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-Josh Mathews, Alex Riley, Booker T and Santino are on the kickoff panel tonight. Riley predicts the winner of the turmoil match to win the tag titles tonight… Nostradamus.


-Heyman and Maddox bickered in the back about this match where Heyman says he would get DQ’d so Maddox makes the match no DQ… I wonder who it will be that saves Heyman?


Tag Team Turmoil match

-3MB and Tons of Funk started the gauntlet match tonight. Since when has Clay had dinosaur scales? McIntyre took the dive to the outside on Tensai, its been a while since he did that! Tensai got the rollup on Drew which then brought out the Real American’s to continue to beat on TOF who was taking a beat down from 3MB. Swagger makes the sneaky tag to put Clay in the ankle lock for the tap out victory. The Uso’s then come out next and take crazy dives to the outside on the Real Americans. The was a fast paced match that ended when Swagger caught one of the Uso’s mid air in the ankle lock for another tap out victory. The last team was the Prime Time Players which set up for the hot tag to Darren Young who got the frontward back stabber for the pin. Good fast paced match!

Winner: Primetime Players


-while the panel goes over the main event the crowd busts into the YES chant… sounds like this crowds going to be good tonight.


Night of Champions


-nice video on WWE Champions to start the show, good shit right here!


-Triple H starts off the ppv… dude… save this bowlshit for RAW not shit you have to pay for! He yip yaps about how awesome this pay per view is going to be and how the main event will be one on one with no interference. He tries to get the crowd pumped before Paul Heyman and Curtis Axel come out to complain that HHH isn’t getting back to Paul. He goes on about how Punk wants to beat his ass. Paul’s beard by the way is bad. Axel tries to cut a promo but pisses off HHH and he makes a title match for right now for Axel… fuck.


Intercontinental Champion Curtis Axel w/Paul Heyman vs. Kofi Kingston

-good match that got a lot of time. Kofi got a REALLY close 2 ½ count. Shockingly to me Axel won the match with his neck breaker.

Winner: Axel


-The WWE Universe chooses Y2J as the greatest IC Champion.


-RVD and Ricardo talk over the match before RVD has Ricardo translate move names in Spanish.


-AJ skips in the back and into Aksana, Layla and Alicia Fox they don’t have her back no more. Layla goes off to explain things to those other two silly fools.


-WWE Universe picks Trish Stratus as the greatest women’s champion. Good!


Fatal Four Way

Diva’s Champion AJ Lee vs. Naomi vs. Brie vs. Natalya

-this got botchy fast… but Natalya got the double sharpshooter on Naomi and Brie. AJ finally gets the black widow on Natalya for the tap out victory.

Winner: AJ


World Champion Alberto Del Rio vs. Rob Van Dam

-this match got some decent time and built into a pretty good match for the two. RVD finally got the 5 star but ADR got the knees up. ADR gets the arm bar and RVD fights all the way to ropes. Del Rio doesn’t break the move and thus gets DQ’d. Del Rio beats on him until double R gets involved and calls for the Van Terminator which he gets from RVD. Dude can still go coast to coast! Good visual. After the match RVD poses with the title. The feud continues.

Winner: RVD by DQ


-Curtis Axel in the back with a shit grin. Heyman is still very concerned about tonight.


-Booker T is chosen by the WWE Unvierse as the best World Champion… don’t get me wrong I like Booker but fuck man, Ric Flair was in that category.


-Orton complains about people being banned at ringside to Triple H. Oh look who’s showing emotions finally…


Fandango w/Summer Rae vs. Miz

-maybe this is for the championship of dance? Long match that I wasn’t into but it was decent. Miz wins with the figure four.

Winner: Miz


No DQ, Handicap elimination match

CM Punk vs. Intercontinental Champion Curtis Axel & Paul Heyman

-match started with kendo sticks between Punk and Axel before Punk dove onto Heyman who was standing on the outside. Punk did try to beat on Heyman with the kendo stick but was crotched by Axel. He then spent the next while beating on Punk with various objects. Axel did botch the chair shot on Punk when he went Punk dove to the outside… fuck. Punk finally gets the GTS and puts on the anaconda vice onto Axel for the tap out. Punk kept the move on long to keep Axel from making the save. Punk chase Paul through the crowd and back into the ring where Punk catches him and although Paul tries to make peace, Punk beasts him with the Kendo stick. Punk then pulls out handcuffs out of his boot, impressive to wrestle with those in there. Paul keeps yelling that he’s tapping but the match isn’t stopping. A handcuffed Heyman takes a beating with a kendo stick. Ryback comes out and then spears Punk through the table set up in the corner. Ryback then puts Paul over Punk and Heyman wins. Ryback then carries Heyman to the back… it’s a weird visual… Punk’s back is all cut up as he plays up disappointed.

Winner: Heyman


United States Champion Dean Ambrose vs. Dolph Ziggler

-this was a good match but that shouldn’t be a surprise. Ziggler got a face buster from the top rope that was nice. Ambrose finally gets the reverse DDT for the win. Who knows what the fuck Dolph did but damn… haha. Shield comes in to celebrated with Dean.

Winner: Ambrose


-WWE Universe picked Sting as the greatest US Champion with 53%… INTERESTING!


WWE Tag Team Champions The Shield vs. The Primetime Players

-slower paced match for this one. Young gets a close pinfall on Rollins but basically kicks out before Rollins does… you let HIM kick out man, if he doesn’t that’s his issue. Titus finally gets the hot tag who gets a near fall on Rollins. Titus then takes the spear behind the refs back for the Rollins pin. Good ending for this match and the Shield. Looked nice.

Winner: Shield


-WWE Universe picks DX as the best tag team… you fucking kidding me… god damn you all!


-WWE Universe picks Hulk Hogan as greatest WWE Champion… wow check you people out not choosing fucking John Cena… but still shocked it didn’t go to Stone Cold.


WWE Champion Randy Orton vs. Daniel Bryan

-good back and forth match here… then we got a ref bump when Bryan dropkicked Orton who bumped into the ref and sent him to the outside… but we get another ref here… Orton did got for the inverted DDT but Bryan got in the YES lock. Orton struggled and finally got to the bottom rope. Good visual when Orton the tree of woe and Bryan gets his kicks on him. Armstrong the original ref comes back into the ring… this seems shady… Bryan finally gets the flying knee but Armstrong gets a fast 3 count for Bryan… shady but the title has changed hands! Bryan celebrates with the crowd and the title as Cole puts over this victory… no one is bringing up the fast count.

Winner: Bryan


-fuck man we want to be happy about Bryan winning the title but there is just something about that fast 3 count that isn’t going to go over well tomorrow…


-fuck man matches were good but not amazing tonight… maybe its just me… and that ending is going to cost Bryan the title, you watch…









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