08-12-13 WWE RAW




Go home show bitches!

-Show started off with NO RAW intro, just right into Daniel Bryan’s entrance. This gets a big YES chants.


Daniel Bryan vs. Wade Barrett w/Brad Maddox as the special ref.

-this is a rematch from last Friday night which I have not seen yet. Barrett needs his beard back. Crowd was heavily into Bryan. Good match gets ruined by a Brad Maddox screw job with a fast 3 count on Bryan. Crowd chants NO at the outcome.

Winner: Barrett


Randy Orton vs. Damien Sandow

-I love Sandow’s new case, it suits him better. Sandow ends up chaining it to ringside so Cody (who’s at ringside) doesn’t steel it again. Lawler calls this match unique because its both winners… yeah, this match has already happened… Cody says the new briefcase looks like a piece of chocolate. Now that he said that, it kind of does. Cody’s mustache gets a chant, nice. Crowd was into Orton which makes me question them teasing the heel turn with this guy. He hasn’t been this hot in years. Cody causes a distraction for the RKO. Good match.

Winner: Orton


-The Shield in the back and they are shitting on the old guard and how they are much better. They call out anyone for SummerSLam for the tag titles. There’s going to be a 20 man battle royal for a shot at Ambrose at SummerSlam. Dude cuts a promo that almost seems like its going to get him in trouble by saying HE is the best in the world, not Punk and how Cena’s title is basically a toy. That the only person that could beat him from this battle royal is the ghost of Andre the Giant… god damn.


-pre tape interview with Brock Lesnar, good shit! Put over this match WAY over!


-Josh in the back with Punk, he’s asked about his match with Heyman tonight. good promo by Punk but not as heated as you would think it should have been.


Great Khali & Natalya w/Hornswoggle vs. Big E Langston & Diva’s Champion AJ

-this match had an ODD ending… its like the ref didn’t see AJ tap the first time so they redid the spot so the ref can make the proper count. Langston tries to attack Khali after the match only to get bitched out… what the fuck happening with this segment!?

Winner: Natalya & Khali


-Ambrose will defend the US Title at SummerSlam… but on the kickoff show… the panel for the show will be Booker T, Natalya and Shawn Michaels!


-Vince McMahon was out next. He brings out Brad Maddox in regards to watch happened earlier with him. He defends himself on making himself the ref earlier and his “nervous” fast count. He wants a second chance and wants to be the ref for the Bryan vs. Cena match at the ppv… fuck, please no. He pleads his case and Vince appoints him. Just as they celebrate this announcement, Triple H comes out. this crowd likes Hunter. He agrees about having a special ref but instead says HE should be the ref. HHH then gives Maddox a pedigree while Vince hits the bricks. I guess the fed is trying to keep us from guessing the end of that WWE Title match correctly.


-they announce Bray Wyatt vs. Kane at SummerSlam in a “ring of fire” match… Cole puts over that the point isn’t to burn someone but to keep people OUT of the ring… uh huh…


Kane vs. Titus O’Neil w/Darren Young

-short squash that ends in with a chokeslam. After the match the Wyatt’s make their entrance. Lights come back up but Kane isn’t in the ring he’s now on the ramp. He lights the corner posts on fire to end this.

Winner: Kane


-Josh in the back with the Bella’s. they recap the lame segment from last week… they run the division… they basically set up a Total Diva’s match for the ppv… yeah this gets a ppv match…


World Champion Alberto Del Rio w/Ricardo Rodriguez vs. Kofi Kingston

-they recap what ADR did to Ricardo last week. I had a feeling Del Rio would get Kofi tonight… ADR and Kofi work well together is probably the reason because for a short match this was good. Best spot came when Kofi came off the top rope only to catch a code breaker. The arm bar finished this off.

Winner: Del Rio


-Christian gets retrospective video on his career. Good stuff but its shit you should have been playing months ago. This leads to the Renee with Christian in the back. He goes over just needing one more match. Del Rio walks in to shit talk Christian before walking off.


Real Americans w/Zeb Colter vs. The Uso’s

-Colter shit talks Sacramento and says an earthquake should cut California out of the states so it can float south… hey man, that shit got personal. Haha match was fine with the Uso’s taking the win.

Winner: Uso’s


-MizTV with John Cena and Daniel Bryan, both defend having Triple H as ref but argue about SummerSlam. Crowd was heavily pro-Bryan. Bryan shits on Cena and how people watch for the wrestling and not a parody like Cena. solid Bryan promo here. Cena sucks up to the crowd… hard. He even brings up a Make a Wish kid, dude… fuck man, I gotta say this was good here. Cena finally admits to not respecting Bryan until he wins the title. Bryan calls this the biggest match of his life and wants to do some Japan shit by slapping Cena in the face but he isn’t because Cena isn’t a wrestler and he doesn’t deserve it. Cena then slaps Bryan but Bryan doesn’t hit him back because he doesn’t deserve it. Triple H then shows up… Orton then shows up to pose with his MITB briefcase… teasing a SummerSlam cash in.


Fandango w/SummerRae vs. R-Truth

-Truth and Fandango have a dance off… Fandango jumps Truth which leads to a brawl… no match…

Winner: no contest


-Curtis Axel and Paul Heyman in the back talk about this match with Punk. Heyman admits to having second thoughts.


20 Man Battle for a shot at the United States Championship

-Ryback gets several eliminations right off the bat. These things are always hard to call. Cool spot with Cesaro and Kofi when Kingston sunset flips over Cesaro to keep his feet from touching the floor. Ryback ran over RVD at one point. Final four are Barrett, Henry, Ryback and RVD. The last two were Henry and RVD. Crowd was into this. RVD side steps and sends Henry over the top for the win. This match made this title match a big deal… too bad its on the preshow. after the match Henry comes back in the ring, he and Henry stare down before Henry give him a pound. This then brought out the Shield who surround RVD and Henry. They stand off before The Big Show’s music hits! Shield then slowly retreats.

Winner: RVD


Paul Heyman w/Brock Lesnar vs. CM Punk

-Heyman comes out to cut a promo before the match saying that this is a trap and intros Brock out. Heyman then cuts to what happened last week with Lesnar getting the best of Punk. Heyman wants to change this match to a 2 on 1. Heyman asks Punk to choose between the smart coward or stupid hero taking this match. Punk’s music hits but he comes from behind and beats on Lesnar with an expensive camera. Lesnar then takes chair shots to the back before Punk turns his attention to Heyman. Axel runs out to help Paul but he gets beat up and takes a GTS on the stage. this breaks into a loud CM PUNK chant. this is definitely your main event on Sunday.

Winner: no contest.


-long show but they got over important matches for Sunday, I’m pumped!

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One Response to “08-12-13 WWE RAW”

  1. tellstarcookie Says:

    Good going Punk. We knew Heyman would do something so he would have to fight. Daniel needs a rematch because that count was so unfair. And Maddox should NEVER be allowed to ref again.

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