Smackdown [August 30, 2013]


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A lot Daniel Bryan and a lot of the Shield. What more can you ask for?

Quick Results

Las Vegas, NV

  • They start off with MizTV with guests Big Show and Dolph Ziggler. The Miz discusses how they all had to watch Daniel Bryan get beat down on RAW and not be able to do anything about it. Ziggler and Big Show act too upset to talk about it. Before Miz can say anything, Triple H interrupts him and walks into the ring.
  • Triple H asks why everyone wants to make this personal and that this is just business. The crowd gives a HUGE “you sold out” chant. Triple H hints that Randy Orton is the face of the company because he’s better than the Miz, Show, and Ziggler and that it makes money for all of them.
  • Triple H gives Miz a shot at Orton tonight. Triple H sets Ziggler up with a handicap match against the Shield. He also gives Big Show the night off and to sit at ringside all night and do NOTHING about it. Big Show is clenching his huge fists right now and shaking. Triple H sends him off to the outside like a little kid. Big Show heads out of the ring begrudgingly.
  • Triple H introduces Randy Orton to the ring for their match.
  • Randy Orton pins The Miz via RKO
  • The Shield come down in the middle of the match and surround the ring.
  • After the match, the Shield and Orton attack the Miz but Daniel Bryan comes down with a chair to a HUGE pop. Big Show is torn that he can’t fight the good fight. The segment ends with Bryan leading the WHOLE arena into a mega YES! chant.
  • Vicky Guerrero berates Daniel Bryan for being a “bully” to the Shield with the chair. She makes a match between him and Ryback.
  • Ricardo Rodriguez comes out in an airbrushed RVD shirt to introduce Rob Van Dam.
  • RVD pins Damien Sandow via Frog Splash
  • After the match, Alberto Del Rio comes down and talks shit.
  • The Shield defeat Dolph Ziggler in a handicap match via Roman Reign’s spear
  • After the match, the Shield try to provoke Big Show by Shield Bombing Dolph Ziggler.
  • Curtis Axel and Paul Heyman cut a promo on CM Punk.
  • The Wyatt Family defeat Tons of Funk when Rowan hits a running splash on Tensai
  • After the match, Bray Wyatt hits his finisher on Tensai.
  • Daniel Bryan defeats Ryback via DQ when Orton interferes at the end of the match
  • Bryan puts Orton in the YES! Lock until the Shield come down and put a beating on him. Big Show stands over Bryan to protect him while the Shield and Orton fall back. Triple H comes down and demands that Show head to the back. Show acts terribly upset as he walks up the ramp with Triple H yelling in his ear.
  • Triple H gives Orton and the Shield a nod and they all give Bryan the beating of his WWE tenure. The Shield finally give Bryan a Shield Bomb and spray paint “NO” on Bryan’s torso to end the show.


This opening segment was awesome. Big Show is just on another level right now. He’s so upset that he looks like a lost puppy looking for his bone. Triple H was great being a huge condescending prick.

The Orton-Miz opener was okay. The match seemed to drag until Orton RKO’d Miz out of nowhere after struggling to escape the Figure Four. I was more entertained by the subtle interactions between Orton and Big Show. There’s such a difference between an Orton-Daniel Bryan match than an Orton-Miz match. Styles and technique definitely make fights. Miz tried to to tease the Figure Four a few times but I’m still not convinced that he “owns” the hold like he should. It doesn’t really look threatening when he does it and that’s a shame because the Figure Four can be really amazing if used the right way.

RVD vs. Sandow was a damn squash match. Sandow got some offense in but it looked more like a showcase of RVD’s expansive moveset.

The Shield squash over Ziggler was a thing of beauty. Each member of the Shield made sure to give Big Show a shit eating grin every chance they had. Kudos to Big Show for looking extremely upset and frustrated throughout the whole match. I have to mention business picked up every time Seth Rollins got into the ring with Ziggler. I look forward to the day Ziggler and Rollins start a singles feud with a decent amount of time to develop.

You should know how an excellent Paul Heyman promo goes. Unfortunately, I despise Curtis Axel’s mic skills so much that I want this feud to fast forward to the Brock Lesnar rematch. Really Curtis Axel needs to go Arn Anderson style and just be a man of few words.

I know most folks are going crazy over Bray Wyatt’s promos but the main reason I enjoy watching the Wyatt Family is Luke Harper. The dude is huge but he’s light on his feet and his moveset looks pretty darn sick in the ring. Seriously, I think he might be break out star from that faction in a year or two.

I like this Corporation versus everybody else storyline. It’s giving a huge rub to Big Show and Ziggler right now and look forward to seeing how this all pans out. I didn’t really care for the NOW-style spray paint job at the end but that’s just nitpicking.

The main event was great and we all know the reason why. If the Daniel Bryan era of Smackdown means 20 minute main event matches every Friday then I’m all for it. As much as the chase for the title is good, I actually think Daniel Bryan’s title defenses are going to be even better. The future looks bright and I think this slow burn to Daniel Bryan’s eventual run with the title is going to be fun to watch.

Overall, this was a solid episode of Smackdown. Lots of Bryan and lots of Shield, which is a welcome combination. Thanks for reading!

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2 Responses to “Smackdown [August 30, 2013]”

  1. tellstarcookie Says:

    We turned the tv off. It’s gotten too much on the side of bullies. So much for the anti bully ads. Hypocrites.

    • Mascara De Fuego Says:

      hold tight tellstarcookie, they are definitely building to the big pay off for Daniel Bryan. It might not be today or tomorrow but its coming for sure! 🙂

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