08-18-13 WWE SummerSlam

courtesy of wwe.com

courtesy of wwe.com

Punk vs. Brock was an awesome show while Bryan gets predictably screwed….


-our panel Shawn Michaels, Booker T and Vicki Guerrero with Josh Mathews. They go over the key matches. Paul Heyman also gets a pre tape video where he cuts a good promo before announcing Punk vs. Lesnar is a NO DQ match.

United States Champion Dean Ambrose vs. RVD

-Good ground based match to start. Mid match we get a dueling “lets go Ambrose/RVD” chant! Before RVD could get the 5 star frog slash the rest of the Shield came down to ringside. Before they can get to the ring Mark Henry and The Big Show run down to ringside as well. The cut to commercial… wait what!? the match continues to set up RVD getting a springboard on Ambrose who’s draped on the barricade at ringside. RVD finally gets the 5 star but that causes the distraction by the Shield for the DQ. Well I guess that’s not turning into a 6 man tag match. good shit nonetheless.

Winner: RVD

-Miz comes out at the beginning of SummerSlam, he’s got a tux on… he covers part of the show before Fandango and Summer Rae come out to dance… this leads to nowhere… the promo for the show then airs.

-Jojo from Total Diva’s sings the national anthem. She does a solid job here!

Ring of Fire

Bray Wyatt vs. Kane

-We not only get flames around the ring we get Sin Cara lighting for this match. Everytime there’s big bump the flames get higher, nice effect. Other than that the match is a little slow and obviously cautious of these flames. At one point Harper tried to get a kendo stick in but it caught on fire. Kane gets 2 chokeslams before the Wyatt’s cover the flames and attack Kane in the ring. LA gives us an Undertaker chant. The triple team leads to Bray hitting his finisher for the pin… this wasn’t a good way to end this match at all… after the match Bray sits on his rocking chair while the Wyatt boys take the steps to Kane, almost like a guillotine. After that they card him off…. Not a good opening.

Winner: Wyatt

-we cut back to the SummerSlam panel with Josh. They have uncomfortable banter.

Damien Sandow vs. Cody Rhodes

-mustache is gone!!! This one starts off fast before Cody is grounded. Sandow got this hybrid figure four/sharpshooter which was nice. Cody gets the muscle buster for a 2 count, dope! Cody makes his comeback for a good springboard dropkick. Sandow kicked out of the disaster kick! Cody finally gets the crossroads for the pin. Good stuff here. After the match Sandow clutches his handcuffed briefcase.  That was a good opener… oh wait…

Winner: Cody

-Christian video plays, this is good shit and makes you feel like he’s going to win…

World Champion Alberto Del Rio vs. Christian

-Del Rio forces Lillian Garcia to intro him in Spanish. Starts off back and forth before Christian ends up on the top rope with his back to the ring only to take a flash kick by Del Rio. ADR then begins to work on Christian’s shoulder that was injured. Christian recovers and dives onto Del Rio from the top rope and onto the arena floor. Del Rio nose began to bleed, this dude looks all beat up. Awesome spot when Christian goes for the top only to catch a back cracker. Christian went for the spear only to get dropkicked in the face! Great back and forth between by these two which gets the crowd chanting this is awesome! Christain finally gets the spear but Del Rio locks the injured arm bar on… Christian fights a good fight but finally taps out. This match was so good! Del Rio cuts a promo about how Mexico needs a real hero like himself.

Winner: Del Rio

-looks likes like the Diva’s tag team match ended up on Axxess this morning… not complaining…

-Menounos gets interviewed by Miz in the back before Fandango and Summer Rae come out to dance… Maria and Miz dance as well..

Natalya w/Cameron & Naomi vs. Brie Bella w/Nickki & Eva Maria  

-I guess this match is now a one on one… Cole, JBL and Lawler all get their own chants during this… this also gets a “we want tables” chants… they were trying though. It wasn’t super but they were trying. Natalya gets the sharpshooter for the win

Winner:  Natalya

-footage from earlier today where Ryback gets the dude at catering shit… why is this on the ppv… Ryback complains about cold tomato soup not knowing any better… waste.

No DQ match

CM Punk vs. Brock Lesnar w/Paul Heyman

-wow this is kind of going on early. Brock starts strong grounding Punk while the crowd chants for him. Punk makes a comeback getting in several knees to the head of Brock which sends him to the outside stiffly. Punk then gets the big dive. Punk went to use the stairs but Brock just puts all his weight behind the steps. Punk gets the advantage with a double axe handle from the top then a clothesline off the announce table. Punk then went after Heyman but Brock cut that shit off beating on Punk sending him over the both announces tables! Brock then uses the announce table covering on Punk before hitting a belly to belly on him on the outside. Match then worked back into the ring where Brock continues to beat on Punk. Punk fights back starting with biting his Brocks ear… Punk gets the Macho Man elbow for a 2 count. Brock fights out of the GTS and Punk fights out of the F5… Punk goes for the GTS but Brock gets the kimora… he finally reverses with an arm bar!!! Punk gets the triangle choke!!! Brock muscles and powebombs Punk but he keeps the move in…. Brock fights out and gets a running powerbomb!!! Such good shit here so far even going to jujitsu during that! Brock then gets the 3 amigos suplexes which gets an “Eddie” chant. This spills to the outside where a chair gets involved in Punk’s favor. Brock gets the chair and is about to use it when Punk crotches Lesnar. Punk then comes off the top rope with chair shot for a close two count. Heyman finally gets involved but this backfires and Brock gets locked in the anaconda vice… Heyman gets involved again and Punk puts the vise on him. Brock fucks Punk up with a STIFF chair shots! Fuck! F5 onto the chair….1…..2….THREEEE!! Jesus H Christ this was brutal… such good shit right here, damn. After the match CM Punk gets a moment for the applause.

Winner: Brock Lesnar

-they show some fan that got hooked up with SummerSLam by taking a big splash by Mark Henry… damn that’s kinda awesome! Haha

Dolph Ziggler & Kaitlyn vs. Diva’s Champion AJ & Big E Langston

-Ziggler and Langston are definitely trying to keep the crowd after that last match. AJ’s working pretty hard here too, keeping Kaitlyn grounded. Ziggler gets 10 elbow drops on Big E which wakes the crowd. AJ takes a solid spear on the outside from Kaitlyn. Ziggler finally gets the zig zag for the win. That was not bad at all but probably suffered by bad placement.

Winner: Ziggler & Kaitlyn

-Miz in the back who gets interrupted by Fandango again… this time Miz cold cocks him…

-SummerSlam panel goes over the main event… HBK shouts out to Punk and Lesnar and says thank you… the ultimate rub!

WWE Champion John Cena vs. Daniel Bryan w/Triple H as the ref

-Crowd is heavily behind Bryan, go LA! Solid indie wrestling shit to start his match. Cena’s elbow is all wrapped up. Methodical start to this one until Bryan gets tackled off the ring apron hitting his ribs into the announce table. Bryan then takes a suplex off the ring steps on the outside… this gets a “you still suck” chant for Cena. Cena then gets a Batista bomb for a 2 count. Good back and forth exchange by these two thus far. Cena goes into his fist drop sequence. Bryan fights out the first attempt to this but Cena finally gets it. Bryan escaped the first AA attempt to get a drop kick off the top for a 2 count. Bryan then keeps Cena grounded with a series of kicks to Cena’s injured arm. Cena’s also got a black eye coming in. Bryan get Cena in the STF!!! Cena fights out but then gets locked into the YES lock! Dragon sleeper by Bryan now! Cena tries to fight out but Bryan still has it locked in. he finally gets out but throwing Bryan over him. AA out of nowhere…..1….2…KICKOUT!!! Cena goes to the top only to be cut off, Cena tries to keep Bryan off of him but Bryan keeps coming at him. Superplex by Bryan! He stays on the ropes and hits the diving headbutt for a 2! Cena then cuts off Bryan before diving to the outside with an upper cut. Cena then gets his leg drop off the top for a close 2 count. Cena then sets up an AA from the top rope but Bryan continually hits Cena with elbows.. Cena then almost kills Bryan legit before putting him in the STF… Cena rolls over with the STF still on… Bryan fights out and gets the YES lock but Cena makes it to the ropes. 2 dropkicks in the corner by Bryan before he takes a LARIET by Cena!!! both go down and slowly come back up to get into a slap fest!!!! Fuck! Bryan wins this and heads back to the top but gets caught in the dive… AA… NO its countered! Bryan hits Cena with a running knee!!!! 1…2…THREEEEEE

Winner: DANIEL BRYAN!!!!

-Bryan starts to celebrate when Cena stops him. they exchange some words before they shake hands. Nice touch! HHH shakes his hand before we gets confetti and streamers.

-Randy Orton’s music then hits…. Fuck… he stands with the briefcase before he turns around to walk off… Triple H then pedigrees Daniel Bryan… and Orton is cashing in…

WWE Champion Daniel Bryan vs. Randy Orton

-Orton covers Bryan…

Winner: Randy Orton…

-fuck… well we kind of knew that was going to happen but still… too bad.

-Overall a good couple of solid matches lead by Punk and Lesnar but that ending was not the happy ending that you send the crowd happy with… oh well.

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One Response to “08-18-13 WWE SummerSlam”

  1. tellstarcookie Says:

    Lesnar wouldn’t have won if Heyman hadn’t been there. He should have been kept away from the ring. Can’t stand looking at his ugly mug. Nice try Kane. Good going Daniel. Congrats on your win too Kaitlyn and Dolph. Glad you won.

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