07-29-13 WWE RAW



Hey yo, the RAW recap will be up tomorrow night as I just got home from driving 1,000 miles in 4 days. Needless to say my ass (literally) needs a break. See you tomorrow suckas.

UPDATE: Ok foolios, the report is up!

-recap of Daniel Bryan getting his title shot at SummerSlam then leading to his matches with Swagger, Cesaro and Ryback. They also build up Kane vs. Bryan and Cena vs. Ryback in a Tables match for tonight.


-We then start the show with Vince McMahon and RAW GM Brad Maddox coming to the ring. Maddox is made to apologize for letting Cena choose his opponent for SummerSlam… Vince recaps the comments made by Maddox about Bryan who then comes out before anything can be said. He gets a massive ovation and chant. He comes out and isn’t falling for this shit, he knows McMahon is behind all these comments. Vince wants to pull his dick out on who he is. Bryan pulls his out as well pointing out how he’s busted his ass for Vince’s company and he hasn’t respected him. Vince then tries to turn the tables on Cena making him the bad guy and trying to stir up shit between them two. McMahon then proclaims that Bryan can’t beat Cena or Kane tonight. Vince then says something he hasn’t said in YEARS… ruthless aggression… he then says he doesn’t want to see Bryan or Cena to be champion after SummerSlam because Cena thinks he’s better than McMahon. Vince then cracks short jokes and tells him he wants Bryan and Cena to combust at SummerSlam… awkward. Bryan shills the crowd and how they want a new champion in him. He then leads the crowd in a loud YES chant to prove the point to Vince. Decent segment although Maddox disappeared at some point during this.


The Shield vs. Mark Henry & The Uso’s

-Bryan’s not even done when they cut right to the Shield’s entrance. Odd as I thought this match would happen at SummerSlam. Henry started the match setting the tone for the beginning of the match with his team taking the advantage. It’s not long though before an Uso is grounded and cornered. Once Henry is tagged in again he takes the Shield all to the outside setting up for the double Uso dive onto them. This happens a couple of times before one of the Uso’s goes for the top rope splash only to have Ambrose put his knees up and get his front forward DDT for the pin. After the match Henry clears the ring of the Shield. They get the hint and bounce the fuck out of dodge. Good tag match

Winner: The Shield


-we get footage of some dudes at catering. Ryback comes in and bullies a plant one of the guys. He then puts this dude through the catering table and now NO ONE eats. Eff you Ryback.


-Wyatt family video gets aired here.


-Maddox in the back when Kane walks in, he wants the Wyatt’s. Maddox tries to talk Kane into proving a point tonight to the Wyatt’s with his match with Bryan… he stares on with a grumpy face.


RVD vs. Fandango

-basically a stiff squash match until Fandango gets the hint and walks off with Summer Rae, he reminds us what is name is before he walks off.

Winner: RVD via countout


-AJ is all looney tunes in the back while Big E Langston watches on. She accuses Langston of “liking” her before skipping off…


Kaitlyn vs. Diva’s Champion AJ w/Big E Langston

-stiff for a diva’s match… no not like THAT… Kaitlyn gets the spear and the pin in this non title match. AJ freaks after the match while AJ tries to calm her down. This then leads to Ziggler to come out makes fun of AJ then challenges Big E for a match right now…

Winner: Kaitlyn


Dolph Ziggler vs. Big E Langston w/AJ

-most of the match is spent by Big E over powering Ziggler at every corner. We’re told that Del Rio is also going to get the chance to choose his own SummerSlam opponent. Ziggler finally makes a comeback and throws Langston over the top rope before AJ flips out and attacks Ziggler for the DQ. Big E wasn’t happy about this shit going down. While he’s questioning AJ he takes a zig zag from Ziggler to end the segment.

Winner: Ziggler by DQ


-Cena in the back on the phone when Bryan walks in. He questions Cena on what McMahon said earlier. Cena gets defensive about the accusations while Bryan continues on that Vince has always been straight up. Cena isn’t happy about this and puts on his hat and runs off (like a bitch.)


Christian vs. World Champion Alberto Del Rio

-this match gets a loud “Mexico” chant. This crowd is PRO-ADR, I missed where they are. Alberto got a drop kick on Christian’s arm into the steel steps which got an “otra” chant. Its means another. ADR then spent the rest of the match working over the arm, old school style. Christian makes a short lived comeback while ADR gets another “Mexico” chant. The match goes back and forth from this point. ADR then went for the arm bar when Christian rolled through and rolled up Del Rio for the win! Decent match here.

Winner: Christian


Wade Barrett vs. Cody Rhodes

-before the match we get the Smackdown recap of Cody jacking the MITB briefcase and throwing it into the ocean. Sandow is comedy here. Fast paced match between these two. Nice reversal by Cody out of Wasteland into the Crossroads. After the match Sandow comes out all mad about his briefcase and how all Cody did during their time together was grow a mustache and how he comes from a family of clowns. He bounced before Cody could get to him.

Winner: Cody


Daniel Bryan vs. Kane

-Bryan attacks first but gets taken down fast. Michael Cole tells us that if Kane wins this match he becomes the #1 contender after SummerSlam… kind of seems like an important thing to announce and make a big deal about, instead it’s an afterthought. This was a good back and forth match between these two, they work really well together. The end came when Kane was going for the choke slam and Bryan hooked Kane’s head and rolled him up for the win. After the match Kane plays sore loser and choke slams Bryan.

Winner: Bryan


-Bryan bounces after that and before Kane can get his pryo we get the intro to the Wyatt family. I do enjoy this entrance a lot. Kane goes right for Bray but gets cut off by Harper and Rowan who take him apart in the ring. Bray then comes in and hits his finisher on Kane. Wyatt then cuts a promo over Kane, good shit here.


Brie Bella vs. Natalya

-before this gets going we get pre match bickering by these two from earlier. Natalya gets called an ugly duckling. They push Total Diva’s like crack during this match. haven’t watched it yet but Puma said it was money. Haha. Natalya tries to get a match out of Brie when Nikki comes out with a kazoo making duck noises for the distraction… Christ…

Winner: Brie


-Paul Heyman with Curtis Axel in the back doing the walk…


R-Truth vs. Intercontinental Champion Curtis Axel w/Paul Heyman

-before the match, Heyman cuts a promo on Punk and his match with Brock at SummerSlam, good stuff. Axel should let Paul do all the talking… this guys a CM Punk chant to which he shows up for… He chase Heyman around which leads to a brawl between Axel and Punk. Heyman heads for the showers while Punk stands on the announce table.

Winner: !?


-Steph and Hunter are doing the walk and apparently its his birthday.


-Hunter then walks into Vince’s office questioning him on what he’s done for Bryan. He wants someone like Hunter but younger to beat Cena… ouch. Steph walks up and has ideas for Bryan… she wants to do a corporate makeover… Christ x 2… this makes Vince walk off… Hunter looks iffy on this plan… stupid.


Tables Match

WWE Champion John Cena vs. Ryback

-typical tables match with both avoiding getting put threw tables. Its hard to watch these muscle heads tonight when you’ve put workers on the card that got decent matches. I guess the match was good for what it was, just not into it tonight even with the fast forward job through the commercials. In the end Cena puts Ryback threw a table that was propped in the corner with the AA.

Winner: Cena


-after the match Daniel Bryan shows up leading a YES chant. He grabs the WWE Title and goes to hand it over to Cena but then pulls it away to YES chants. Cena then pulls it away from Bryan to boos. They both go face to face with Bryan leading the YES chants.


-good (not great) night with Bryan obviously being the MVP. I just hope that this doesn’t lead to McMahon screwing Bryan out of the title… I still think they are going to go with Orton cashing in after Bryan winning the title… predicable and not what I want to see but that’s my gut feeling.


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