Smackdown [September 6, 2013]


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Daniel Bryan and Seth Rollins close out Smackdown strong.

Quick Results

Minneapolis, MN

  • They start off with Triple H in the ring with Vicky Guerrero and Brad Maddox. Triple H explains why Cody Rhodes is no longer a WWE employee to a chorus of boos. Triple H pontificates on how hard it is to be COO of the company and how he may “look like the bad guy” for making decisions that are best for business.
  • He offers an open mic to all the wrestlers on the entrance stage to say their differences about the current events. Damien Sandow steps up and supports Cody’s firing and blows smoke up Triple H’s ass. Triple H calls him on kissing his ass.
  • Kofi Kingston says that the entire locker room is living in fear and he doesn’t understand how that’s best for business. Heath Slater shits on what Kofi said, starts some shit with the Big Show, and kisses Triple H’s face.
  • RVD steps up and says that the vibe of the locker room “isn’t cool, dude.” Triple H says he’s been waiting since 2000 for Rob Van Dam to call him “dude.” Ryback states that he’s tired of being called a bully.
  • Triple H makes Ryback vs. Dolph Ziggler. Triple H also mentions that Daniel Bryan is missing from the stage because his ego is out of control. He makes a match between Daniel Bryan and any member of the Shield.
  • Triple also makes Kofi vs. Curtis Axel in a non-title IC match, and RVD vs. Randy Orton.
  • Alberto Del Rio is a guest announcer for RVD’s match.
  • Randy Orton pins Rob Van Dam via RKO in a non-title match.
  • RVD was distracted by Alberto Del Rio attacking Ricardo Rodriguez on the outside. The RKO finish came after a hanging DDT on the outside to RVD.
  • After the match, ADR attacks RVD and slaps on the Cross Arm Breaker.
  • Renee Young interviews Daniel Bryan. DB says he wasn’t invited to the stage. He says he know he can beat any member of the Shield so he’ll let them decide.
  • AJ talks to Aksana, Alicia Fox, and Layla and says that she’ll likes them more than any of the Total Divas.
  • Ryback Dolph Ziggler after Dean Ambrose attacked Ziggler
  • Kofi Kingston pins Curtis Axel with the SOS in a non-title match
  • Renee Young interviews Paul Heyman about the possibility of facing CM Punk alone at Night of Champions. Heyman says that his worst is “badder” than CM Punk’s worst.
  • Naomi vs. Brie Bella went to a no-contest when AJ and her new friends from earlier attacked the both of them.
  • The Real Americans defeat the Usos when Cesaro caught Jey with a Euro-Cut when Jey was pushed off the top rope.
  • Triple H speaks to the Big Show in the back. He tries to egg on Show about destroying 3MB.
  • Big Show mauls 3MB when he KO’d Heath Slater and double-chokeslammed Jinder and Drew.
  • Roman Reigns acts like he wants to wrestle Daniel Bryan but Seth Rollins gets a cheap shot in to start the match.
  • Daniel Bryan pins Seth Rollins with a flying knee
  • After the match Randy Orton drops Daniel Bryan with the World Title Belt and holds it up high to end the show.


I dig the crowd reaction for Cody Rhodes’s dismissal from the company. I hope his heat keeps up while he’s away. If he returns to a big reaction, I hope he gets the mega-push that he deserves.

Great opening segment. It was a nice indicator on who the WWE audience is getting behind. However, I hate that Triple H gets to adlib his lines and snappy putdowns while the rest of the roster has to deliver rehearsed lines that make them appear one-dimensional.

RVD vs. Orton was an excellent match. I look forward to seeing these two wrestle each other in the future. The RKO kick to the face counter looked stiff and very cool. RVD’s dive on ADR to the outside was also a highlight. There were too many great moments to mention.

Dean Ambrose joins the announcers’ table and ridicules Dolph Ziggler throughout the match.

Ziggler vs. Ryback was a great little man vs. big man match. I think Ziggler is at his best when he’s using his agility to dodge and counter power moves. I’m excited for a possible Dean Ambrose-Dolph Ziggler feud. I’m looking forward to the promos in the coming weeks.

I’ll never understand why Kofi doesn’t get the push he deserves but he was a biggest reason why his match with Curtis Axel was the shit. Both he and Axel worked hard to make each other’s offense look brutal. This was a fine match and yes, Paul Heyman’s expressions are indeed the shit.

I loved AJ’s running hit on Cameron. That looked hard. I think it’s cool that AJ’s leading a anti-Total Divas faction to wreck shop on the Divas division. It’s a lot better than anything that’s happened in the division in a long time.

Usos vs. The Real Americans was interesting. Cesaro and Swagger seemed to have an extra gear in their step. It’s almost as if they brought their “A” game for this particular match where they’re going over. The match itself was excellent with some nice spots throughout the match. Sick finish!

I think Big Show knocking out Triple H by the end of the year would be a great moment for them to work toward to. I think the payoff would be great, and it would catapult Show’s already great popularity to massive proportions.

OMG. Bryan vs. Rollins was the shit. They went all All Japan Puroresu early with DB dropping Rollins on his head with a German Suplex. Fuuuck! I look forward to the day Rollins moves up on the roster and gets in a real feud with Daniel Bryan.

Overall this was a great episode of Smackdown. The current feuds were brought along in a logical and exciting manner and some new feuds were introduced. I’m looking forward to next week!

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One Response to “Smackdown [September 6, 2013]”

  1. tellstarcookie Says:

    I wish they’d drop the script and do some actual wresting. I don’t even watch any more due to the bullying that’s going on. It’s really sick especially since management is taking an active role in it.

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