Smackdown [July 26, 2013]


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CM Punk cuts another master promo and The Wyatt Family dominates in their Smackdown debut!

Quick Results

Corpus Christi, TX

  • Randy Orton pins Damien Sandow via RKO after Cody Rhodes distracts Sandow
  • After the match Cody leaves with the MITB briefcase.
  • CM Punk promo on Paul Heyman and Ba-Rock Lesnarrr! Punk is on a roll until Fandango interrupts him, dances on stage, comes down and gets greeted with an ass beating, followed by a GTS.
  • Mark Henry & the The Usos defeat Wade Barrett & the Prime Time Players when Henry hits the World’s Strongest Slam on Titus O’Neil for the pin
  • Alberto Del Rio speaks with Vicky Guerrero in her office. ADR thinks he should be able to choose his opponent like Cena was able to. RVD interrupts, does his catch phrase, but gets denied by ADR. ADR says that RVD needs to prove himself to get a title shot.
  • Damien Sandow is in the back looking for Cody. He stops and asks Sin Cara and gets pissed because Sin Cara just shakes his head like a mime. Funny shit.
  • Alberto Del Rio pins Rob Van Dam via superkick while RVD was talking to the ref
  • Sandow is still asking people in the back about Cody’s whereabouts. He interrupts Mark Henry and Booker T in conversation. Sandow mentions Booker’s loss of his GM position and Booker gets pissed. Henry tells Sandow to scram.
  • AJ comes out dressed like DC’s Harley Quinn and gives her “AJ’s state of mind” address. She shows the crowd Dolph Ziggler’s set of keys and says that she’s ready to give them back and not burn his home down. Ziggler comes out and says he’s passed out his keys out a thousand times and changed his locks a long time ago. AJ takes out Ziggler’s suitcase and other personal belongings. Ziggler blows off all of her attempts to make him upset. AJ empties out the suitcase and ends up losing it. Big E Langston tries to calm her down and she ends up eating a HUGE Kaitlyn spear on the outside. Big E also gets dropped by Ziggler’s Famouser.
  • The Wyatt Family (Erick Rowan and Luke Harper) defeat Tons of Funk when
  • After the match Bray Wyatt cut a promo. He talks about Kane and how he’s always been waiting for him.
  • Vicky Guerrero tells Damien Sandow that she’s going to help him find his briefcase tonight.
  • Christian pins Jack Swagger via Kill Switch
  • After the match, Sandow rushes down and demands that Cody be arrested for grand larceny and that Vicky should fire Cody for being a thief. Cody comes on the big screen in front of the Gulf of Mexico and tells Sandow to come get his brief case. They follow Sandow as he heads to the outside. Cody makes Sandow beg and plead but throws his briefcase into the Gulf of Mexico anyway. Sandow jumps in water, claims he can’t swim, then climbs out as the show ends.


Orton vs. Sandow was a rugged match. Lots of meaningful wear down holds from Sandow as he tried picking Orton apart methodically. Odd that Orton has never been the absolute number one guy in the company. His offense lends itself to him getting massive pops but for some reason is always second fiddle to Cena. I guess t-shirt sales and being the top Make a Wish Foundation earner is what really puts you at the top of the roster.

Another master promo from CM Punk. This is a clinic on how to cut an intelligent promo without using any catch phrases to get yourself over.

I still like monster heel Mark Henry a lot more than this tweener-face Henry. I suppose I’ll be happy as long as he keeps kicking ass. At this point, they should just treat him like the Big Show and give him high profile feuds in the upper mid-card. The match itself was quick and entertaining. I hope the Usos don’t go back into anonymity after their feud with the Shield runs its course.

We get our first RVD segment since his return. He did good and was able to get his catch phrase in there. I look forward to seeing RVD cut a serious promo for a serious feud.

Seeing Sin Cara in comedy segments would make me like him so much more. I think he should be paired with someone like Santino to form another comedy tag team.

I loved the chickshit heel stalling of ADR. The story of the match was that ADR would leave the ring any time RVD gained momentum. I hope these two wrestle again in the future. They barely skimmed the surface on what they could do together.

Didn’t care for the AJ segment. I don’t think the Ziggler-Big E feud doesn’t need her to get over. People are dying to see Big E wrestle a quality opponent and they’re going to get it with one of the best in the business in Dolph Ziggler.

I love that Rowan kept his lamb mask on until he was tagged in. Twenty years from now I expect the Rowan sheep mask to be the cool, obscure tattoo to get.

Christian vs. Swagger was a good match, which is what you can always expect when Christian is involved.

Didn’t care for the final segment but I guess it’s a Corpus Christi Bay tradition to do shenanigans like that.

Overall the show was okay. I’m disappointed that they didn’t air the CM Punk-Fandango match that was mentioned in the spoilers this week.

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