Smackdown [September 13, 2013]


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The Shield vs. The Usos with Dolph Ziggler bring the house down.

Quick Results

Ottawa, Ontario

  • Big Show is in the ring and he gives a forced apology to Triple H for his actions on Monday and to the “locker room” for not being a leader. Triple H interrupts, threatens Big Show’s job security, and gives Show the night off without pay.
  • The Shield show up and have an epic battle with Show, which leads to Show SPEARING Roman Reigns from the top of the table. The Shield take some hard licks but eventually overcome Show and Shield Bombing him to oblivion.
  • AJ Lee comes down to the ring for Divas commentary
  • Brie Bella, Natalya & Naomi defeat Aksana, Alicia Fox & Aksana when AJ interferes
  • After the match all the faces took turns hitting AJ with their signature moves.
  • Dancing with the WWE Superstars segment where the Miz wins against Fandango, Khali and R-Truth.
  • After the match, Truth and the Miz end up doing the Kid n’ Play.
  • Ryback gets an interview colleague gig. He interviews a hometown worker and ends up bullying him before sending it back to Michael Cole and JBL.
  • Vicky Guerrero argues with Ricardo Rodriguez in the back and tells him he has to wrestle Alberto Del Rio tonight if he wants to be in RVD’s corner at Night of Champions.
  • Santino pins Damien Sandow with the Cobra
  • Michael Cole interviews Paul Heyman and Curtis Axel. A distraught Heyman throws a pity party about how CM Punk is going to find a way to get his hands on Heyman at Night of Champions. He asks the crowd to boycott the match or else they’ll probably never see him again.
  • Alberto Del Rio pins Ricardo Rodriguez with a inverted superplex
  • After the match, RVD gives ADR the 5 Star Frogsplash
  • Dolph Ziggler defeats Dean Ambrose by DQ when the Shield interfere, which leads to the Usos coming out to make the save. This leads to…
  • The Shield defeat Dolph Ziggler & the Usos when
  • Cutting Edge with Randy Orton and Daniel Bryan. Edge gives some love to Christian and tells him to come back not for “one more match” but to “tear them apart.” Orton tools out and talks about being best for business while Bryan talks about the most important things in his life are love, satisfaction, passion and dreams. Bryan says that he doesn’t want to be the face of the company, he just wants to be the WWE Championship. Things get heated and Orton tries to attack Bryan. Bryan hooks in the Yes! Lock and a gaggle of refs pull Bryan off as the show ends.


Amazing opening segment and it was nice to hear Big Show get some Daniel Bryan-like love when he was battling back. Seth Rollins always seems to end up taking the biggest bumps.

It was interesting to hear AJ weave in and out of shoot comments about the Divas division staying afloat because of her. The Divas match itself was okay.

Kid n’ Play routines? I’m down with that.

Okay I get it. Ryback is a big time bully. He’s definitely heeling it up but who’s the going to be the hero for him to put over? I hope this build up is to put over someone new.

Glad Santino is getting a mini-push of sorts. I’m not sure how far or how long it will last but I’m guessing it’s going to be shorter and less successful than the usual Kofi push. I’m entertained, therefore I like it.

I like the way the Punk match is being marketed as a match where we get to see Heyman get his ass beat by CM Punk. It’s genius marketing and I hope the numbers support CM Punk’s upper-echelon status in the WWE hierarchy. Again, Curtis Axel needs to stay off the mic. I find him hard to listen to and to take seriously. Heyman was Heyman, and he was brilliant.

I truly enjoy watching Ricardo Rodriguez work. It’s going to be a great day when the WWE allows Rodriguez to show the world his full abilities in the ring. We know the dude can sell in a major way, but I think he a lot to offer on offense as well.

Ambrose vs. Ziggler was the shit for the amount of time they were given. I enjoyed the Canadian crowd counting to Ziggler’s ten elbow drops sequence. Ambrose and Ziggler did some nice mat wrestling and their counters were pretty fantastic. The faux Famouser finish looked pretty sick until the Shield attacked.

Apparently, Seth Rollins is Mr. Knee Strike, which is pretty dope. I’m finding myself liking Seth Rollins’s moveset the most out of the Shield members. Roman Reigns’s Superman Punch is my favorite move in the WWE but I still think his overall moveset isn’t up to par. Also, Rollins’s IMMEDIATE roll up after he countered Jimmy Uso’s splash was very cool.

The final segment got me excited for Night of Champions. I have a feeling they’re going to milk Orton as the champ but I’ll go into that further in our Night of Champions predictions coming soon!

Smackdown continues to deliver the most bang for your buck in two hours. All the feuds were progressed the main event (Shield match) capped off a very good night of wrestling.

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One Response to “Smackdown [September 13, 2013]”

  1. Estell Newton Says:

    Triple H is wrong when he says he’s doing what’s best for business. If you’re running a business, you have to treat ALL employees equally and fairly. Priority is given to jerks like the Shield and the Wyatts while the decent wrestlers like Bryan and Cody are being jerked around. Neither the Shield nor the Wyatts should be allowed near the ring when they’re not wrestling and neither should AJ. Every job I’ve ever had we were allowed to state our opinion. While my employers didn’t always liked what we said they still listened. Some things should NEVER be said or done by management. Triple H isn’t doing what’s best for business. He’s doing what’s best for the company’s pocketbook That will eventually destroy WWE. I think the dance off was funny. We need more of that. Get some brains before the company is destroyed over the almighty dollar.

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