Smackdown [August 16, 2013]


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Daniel Bryan shows us all why he’s the best in the WWE in the main event

Quick Results

  • Smackdown opens up with the Wyatt Family. They show a video package of their feud with Kane. Bray rocks in his chair and introduces himself and his “brothers.” Bray talks about Kane’s upbringing as a little boy and how his mask is his crutch.
  • After his follow the buzzards tagline, Kane lights up the ring posts and takes out Bray’s brothers and attacks Bray. Kane comes close to chokeslamming Bray but the numbers are too much. Bray gets a cheapshot in and the rest of the Wyatt Family goes to work. Bray hits his finisher on Kane to end the segment.
  • Damien Sandow handcuffs his fly ass briefcase to the ring post before his match with Christian.
  • Christian pins Damien Sandow via rollup. After the match, Christian avoided Sandow’s attack and hit him with a spear. Alberto Del Rio then attacked Christian from behind and started trash talking him on a mic. Christian countered the Cross Arm Breaker set up into an Unprettier, which looked very cool.
  • Renee Young interviews Rob Van Dam and says that Big Show and Mark Henry have his back if the Shield get involved in his match on Sunday. Both Show and Henry say that RVD has nothing to worry about on Sunday.
  • AJ Lee & Layla defeat Kaitlyn & Natalya when AJ hits a Shining Wizard on Kaitlyn for the pin
  • Ryback is interviewed and he bullies a production assistant.
  • RVD, Big Show, & Mark Henry defeat The Shield when RVD Frogspashes Dean Ambrose after being hit with a KO punch from the Big Show
  • Miz pins Jack Swagger via roll up when Swagger was distracted by Zeb being thrown out
  • Curtis Axel (w/Paul Heyman) pins Zack Ryder via his Modified Swinging Neckbreaker finisher
  • Daniel Bryan pins Wade Barrett in a No-DQ match after a top rope headbutt. Prior to the match Vince McMahon acts as a cheerleader for Barrett and tries his best to alter the outcome with no success. Triple H, in a ref’s shirt, comes out and eventually makes the final pinfall count.
  • After the match Triple H raises Daniel Bryan’s hand in victory. Bryan celebrates until Randy Orton walks out and holds his MITB briefcase high to end the show.


I like Bray’s mic work but I like Dean Ambrose just a little more. I guess the rumor is that the Wyatt Family is taking the Shield’s spot on the roster so to speak. I have no doubt that they’ll take full advantage of this opportunity but I sure am going to miss the Shield’s consistently great matches and promos. I’m sure the Shield will keep winning, just not against top-tier talent.

Sandow vs. Christian was solid. Both men made each other look good and their counters near the end were awesome. I liked the finish where Christian rolled up Sandow before he could hit his Elbow of Disdain. Very dope. As much as I like a methodical heel, I feel Sandow could add another major move or two to his moveset.

Rob Van Dam and friends was entertaining to see. It’s refreshing to see a segment with three wrestlers who are equally talented on the mic. In most cases its one person carrying the other.

The Divas match was okay for what it was. I hardly recall Natalya getting anything in. The best part for me was seeing a Shining Wizard on my TV. That’s always cool.

I really don’t like seeing the Shield lose. Kudos to Seth Rollins for making Mark Henry and RVD look absolutely fantastic at the start of the match. There’s some cool teamwork as usual from the Shield. Reigns definitely slows the matches down but it suits style. His flying Superman Punch on an unsuspecting Mark Henry looked awesome. Mark Henry has come a long way since he was Sexual Chocolate and before. Everything he does is done with so much passion and detail. It’s always great to see someone perform at the top of his game. Loved the way Ambrose took Big Show’s punch. His delayed turn and fall to the ground was great. Great match despite the undesired outcome.

Miz vs. Swagger was entertaining. Their styles and movesets meshed well together and Antonio Cesaro and Zeb Colter did a good job of being heelish dicks on the outside.

I’m just not sold on Curtis Axel yet. Which means I doubt he’ll survive on the roster without Paul Heyman leading the charge. Interesting to see Zack Ryder tweak his look but keep the majority of his moves. I wonder if he’s going to eventually alter his in-ring style?

Wade Barrett and Daniel Bryan gave us an outstanding main event. Loved Vince’s barbershop quartet outfit. Why does Daniel Bryan make every match of his seem like a main event match of a pay per view? You gotta love passion and expert technique. Seeing him assault Barrett with legkicks and a Singapore Cane was a brutal sight to behold.

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