09-09-13 WWE RAW



a lot of returns and one hot crowd in Canada!

-right off the bat EDGE is out to a massive ovation!!! Looks like he’s got a new WWE shirt too! 😉 He’s doing a Cutting Edge segment tonight. He says it was Hunter who wanted Edge on the show to do a reunion but not with Christian but with Randy Orton… he shit’s on that idea, Orton’s personality and how he’s a corporate champion. He instead brings Bryan out for a massive YES chant. Bryan says no matter all the bullshit he will beat Randy Orton for the title. Edge tries to sound like the old guy saying he and Bryan have a lot in common, etc. Might be a little too early still to be playing the old man role. They go back and forth saying things that lead to YES chants before Randy Orton comes out. He shits on Edge getting a pop in Canada and how he had to step away at a young age. This got a “Randy sucks” chant. Edge shits on the Orton’s not having spines. This leads to Triple H come out and Edge reminds Hunter that he isn’t an employee at the WWE. He said HHH didn’t think Edge, Jericho and Cena couldn’t make it and they did. Hunter then goes on the defensive and goes on how he was right about Edge being a failure. HHH then makes Bryan vs. Ambrose with Big Show in Bryan’s corner. We get an ASSHOLE chant for Triple H, wow that’s been a while. Edge fires back saying he didn’t have to marry in for his success. This of course goes back and forth before The Shield brings out a beaten Christian to the stage! Edge runs to Christian’s aid while Team Hunter retreats. Good heated segment to start RAW.


-in the back The Shield keep Edge at bay from Hunter and Steph. Edge and Hunter banter more. Ambrose looking at Edge is classic, just eye fucking him. Edge walks away from this cock fest.


Kofi Kingston vs. Intercontinental Champion Curtis Axel w/Paul Heyman

-short match that ends with Axel getting DQ’d. Paul then tells Axel that he cant do that shit at the ppv cause he’s going to get stuck taking on Punk alone. Kofi then makes a comeback and hits the trouble in paradise on Axel to floor him. Heyman looks on concerned that this shit might happen at the ppv. Time for a new dude?

Winner: Kofi by DQ


-Jerry Lawler is in a WWE polo shirt… no tacky KING shirt tonight…


-Michael Cole recaps what went down with Goldust defending his brother which sets up a match with Goldust taking on Orton for Cody’s job tonight. Wise choice having Goldust in this loud ass town. We get a Goldust promo package video. This is definitely a dude they can bring back every couple of years for a good pop and short push.


-in the back the refs are helping Heyman to the back who apparently hurt his knee on the way to the back. Paul wants his own doctor to look at his leg… #shady.


-Big Show in the back when Booker T walks in, good pop for him. He tries to warn Big Show in not making a mistake and losing his job if he crosses Hunter. Show’s all but got pride left. Frowny face.


Dolph Ziggler vs. Bray Wyatt w/the family

-this was stiff and good. these two worked well together! Ziggler put over the neck breaker huge! They’re calling is move “sister Abigail”. That match did more for Bray than any match he’s had so far in the WWE.

Winner: Wyatt


-another Goldust video but this one focuses on his goofy side… maybe not a good thing to show before you’re trying to put him over as actually having a chance at beating Orton.


-Paul Heyman is back out with his crutch… oh and crutches and a doctor… he shits on Canadian health care and how he travels with a physician at all times for Axel. He’s got damage on his leg and how he has to withdrawn from the match at the ppv… he claims he will be back when he can from this injury. Brad Maddox comes out with the WWE’s medic and how he can get evaluated here and now. How that is the only way out of the match on Sunday. This got a “sit” chant for Paul to sit on this steel chair now in the ring. while the medic looks over Heyman’s leg, this got a “this is awkward” chant. haha! The WWE medic deems Heyman fine. Punk rings down with the kendo stick and Heyman runs fast out of the arena, it’s a miracle! Punk then goes after this fake doctor and beats the shit out of him with the kendo stick! Crowd lost their shit here. This has been a pretty good Punk/Heyman feud.


Layla, Aksana & Alicia Fox vs. Brie, Natalya & Naomi w/Cameron and Jojo

-AJ was on commentary and crapping on the Total Diva’s and Lawler wanting some of her. Short match with Natalya getting the tap out with the sharpshooter. The TD’s stare down AJ after the match.

Winner: total diva’s


R-Truth vs. World Champion Alberto Del Rio

-crowd goes on to chant for the commentators while this match spills to the outside. They finally remember that they need to chant for RVD. Everyone else got a chant here as well… they don’t care about this match even though Truth and Del Rio are working in. stiff kick to the head and an arm breaker by ADR for the win

Winner: ADR


Antonio Cesar w/Zeb Colter vs. Santino!!!

-Colter shits on Canada and hockey… sacrilegious! Santino is back and missing that beard he had just weeks ago! Cole shills Santino’s Battle Arts Academy, nice. Cesaro gets a LOOOONG airplane spin, FUCK! this gets a rightful HOLY SHIT chant. Santino makes his comeback and cobra is out even though Cesaro stops this cobra attack. Cesaro is working it stiff tonight. Santino gets a quick roll up for the win on his return!

Winner: Santino


Damien Sandow vs. Miz

-Sandow gets interrupted mid promo by the Miz. Crowd once again when into business for its self… Fandango then comes out to cause the roll up distraction on Miz.

Winner: Sandow


-Renee in the back with Goldust… why are they showing him before the match!? stupid. He goes over his second chances in the WWE and how Cody is getting his tonight. Triple H comes in and interrupts this… he recaps why Goldust is wrestling tonight and how it’s a lot of pressure before wishing Dustin luck and to not let his family down… drama. They could have gotten a bigger pop by keeping Goldust off TV until his entrance…


WWE Champion Randy Orton vs. Goldust

-Goldust still got decent amounts of chants. I forget how tall Goldust is… he got YES chants when he would hit Orton. They only time they would chant anything different was when Goldust got in Ric Flair like chops in the corner. Goldust got a “you still got it chant” after going toe to toe with Orton. Goldust set up for shattered dreams before Orton hit ringside. This was a really good back and forth match that the crowd was definitely behind. Orton mocks Bryan before setting up for the RKO attempt….OH SHIT CROSS ROADS!!!! 1….2…KICKOUT! FUCK! Orton finally gets the RKO out of nowhere for the pin. After the match Orton stands over Goldust to cut a promo about beating Bryan at night of champions

Winner: Orton


-Goldust disappointed and experiencing feels in the back when Steph walks up… she mocks Goldust for letting everyone down and how he’s a loser like his brother. Sad face.


RVD w/Ricardo Rodriguez vs. Ryback

-battle of the airbrushed tights is finally happening! Del Rio came back out before the match to crap on RVD and double R… then started shortly after. Mid match Ryback shockingly uses an abdominal stretch! This was a bit botchy… Ryback takes RVD into the ringpost crotch first for the DQ. After the match got called off he then hit RVD with a shell shock. Odd match, I wanted to like it more than I did… I was hoping RVD was going to pull a good match out of this dude.

Winner: RVD by DQ.


-Steph in the back warns Big Show not to lay a hand on The Shield or he will be fired. #BestforBusiness this makes him destroy shit…


Dean Ambrose w/The Shield vs. Daniel Bryan w/The Big Show

-fast paced match off the bat but goes into chain wrestling shortly after. JBL calls out Lawler on his shirt tonight to which the king says his luggage was lost! Ah, that makes sense. Good back and forth match but the crowd was a little off to start. Show finally led a YES chant. They did wake up for the YES kicks and the hurricanrana off the top from Bryan. This picked up steam and had some GREAT spots. This got a “this is awesome” chant. Bryan sidestepped Reigns who speared the steps and Rollins who hit the announce table with his head… Ambrose finally came for the save with a stiff clothesline and a DDT on the outside… Bryan is brought back into the ring for a 2 ½ count before Bryan gets a roll up out of nowhere for the pin.

Winner: Bryan


-Orton then comes out and Bryan dives onto him before the Shield jump Bryan while Big Show has to watch… Show finally keeps Orton and the Shield at bay with a steel chair before they point out he cant do shit. Bryan is then rolled into the ring where Orton goes to RKO him and does so after showing him off to Big Show and the crowd… Hunter and Steph come out and command Big Show to knock out Bryan… Show reluctantly goes into the ring. Orton had to yell at him to knock Bryan out because he wasn’t going to do that shit. Orton then picks up Bryan for the knockout punch but he still wont do it. Orton yells at Show, good shit by Orton here. Out of nowhere Bryan gets a running knee to the face of Orton before celebrating with the WWE Title over Orton’s body.  Good ending and Bryan got his moment before the ppv even though I would have liked to have seen Orton in the YES lock. Would have been a nice visual to end the show with.


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