08-19-13 WWE RAW



Daniel Bryan is a SUPER star.

-the show starts with a recap of last nights big matches… Brock/Punk, Cena/Bryan and then Orton’s cash in to take the WWE Title with Triple H’s help.


-Cena starts the show… wait what? He gets a loud “Cena sucks” chant. Cena says Bryan earn the title last night and thanks him for bringing out the best in him. He puts Bryan over heavily before he shows off his elbow… it looks gross. He says he’s leaving the WWE!!!… for this surgery. Haha this gets a YES chant. he’s going to be gone for 4 to 6 months. He then intro Daniel Bryan’s… dope passing of the torch hit here! Bryan comes out slowly, looking emotional.


-Cena then leaves Bryan alone in the ring. He is getting MASSIVE chants here, MASSIVE! He’s about to talk when Stephanie McMahon comes out…. fuck. Steph’s new song is never going to catch on. This bitch says she’s sorry but HHH was doing what’s best for business. But that gets a NO chant before they chant YES for him. He then basically calls Steph trash here… haha! Bryan says he ain’t afraid of being fired and how he’s ok to go back to armories and selling shirts out of his car, fuck! Steph says Bryan is valued but that his expectations are too high… she says he’s not an A but a B+… a solid B+. hilarious. Bryan smacks the mic out of her hands… she isn’t putting up for it and sends security to boot him out… He walks off with these guys to NO chants before he starts chanting NO… this reaction is insane! They still walk Bryan off. This was massive and like Puma said via text on some Stone Cold shit. Daniel Bryan is officially a true WWE main eventer.


Cody Rhodes vs. Damien Sandow

-rematch from last night… that first segment was so good I’m kind of out of it here. Long commercial comes back to the announcers getting chants like last night. this is where the match picked up the pace, good stuff. We got a “shaved your mustache” chant here. Cody finally gets the pin with a role up out of the corner. Entertainment match even though it came after that crazy first segment.

Winner: Cody


-Brad Maddox in te back and he’s not wearing a tight vest… he cuts to a comment made by Ziggler about what Triple H which leads to Maddox making a match with him taking on The Shield. Well shit, this could be a good direction for Ziggler since it doesn’t look like hes going back to the World Title picture right now…


-Back from the break and Paul Heyman is in the ring. He’s got his arm in a sling and informs us that Brock beat Punk last night. Heyman puts over what Punk did last night and how its time to end this family feud and forgives CM Punk and when he apologizes back he’ll take Punk back. How he still loves Punk and that he’s ready to patch things up… well, if they weren’t short on faces right now I would consider that a good idea but Punk is a goodie goodie for now.


-in the back the Bella’s talking shit to Cameron and Naomi… they are wearing you can’t sit with us shirts… tacky.


Cameron & Naomi vs. Layla & Diva’s Champion AJ

-AJ apparently has 1 million Twitter followers… yay…? AJ and Layla keep then grounded until Layla gets rolled up… oops. Layla plays super shocked.

Winner: Cameron & Naomi


Dolph Ziggler vs. The Shield

-JBL and Michael Cole bicker about freedom of speak vs. talking shit on the boss in regards to Ziggler’s comments. Ziggler is kept grounded and cornered from the get go. He gets a “lets go Ziggler” chant. Anaheim is HOT tonight. making us proud. Ziggler finally makes a come back and gets a close 2 count! Rollins is suplexed to the outside… Ziggler sells the SHIT out of the spear by Reigns! Awesome fucking visual! Rollins is favoring his leg… please don’t be injured. Ziggler takes the triple power bomb after the match.

Winner: Shield


-We’re getting a coronation of Randy Orton tonight… does this include switching out his side plates on the WWE Title?


World Champion Alberto Del Rio vs. Sin Cara

-Del Rio still looks beat up, apparently get got roughed up in LA… fucking LA! 😉 haha Del Rio’s has mini Mexican flags in each ring corner now. He’s trying out for Super Mex apparently… he’ll have to fight Hernandez for that shit. Sin Cara dives to the outside and calls for the ref to come over… the doctor is out and the ref is keeps Del Rio out of the ring… apparently Sin Cara is legit hurt but Del Rio keeps beating on him. Ref is legit pushing Del Rio around and ADR is pissed yelling “get the fuck out of here” at the ref… the commentators say its his wrist… oh boy… Del Rio cuts a promo on how Latinos have someone to cheer for now. Ricardo Rodriguez then comes out to the stage… and says Del Rio is no ones hero and how he is now represents someone NEW… Rob Van Dam!!!!!! RVD attacks and the crowd is losing their shit again! RVD goes for the 5 star but Del Rio gets out of dodge! Good for double R, I was scared they were going to get rid of him. wait, is this a joke on these dudes who have gotten suspended for shit? Haha

Winner: Del Rio by ref stoppage


-I kind of like this direction with Ricardo, its like he’s more of a manager now that just someone’s ring announcer. Could be something nice if he could get a little stable together.


Real American’s w/Zeb Colter vs. Primetime Players

-Zeb and his Real Americans were in the ring before the match as he puts over his team and shits on Anaheim. He shit’s on Hispanics and how we’re taking their jobs. Crowd chants we the people with them. I guess the PTP’s are good guys now… fast start by Cesaro and Young. Titus gets corner by the American’s before the hot tag to Young, good reaction for him. Darren gets the win with the gut check. Good stuff here for the PTP’s… Cesaro needs solo shit.

Winner: the Players


-Big Show in the back with Renee. She asks about how Show and Henry are going to team up against the Shield. Maddox interrupts and brings up comments made by Show about the McMahons… he’s going to unleash the Shield against show tonight. Big Show isn’t phased and the crowd loves it.


-Zack Ryder and Justin Gabriel basically gut a Footlocker commercial for some contest… Fandango interrupts and cuts a promo on this pair of Nike’s… haha! Stupid.


-recap of last night’s match between Punk and Brock, great piece putting over the match. We get the same thing for the Bryan/Cena match… and Orton & Triple H fucking it all up.


-Ryback bullies some local wrestling dude in the locker room. This leads to Ryback soaking this kid and his wrestling bag… asshole.


The Shield vs. Big Show

-Big Show looks like he’s lost some weight. All members in the Shield can be in the ring at once. Show starts off strong on the trio. Show gets his own spear on Reigns! This gets a “Big Show” chant. Big Show is finally grounded by Ambrose and Rollins but its Big Show who gets a double suplex on them. Reigns then comes in and spears Show. Shield then sets up and hits the super bomb on Show. All three cover him for the pin.

Winner: Shield


-CM Punk is out next, he hobbles to the ring before quickly going right to Heyman. He goes right for some dude heckling him at ringside. This makes the crowd go nuts! He says he does want the title and the WrestleMania main event like Paul was offering earlier… he then tells him to come out to see if that’s what he gets. Heyman shows up with Curtis Axel. Punk says he is sorry he didn’t take Heyman’s arm last night and how he didn’t break his face. Punk then says have the courage that the fat guy at ringside doesn’t have and come in the ring and face him. funny! Crowd loves it! Heyman then has his own apology… and sends Axel to the back to have his fists tapped up and says he isn’t the fat guy in the front row! Haha Heyman then says if Punk is in the ring after the commercial that Axel will finish the show Brock started last night… after the break Punk is still in the ring…


-Punk took a chair and was sitting in the ring when Axel comes down to the ring… this would be a perfect time to debut a new “Heyman guy”… Punk goes on to beat on Axel before this spills to the outside for Axel to even things out. this goes back and forth until Punk is sent into the barricade. Punk makes a comeback and starts using shit at ringside on Axel like the ring bell. Axel was about to take the GTS when he slips out and takes Punk’s leg out. Axel then uses the chair on Punk’s injured leg while the crowd chants for Punk. Axel then puts Punk’s leg between the chair then climbs to the second rope… Punk moves and then uses the chair on Axel before beating on him at ringside, he even takes a GTS onto the steps… very protected version of the GTS. Punk and Heyman stare to end this segment.


R-Truth vs. Bray Wyatt w/the family

-really fast paced to start.. Bray finally takes down Truth with a stiff splash. Bray kind of fucks up the set up for his finisher before hitting Truth with it… ugh. Fuck man.

Winner: Wyatt


-a bullfighter vignette plays… it’s a video for a masked matador team… I think its Primo and Epico by the looks of their physics. At least keeping them under masks wont make it obvious that you guy Puerto Rican’s playing matadors.


3MB vs. The Uso’s

-its not long before McIntyre is getting himself involved behind the refs back. Both teams get dueling chants with “3MB/lets go Uso’s”… nice. This was fast paced and the crowd was heavily into it. good stuff. Nice spot one of the Uso’s tagging out while jumping to the outside onto Slater and Drew! The other Uso hits the big splash for the win on Mahal!

Winners: Uso’s


Miz vs. Wade Barrett

-Mid match we get a “lets go Barrett” chant. very fast paced match here. Miz finally gets the figure four before Fandango comes out and hits the leg drop from the top to send this and dance around Miz. Anaheim trying to keep Fandango’ing a thing…

Winner: no contest…?


-Maddox walks up to Step to tell her that Bryan is back in the building… she then walks into Vince’s office.


-We’re back from a break and Vince and Steph are in the ring… Triple H is coming to the ring and the entire roster is on the stage while the stage are holding fort at ringside… Vince puts over this coronation and crowning a new champion. How he is proud of HHH and how he did the right thing. HHH gets a “you sold out” chant before he explains how he sees the bigger picture and wanted to ensure the future of the WWE and did this shit last night for all of us, the WWE superstars, Vince and for Vince’s linage. He did this for Steph and the future so the WWE will continue to exist in all of our futures. How he likes Bryan and considers him a friend. He calls him a very good little technician and deserved to win but he’s not fit to be champion and the face of the WWE. He says we deserve better than that and someone who’s an A+, not a B… he said personally he didn’t want to do this to Bryan and his struggle, how it hurt him to do that to him. Triple H says he doesn’t like Orton but he buried his feelings about him for us. He tells Bryan to check his ego in and you do what’s right for business. This gets a massive “Daniel Bryan” chant. He then intro’s the new champion, Randy Orton…


-Orton comes to the ring in slow motion as usual. He shakes hands with Vince, Hunter and although he offers his hand to Steph… she hugs Orton… haha! Orton says he told us so and how we wouldn’t see it coming… actually we ALL did… he then thanks HHH and says he owes this to him, they hug before Orton shills Hunter. HHH gets back on the mic and says he knows Bryan is in the ring and wants to have him come out so he can get over it and move on…  Hunter tells the Shield to take a side, to make room for Bryan to come out… HHH then begins a YES chant and has his music played to get him to come out… Bryan comes from the side of the stage to ringside. Its not long before The Shield jump Bryan… he fights them off and tries to go to the ring but Ambrose keeps him back. He then hip tosses on the steel ramp. Bryan tries for the ring again to get a spear by Reigns… he wasn’t pretty… they go for the super bomb before HHH stops them asking Bryan to come into the ring… awkward. He comes into the ring only to catch an RKO… Orton then gets his hand raised by the McMahons…


-Bryan is SUPER over but I think they should have ended the show having him losing his shit and clearing the ring… save the RKO for next week, oh well… Overall, this was a fast moving night with a super great crowd where Bryan was THE focus! Good shit.














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One Response to “08-19-13 WWE RAW”

  1. tellstarcookie Says:

    Of course the Shield won. 3 on 1. Who does management think they’re fooling? They Don’t like Daniel and the handing over of the belt to Orton was wrong the way it was done. Orton should have to fight for it not have it handed to him. Management needs to think about the consequences for their actions. I don’t liars and backstabbers. It is also reinforcing was I’ve said all along. They like and back the bullies. Orton is not a bully but still should have fought for the belt.

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