09-02-13 WWE RAW



Can RAW keep up the roll its been on??…

-sorry for getting this shit up a day late but me and Mrs. De Fuego were celebrating being up in each other’s shit for SEVEN years. Crazy.


-off the bat, Triple H is in the ring, short hair and suit as usual. Shield are on ringside protection while he introduces the “face of the WWE”, Randy Orton. Orton sucks up while talking about protecting the WWE. Sounds like the crowd is going to be hot tonight! He also recaps beating up Bryan on Friday because of what happened with his Escalade. Bryan go NWO spray painted on his chest. Orton then takes a YES/NO poll… next thing he’s say is “tooo sweeeet”…. I want a t-shirt that says “B+ Player”. Haha Hunter then chimes in to suck up to the fans but how Bryan isn’t helping. HHH says popularity and what is best for business is TWO different thinks. He then compares Bryan to Doink the Clown…. Well shit… this fool then says he’ll bring the Cruiserweight or European Title for Bryan cause he ain’t WWE Title material… Daniel Bryan then comes out as JBL calls him the Cruiserweight Champion, hahaha! Bryan says the only 2 clowns are in the ring, oh no! He then calls Hunter a corporate sell out and how Orton was out of the WWE Title picture until someone handed him the title… well, this is truth… Bryan then loses his shit about what he’s done to get to this point, not like Mr. Handout here… Triple H says Big Show watched Bryan get beat up week after week even though he’s got a “iron clad contract”… well at least they acknowledge something that was literally a year ago where Show said his contract was untouchable.  How he should be mad at him and not them. Hunter then makes Show vs. Bryan for tonight. Good segment I thought for all involved.


-in the back Orton and HHH run into Cody Rhodes. They keep it cordial before speaking up about people getting involved in the main event. He says Orton vs. Bryan IS best for business… Hunter brings up Cody’s wedding and how either he or Orton were invited. He makes Cody vs. Orton and if Cody leaves he’s out of the WWE…


Fandango w/Summer Rae vs. The Miz

-its not long before this one spills on the outside and Miz forces a dance with Summer Rae. After the break Cole and Lawler mentioned out Fandango might have broken his nose during the break… you should learn a thing or two from him Sin Cara and your little sprained finger. Fandango has added moves one of which was a leg drop onto Miz who was in the ropes. Miz finally gets the figure four for the win.

Winner: Miz


-Bryan is in the locker room when Booker T walks in for a pep talk but then tries to talk him out of the title match. They banter with both making valid points before agreed for milk shakes after the show… wait, what?


Dolph Ziggler vs. United States Champion Dean Ambrose Ryback

-apparently Ziggler didn’t know who his opponent would be tonight until he got attacked from behind by Dean Ambrose… Ziggler took a beating but his opponent isn’t Ambrose, its Ryback who gets a massive Goldberg chant. he’s changed up his tights, I guess RVD can only have airbrushed tights. Ziggler fights back cut for a short moment before getting caught with a meat hook. Shell shock and pin.

Winner: Ryack


-Steph and Hunter in the back with Brad Maddox comes in to inform these fools that Big Show ain’t taking the match tonight. Steph’s going to address it in the ring like any other situation in the WWE… I need to start doing this at work… just taking beef with people to the ring.


-Steph comes out after the break, her new music is still wack. She calls Show a friend who she’s known since she’s been growing up back stage… wait, she wasn’t that young when Big Show came into the WWF. Steph explains what happens if he doesn’t take the match and she says she was 12 when they met… uh what? She then calls Show broke…?! Wait, what!? they are NOT doing the same shit they did with Shawn Michaels years ago!? She asks what he would do outside of the WWE and asks if he would be the largest gas station attendant. Ahaha! She gets all personal saying “giants don’t live longer than other people”… fuck. Steph was classic here playing up the sarcastic bitch who hugs Show because she cares about him! good shit Steph! The crowd chants “you’ll be ok”, BAH HAHA!


-Edge is back next week for one night only!


-footage of Big Show in the back throwing around furniture at having to do what Steph told him to do… which is basically to just wrestle a match…!?


-Michael Cole shows us how to install the WWE app… you fucking kidding me?! We know how to install a fucking app…


3MB w/Drew McIntyre vs. Primetime Players

-Titus wrestled with his whistle in his mouth, not safe. JBL tries to get us conditioned to do the Ole’ chant for Los Matadores… no thanks man. Titus got the hot tag in this one, setting up for the sit down power bomb for the pin.

Winner: PTP


-Maddox on the phone when Paul Heyman walks up on him. He’s not happy about the poll from last week… Triple H then walks up, uh why…!? It was Hunter who made last week’s poll.  He plays both sides of the fence on Heyman, weaseling out a victory or getting destroyed by Punk at the ppv.


-Wyatt family video package… Bray goes on a tangent before asking where Kane is, while laughing about it.


Career on the line

Cody Rhodes vs. WWE Champion Randy Orton

-the locker room watched the match in the back… I thought they watched all the matches… haha. Crowd has a lot of chants for this one, even chant for Randy Savage and Jake the Snake. Cody got a couple of near falls which got the crowd chanting for him. Great spot with Orton going for the RKO only to have Rhodes turn it into the crossroads, crowd went nuts and “awed” when Orton kicked out. Cody finally took an RKO to finish off the last of the Rhodes boys. Good match here!

Winner: Orton


-after the match Hunter comes out to the stage to shill Cody but how it’s a business and fires him… Cody looks on shocked as we get a “thank you Cody”.


-CM Punk comes out with kendo stick in hand and wants to fight Paul Heyman and would do it tonight if Heyman would step up. Punk then shills the entire universe before he guarantees getting past Axel and how he’s getting his hands on Heyman at the ppv and promises to break his face. Crowd loved Punk.


-Bryan and Big Show in the back. Bryan is doing what he needs to do no matter who it is and Big Show wants to say he’s in a no win situation tonight. Bryan gets cocky about beating Show tonight like he did for his first World Title.


#1 contender for the Diva’s Title

Brie Bella vs. Natalya vs. Naomi

-AJ was on commentary until she interferes in this match… this then turns into a 3 on 1 against AJ…?! This is awkward… they just made AJ look like a face…

Winner: no contest


Damien Sandow vs. RVD w/Ricardo Rodriguez

-lots of RVD chants, mid match ADR shows up on the stage to distract RVD. Good match between these two I thought. RVD won with the frog splash. This could be a good feud for the title when Sandow takes the World Title.



-WWE app recap with the Diva’s and Steph… she makes the title match at the ppv a fatal four way… #screwjob


-Cody is stopped while he’s leaving the arena by Josh Mathews… he cuts probably the best promo of his life, bringing up how his family has been screwed by the WWE for decades. Cody isn’t giving comments about his wife and walks the fuck out.


-the roster is back on the stage to watch the main event.


Daniel Bryan vs. The Big Show

-Show is trying to take Bryan out of this but Bryan keeps fighting him off. Bryan finally gets Big Show down with a series of kicks and dropkicks. This was a good back and forth match, Big Show got a STIFF spear on Bryan who was coming off the top rope. Show gets ready to knock out Bryan before he just goes to leave…

Winner: no contest.


– This brings out the Shield and HHH. Hunter tells him to finish it but Show just goes to walk off. Shield then attack Bryan before Show comes in to save him. Hunter stops Big Show and tells him to back up or else… Bryan then takes a super power bomb while Show just watches. HHH then forces Big Show to knock Daniel Bryan the fuck out but he tries to walk off. This then brought Steph out who pleads with Big Show and for him to think about his family… cause he’s broke ass. Big Show teases knocking out Hunter before reluctantly knocking Bryan out. a teary eye Big Show gets a “you sold out chant” while Hunter and Steph console Show.


-Orton then walks into the ring to gaze over Bryan and pose with the title. This ends the show. Well that was a good night that moved quick. I think the crowd definitely helped the momentum of the show.











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  1. therealmidcard Says:

    I also want a t-shirt with a picture of Bryan and B+ Player on it. That would be so cool lol

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