells Show to knock Dusty out… He isn’t so Steph sicks the Shield on Dusty but Show tells at them to stay back. This makes them come into the ring with chairs… a reluctant Big Show hugs Dusty before he finally knocks him out. Show holds him up and gentle puts him down on the matt while he cries. This is some dramatic story telling shit right here. Dusty then gets the paramedic stretcher job.


-after the break Dusty is carted out to the ambulance. Big Show jumps in to accompany the Dream.


Layla, Aksana & Alicia Fox vs. Brie, Cameron & Naomi

-AJ and Natalya were on commentary. Sorry didn’t watch this either… Brie got the pin after a face buster… after the match AJ and Natalya eye fuck.

Winner: Brie


-Miz in the back with Brad Maddox. There’s a lot of smiling here…


Damien Sandow vs. Rob Van Dam w/Ricardo Rodriguez

-fast paced and short… Sandow takes the 5 star and the pin… they actually played HIS music and not RVD’s after the win… oops.

Winner: RVD


-Hunter in the back with Scott Armstrong… lame story short Hunter has to let Armstrong go… but claims he’s going to “take care of him”…


The Miz vs. Randy Orton

-apparently this is what Miz was talking to Maddox about… Miz should have known what happens when you wrestle in your hometown when you’re with the WWE… Orton just beats the shit out of him at ringside while Miz’s parents look on… damn, definitely not what I expected the Miz’s family would have looked like but should have known better… Fuck. Match finally starts during the break and these two are beating the shit out of each other. FYI, there is NO chemistry with Miz’s mom and dad… they act like strangers… this brawl ends up by these parents… his mom at least plays this up all concerned, his dad is a fucking mummy… I don’t think the dude blinked… this head back into the ring where Miz gets his head between a chair and knee dropped by Orton! Nice hesitation by Orton before he finally lands the knee.

Winner: no contest


Ryback, Axel and Heyman (in a wheel chair) come out to the stage. Paul proclaims he is “the best in the world” since he pinned CM Punk. He plays this up a lot before saying he is bound to this wheelchair because of the beating he took from Punk. Heyman then says he is still around because of Ryback and he owes his life to Ryback… oh boy. Ryback says he can’t stand bullies like CM Punk for what he did to Heyman last night. Ryback needs to not talk from now on… Ryback says while he’s around Punk will never get his hands on Heyman… this leads to a kiss on the cheek of Ryback… well this is awkward. Its funny you only saw Axel when he carted Heyman out but then he disappeared….


Elimination Triple Threat Tag Team Match

Uso’s vs. Tons of Funk vs. Real American’s

-Winner gets a title shot against the Shield. Tensai got a long standing suplex on Cesaro. Cesaro gets his revenge by rolling up Tensai for the elimination of the funkers. Cesaro got the long airplane spin during the break. Jimmy gets the hot tag which leads to the brothers to dive out onto the Real American’s. The ending sequence for this was a nice back and forth whole seeing. A lot of back and forth before Swagger does an arm drag from the top only to take a big splash from the top for the win.

Winner: Uso’s


-Wyatt family pretape is shown… spooky.


-Daniel Bryan does the walk while the boys pat him on the back… he even gets an on air hug from Brie Bella. Awe.


I’m a sucker for “boy dreams big and becomes champion” DVD retrospectives but Hunters isn’t one of those DVD’s.


Daniel Bryan vs. Roman Reigns w/The Shield

-this will be the biggest test so far for Reigns… great arena shot of the entire crowd chanting YES while the Shield look on. Before the match started Randy Orton came down to ringside and took a seat. JBL says Bryan has shown progress by going from minutes to a day in regards to holding the WWE Title… grounded match from the early goings with Bryan having the advantage. Good sell job on the leg by Reigns. Reigns catches Bryan (almost) mid air when he dove onto him on the outside. Good muscle job on Roman to save the spot. at the end of the match Bryan gets the YES lock only to have Orton run in for the DQ. Bryan briefly got the YES lock on Orton before the Shield took Bryan out. this was a solid main event and Reigns did exceedingly well.

Winners: Bryan by DQ.


-Orton goes to give Bryan the same chair job Miz got but then the lock room clears out and attacks the Shield and Orton! Each member got taken out one by one with Rollins taking the running knee from Bryan. The place erupts as Bryan is hoisted up on the shoulders of the Primetime Players! SOLID VISUAL! They made this dude look like he won the title right here, that this was bigger than the title. Pretty dope and a MUCH better night that last night!





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One Response to “09-16-13 WWE RAW”

  1. Estell Newton Says:

    HHH didn’t do anything when the count was fast against Bryan so why can’t he be fair and ignore it when it’s in Bryan’s favor? HHH is only ruining the business not helping.

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