Smackdown [August 2, 2013]


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RVD, Orton, and Christian give us a triple threat main event for the ages

Quick Results

Houston, TX

  • Alberto Del Rio comes down to the ring. Alberto Del Rio disses Daniel Bryan, which elicits a huge YES chant. He goes off to name some potential opponents, like Brock Lesnar and Booker T, but makes excuses on why he can’t wrestle them. He names Ricardo Rodriguez his opponent to a cacophony of boos.
  • Vicky comes out and says that ADR will face the winner of a triple threat match between RVD, Christian, and Randy Orton. All three superstars line up at the top of the stage. ADR looks livid to end the segment.
  • They hype AJ’s Divas title defense against Kaitlyn tonight.
  • Cody Rhodes pins Jack Swagger w/ Zeb Colter via Swagger Bomb counter into a sunset flip
  • Josh Mathews interviews Cody Rhodes. Rhodes talks about carrying Sandow during their run as a tag team. Sandow ambushes Rhodes and injures his head against an equipment case.
  • Big E Langston pins Sin Cara via the Big Ending
  • Renee Young interviews Kaitlyn with Layla. Kaitlyn gets a cheap Houston, Texas pop and talks about winning the title again. Layla puts Kaitlyn over as well.
  • ADR and Vicky argue in the back until Brad Maddox interrupts. ADR insults him but Maddox says he’s going to be under his authority on Monday.
  • CM Punk submits Fandango via Anaconda Vice out of a Superplex
  • Renee Young interviews RVD, Christian and Orton. They cleverly finish each other’s catch phrases and talk about winning the triple threat match.
  • AJ Lee retains the Divas Championship when she made Kaitlyn submit to the Black Widow after a Layla heel turn that prevented Kaitlyn from spearing AJ. Layla and AJ hold hands and skip to the back after the match. Ouch.
  • Alberto Del Rio cuts a promo on the three opponents and says that he’s going to beat the winner at Summerslam.
  • Christian beats RVD and Randy Orton when Christian pins Orton with a backslide after countering an RKO.
  • After the match ADR attacks Christian and obliterates his head with the concussion kick to end the show.


Nice opening segment to set the tone of the show. I look forward to seeing this main event.

I liked how they put some importance on the Divas Championship. Nice touch.

Rhodes vs. Swagger was short but I liked the counters near the end of the match. Solid match and I’m sure they have more to offer against each other. Rhodes’s promo was decent.

I’m not sure when it’s going to happen but Big E Langston should be a huge star. Dude just has presence and he can cut a promo. I look forward to seeing him in a lengthy match with one of the upper tier workers to really see what he can do story-wise. The match itself was okay and Big E seemed to zone out at the end of the pinfall, which seemed to be a little wink wink/precursor to the five count.

Punk vs. ‘Dango was solid. I marked out for the very technical and innovative finish, a superplex into an Anaconda Vice! Good shit.

I really hope RVD, Christian, or Orton came up with that entertaining promo. Clever and entertaining.

I really want to care about a Layla heel turn. I guess the plus side to that is that we get to see her sexy self more often. The match itself was okay but I think the well may be a little dry as far as what AJ and Kaitlyn can do together in the ring.

My theory that Orton is best against technical wrestlers remains true. The main event was as good as it gets. Orton and RVD put on a counter clinic near the end of the match. Seeing RVD’s Rolling Thunder get countered into Orton’s rolling powerslam was a thing of beauty. Christian spitting after getting blasted by RVD’s kick was a nice little nuance. The whole match was excellent and I hope we get to see these three wrestlers do it all again.

Overall this was a solid show with a spectacular main event. The main event should not be missed by any wrestling fan.

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