Smackdown [August 9, 2013]


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This time Christian and Alberto Del Rio give us another main event masterpiece

Quick Results

  • Randy Orton pins Rob Van Dam with an RKO after RVD missed a Frog Splash
  • AJ and Big E Langston are guests on MizTV. AJ puts Big E in the “friend zone” to his dislike. AJ goes on about all of her past boyfriends and that she’s keeping the Divas Championship for a long time. Kaitlyn and Ziggler crash the segment and Miz, ‘cuz he’s the host of Summerslam, makes a Summerslam mixed tag match of AJ & Big E vs. Kaitlyn & Dolph Ziggler. Kaitlyn and Ziggler both hit their finishers to end the segment.
  • Alberto Del Rio bitches to Vicky Guerrero about not being able to really choose his opponent at Summerslam.
  • Fandango w/Summer Rae pins Kofi Kingston via Super Legdrop after Summer Rae distracted Kofi that allowed Fandango to ram Kofi into the ring post.
  • Daniel Bryan talks about clipping Wade Barrett’s beard and winning the WWE Title at Summerslam.
  • Daniel Bryan taps out a clean-shaven Wade Barrett via No! Lock after the flying headbutt
  • Renee Young interviews Damien Sandow. Sandow shows off his new leather “Sandow-ized” MITB briefcase carrying an official contract. Very lovely.
  • Kane defeats 3MB via pinfall when he chokeslams Jinder Mahal for the pinfall. Afterwards the Wyatt Family cut a promo on the Titan Tron. Bray Wyatt asks if Kane’s fire fears him and that he’s already dead.
  • They air the greatest Brock Lesnar video package that highlights his NCAA and UFC accomplishments. Oh my god. This is great.
  • Christian pins Alberto Del Rio in a non-title match with a small package. After the match, ADR tried to put Christian in the Cross Arm Breaker but Christian countered it into an Unprettier.
  • After the match Damien Sandow runs out and threatens to cash in his briefcase. Cody Rhodes comes out and attacks Sandow off the top rope before he can officially cash in the briefcase to end the show.


RVD and Orton started the show off right. Great wrestling match with a clean nice finish. Every week it’s like watching RVD wrestling in some dream match up. Orton’s backdrop on the ring barrier is officially one of my favorite moves right now. Orton’s inverted backbreaker while RVD was hanging from the second turnbuckle was sick. RVD’s Northern Lights when he walked out of the hanging DDT was also a nice counter. At one point Orton braces himself and then sells the hell out of Rolling Thunder. This was a dope match.

As cute and attractive as AJ is, her overdramatic act has officially worn thin. The segment was okay but if Kaitlyn gets turned on one more time, she might as well start wearing Sting’s face paint. I wonder if Big E eventually becomes the best talker out of everybody who was in this segment.

Okay so Kofi and ‘Dango are in a television feud. The series is tied 1-1, who’s going to win the rubber match? Hopefully it’s Kofi, so he doesn’t get “Kofi’d” one month into his return. Props to Summer Rae for doing some nice heel manager tactics. The match itself was entertaining but I really think these two could bring a lot more to the table.

So Wade Barrett is the new Kofi for the faces. That’s cool. The cameraman caught DB’s flying knee off the apron at the perfect angle that made it seem like DB blasted through Wade’s face and into your living room. It’s an exaggeration but you know what I mean. Good match for that topped a very entertaining first hour.

Christian vs. Alberto Del Rio was as good as you expect it to be. These two work well together and I look forward to what they’re going to do in the ring at Summerslam. The near finishes at the end had the crowd at the edge of their seat.

It’s nice that Christian filling the void that Jericho left when he went on hiatus. The WWE needs experienced veterans more than ever to balance out their mostly green roster.

That being said, it would be nice to see Christian and Jericho tag team or even work a program with each other before one of them retires. Both of them bring so much to the industry it would be a shame for them not to build upon to their Wrestlemania 20 match in the future. Overall this was an excellent episode of Smackdown.

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