08-26-13 WWE RAW



Hunter-McMahon crew run rough shot…

-Show at started with the Shield at ringside, titles and all. We then cut to Triple H’s intro while Michael Cole calls The Shield his personal security. Hunter takes us back to SummerSlam and how what happened was best for business. He then recaps last weeks shenanigans that lead to Bryan getting RKO and how that was personal. Hunter isn’t happy about being insulted by Bryan last week. He offers peace before he shills the rating for last week… he claims that’s because of Randy Orton… this brought out Orton who gets thanked for breathing new life into the WWE by Hunter… Hunter has a gift which gets a NO chant. Triple H has bought Orton an Escalade… well shit. Orton is touched. Before they could go check out the car Daniel Bryan comes out to check this car out and how it doesn’t compare to his Honda Fix. He shouts out the fans for all the support and John Cena. lastly, he thanks HHH for finally showing who he really is. Orton gets all butt hurt by all this Hunter bashing. They banter before Bryan leads the crowd to a loud YES chant. Hunter sings Disney songs before saying Bryan isn’t an A player. Bryan gets a gauntlet against the Shield. A long segment but good I thought.

-recap of the brawl between Punk and Axel from last week before we get a WWE App where we need to choose the stip for Axel vs. Punk… none seem good for Heyman.

Cody Rhodes vs. Fandango w/Summer Rae

-Sandow was on commentary. Mid match, Miz is the one who causes the distraction coming down dressed as Fandango… Sandow then gets involved as does Miz. This leads to Brad Maddox to come out and do the Teddy Long and make a tag match.

Winner: no contest

Cody Rhodes & The Miz vs. Fandango w/Summer Rae & Damien Sandow

-Miz’s dancer was Rosa who stayed at ringside for this match. Michael Cole makes an NSync joke which JBL calls him out on saying he said the same thing on the app. Cole then says that it’s “a somewhat different audience” on the app…wait, what?? Oh I forgot to mention Miz was wrestling in Fandango’s gear… apparently he does “Fandango” better than Johnny Curtis can… haha Miz finally gets the win for his team. Match was fine.

Winner: Miz & Cody

-Los Matadores video shows again.

-Josh in the back with Christian… he’s asked about the direction Hunter is taking the WWE. He starts off saying that’s not a good idea since he lived through the first incarnation of the McMahon-HHH regime.  Orton walks in to crap on Christian before their match. Christian no sells Orton and calls him a tool before the champion walks off… this could go bad for Christian…

-we get a recap of a promo Punk cut on the app… Heyman and Axel watch this and aren’t happy one of the stips is that if Punk wins he gets his hands on Heyman. Axel is asked if he is trusted, Heyman says like his life depends on it… uh oh…

WWE app Stip match

Intercontinental Champion Curtis Axel w/Paul Heyman & CM Punk

-Lawler gives us the app choice and its 81% for Punk to get his hands on Heyman if Axel loses… slow paced match to start. Punk dives onto Axel for the commercial break. Nice suplexes by Axel after the break. Good match for the most part. Punk gets the GTS out of nowhere. After the match Heyman plays shocked and walks to the back… before refs take Heyman and direct him back to the ring per the stip of the match. Punk then chases Heyman and security brings Heyman back into the ring. Axel clips the leg of Punk for the save although Cole almost made it sound like it could have been someone else. Punk then gets handcuffed with his arms behind his back. Heyman then begins to slap Punk in the face over and over again. Punk then lands a kick to the head onto Axel before finally gets multiple kicks on Heyman. Axel comes back with a steel chair and the odds went back to Heyman. Punk then took a kendo to stick to the back from Heyman while Punk kept yelling “make it count you son of a bitch”… Axel then holds Punk up for the kendo shots to the stomach of Punk. This was an awesome visual with Heyman telling Punk what he did for him. Punk then takes more punishment at ringside while Heyman yells at Punk how he use to love him. fucking classic ass shit here!

Winner: Punk

-Jojo from Total Divas show gets to ring announce for the next divas match… it sounded like she said fugg and not funk…

Natalya w/Cameron & Naomi vs. Brie w/Nikki & Eva Marie

-forward job… Brie won probably with a shady finish…

Winner: Brie

-after the match AJ comes out to give us a recap of last nights Total Diva’s, she shits on all this… haha! Funny shit! She gets a chant for this. she calls them cheap and interchangeable, oh fuck! she calls them women who couldn’t cut it as actresses and how she’s done more than any of them in one year in the WWE. damn AJ is killing it in this promo! Dude, she commented on how the divas can keep walking in these expensive shoes but none of them can step to her chuck taylors, fuck!!! #DIVAPIMPBOMB

Rob Van Dam w/Ricardo Rodriguez vs. World Champion Alberto Del Rio

-no more tux for double R who’s sporting an air bushed RVD shirt… but not wearing his merch…? Match starts off fast but after the break we’ve slowed down with ADR keeping the advantage. Cole tells us that if RVD wins tonight he will get a rematch for the title at Night of Champions. Double arm causes the distraction when he gets onto the announce table to lead the crowd in an RVD chant. Van Dam gets the roll up for the pin.

Winner: RVD

-Michael Cole cuts to the John Cena video from last week calling it a bombshell… this dude going away for a little bit is not a “bombshell”…

-oh I might have to get this Best of MSG Bluray! #mark

-Josh in the back with Ryback… he gets questioned on his bullying… boy, Josh can’t cut a break with Ryback…

-Heyman and Axel are stopped by Renee… Axel needs to stop talking and let Heyman do what he’s good at.

Christian vs. WWE Champion Randy Orton

-decent match with Orton keeping the advantage for most of it after a dive Christian took to the outside. Christian makes a come back and gets a close 2 count after a splash from the top. Christian lands an awkward tornado DDT from the ropes… RKO is blocked by Christian before setting up for the spear. Orton jumps over the first attempt but takes the second spear for the 2 ½ count! Ref distraction sets for a thumb to the eye and an RKO for the pin and the win. Good shit here.

Winner: Orton

-after the match we cut to Bryan on the titantron… the Escalade has been spray painted all over with the word YES. Orton plays grumpy face to this.

-after the break Maddox, Triple H and Orton are in the back where this car has been vandalized. Triple H wants everyone out at ringside so they can watch what happens with Daniel Bryan and he’s going to fire anyone who even looks at him tonight.

Titus O’Neil w/Darren Young vs. Jack Swagger w/Antonio Cesar & Zeb Colter

-Colter cuts a promo on the Players and shits on them being born… the fuck!? match was ok was out of it, getting tired. Titus wins with a triangle slam

Winner: O’Neil

-Wyatt Family promo video plays, Bray sings before cutting his usual promo that only makes sense to him or people who smoke drugs… don’t smoke drugs kids.

-Maddox in the back with the medical attendant guy when Punk walks in and wants a match with Heyman… he gets a handicap match at Night of Champions…

-the roster then comes out to the stage, Big Show is out as is Del Rio… no Punk…

Gauntlet Match

Daniel Bryan vs. The Shield

-Seth Rollins is up first… Big Show is asked by Renee about his 3 on 1 match with the Shield… he says nothing… Ziggler says nothing about this either… Miz comments but stops himself as well since he don’t wanna get fired. Not long before Rollins is in the surfboard. Good shit between this pairing. CRAZY spot when Bryan dives to the outside and sends Rollins OVER the announce table!!! These guys work awesomely together, good couple of close spin attempts. Over head suplex off the top rope by Bryan was DOPE! Flying knee…1… 2…THREE! Ambrose then jumps in to start the next match. YES LOCK out of nowhere but Reigns breaks it up! Ambrose gets DQ’d… Reigns ends up in the YES lock but Ambrose stops this any attacks. The rest of the roster watch as the Shield then take apart Bryan… Triple H’s music then hits, he comes out eye fucking the roster. The Shield continue to beat on Bryan while the roster is forced to watch… Randy Orton then comes out while the Shield hold Bryan and RKO’s him… Big Show was getting a chant during this but he did nothing but eye fuck Hunter. Sheild pose over Bryan while Hunter and Orton pose and ask the roster if they want to laugh…

Winner: no contest

-Hunter and Orton bound while The Shield bust the pose over Bryan… another solid night I thought but this will be interesting how they keep Bryan strong at the ppv without giving him the title.

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One Response to “08-26-13 WWE RAW”

  1. Estell Newton Says:

    Bryan should get a rematch with Orton. According to the rules, he has the right to try to get the title back.

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