07-22-13 WWE RAW




I’m sick, sober and annoyed so this best be a good fucking show tonight!

-Video packages for Heyman/Punk/Lesnar and Cena/Bryan start the show.


-Show started with RAW GM Brad Maddox in the ring… looks like we’re getting a contract signing now instead of waiting until the go-home show..? Odd. He brings out Cena first to ask him why he chose Daniel Bryan and ask Cena if this was the choice because he is smaller, unstable and all kinds of key words to make Bryan seem inferior. Bryan then comes out to “YES” and “Daniel Bryan” chants. Cena says he chose Bryan because anyone else in the WWE brass wouldn’t have. He then names off Mysterio, HBK and Eddie Guerrero showing that size and strength isn’t everything. This got an “Eddie” chant. He goes on to say Bryan has earned this shot. Cena then gets all serious about how this will not be easy for Bryan. Maddox cuts off Bryan before he could say anything which gets him an earful. Maddox makes matches for Bryan tonight so he can prove that he deserves this main event match. Maddox then chants NO to Bryan’s chances while the crowd chants YES. Not a bad segment. Cena wasn’t douchey and let Maddox take that spot in the segment.


Sheamus vs. World Champion Alberto Del Rio

-Sheamus has a FUCKED UP bruise on his leg from the MITB ladder match. Del Rio spent a good time working on the fucked up looking leg. This should be Sheamus’ downfall as he would go for White Noise only to buckle and get rolled up by Del Rio. Good match I thought.

Winner: Del Rio


-new announce chick from NXT in the back with Booker T and Teddy Long. They go over what happened on Friday with the Smackdown GM spot. Both these guys argue about this mess…


Christian vs. Titus O’Neil w/Darren Young

-Titus was showing off his strength tonight! He led most of the match before Christian got the killswitch for the win. Good showing for Titus.

Winner: Christian


-Josh in the back with Ryback who goes over taking advantage of average people. This time Josh is smart enough to get the eff out of here.


-Mark Henry comes out and shills being a Texan to this Texas crowd before he calls out the Shield. They come out and attack Henry in the corner before the Uso’s come out to even things out. Reigns is then left in the ring with these dudes before the other 2 members get him out of there and take off through the crowd. Crowd was behind this, although it feels like a step down for the Shield. Not because of Henry but the Uso’s. I don’t think they are on par just yet. Good thing Mark Henry still had the same character and they didn’t turn him into another Cena-clone.


Bryan and Cena in the back things were going well until they bicker about this shit that Maddox set up for tonight. Bryan claims he’s going to fight AND win tonight and doesn’t want Cena to come out.


Darren Young vs. Dolph Ziggler

-Short match. similar to his partners match, Young dominated the match until Ziggler hit the zig zag. After the match Big E attacks but Ziggler outsmarts him sending him over the top rope and while Big E was coming back in the ring, Ziggler bounced. After the match Big E and AJ stare on.

Winner: Ziggler


-Miz TV with the cast of Total Diva’s was next… Miz gives the reigns of this episode to Jerry Lawler the resident perv of the WWE. Eva Marie was the bitch of the crowd who smacks Lawler… and that ends this segment… odd time waster… this made me want to watch this show, LESS!


-Triple H walks into the office of Brad Maddox, he’s here to defend Bryan’s strength and size. He calls Bryan the future of the WWE. He bounces and Steph walks up, he’s got an idea but she aint talking about it now… this McMahon train is a vague one…


Fandango vs. Cody Rhodes

-Damien Sandow was on commentary. Mid match Fandango damn near lets Cody kill himself after a moonsault from the top. Dude. Sandow tries to cause a distraction, instead Cody gets the flash kick onto Fandango who then takes the briefcase to the head then the crossroads for the pin. Come on Fandango!

Winner: Cody


-a hobbling CM Punk is out next. He goes over next staying down and the accomplishments of Brock Lesnar. Punk then claims that he isn’t afraid of Brock. Punk then challenges Brock for SummerSlam, the Best vs. the Beast. Solid promo by Punk. Heyman shows up on the tron only to have Punk threaten him. Heyman does a good job on shitting on Texas, funny. Paul finally accepts the match for SummerSlam.


Rob Van Dam vs. Wade Barrett

-bit of a sloppy match though I think that was mostly on Barrett. RVD gets the win with the 5 star

Winner: RVD


-The announce RVD vs. Del Rio for Friday night.


Daniel Bryan vs… Jack Swagger w/Zeb Colter & Antonio Cesaro

-Colter shits on Texas before the match. he calls what Cena did in choosing Bryan a “handout”. During the match Swagger stayed one step ahead of Bryan until he got caught in the YES lock

Winner: Bryan


Daniel Bryan vs… Antonio Cesaro

-this match was a little more back and forth. Cesaro got a nice vertical suplex that you can tell he had to muscle Bryan into. Swagger caused a distraction that set up for Cesaro’s stiff European forearm for a close 2 count. This match got a deserved “this is awesome” chant. At one point this turned into a forearm fest which Cesaro losing his shit and going nuts with his forearms. He got a close 2 after a stiff lariat. Great counter to the uppercut into a rollup by Bryan for the win. A much better match than the one with Swagger and match of the night! They need to stop sleeping on Cesaro!

Winner: Bryan


Alex Riley in the back with Maddox who questions how he will do with the next opponent…


Daniel Bryan vs… Ryback

-I saw this one coming. Bryan attacked Ryback off the back but it wasn’t long before Ryback over powered him. Bryan gets a half Boston crab but Ryback makes the ropes. A frustrated Ryback then goes to the outside and sets up a table only to have Bryan dive at him sending Ryback into the announce table chest first. Bryan finally gets the YES lock on but Ryback gets to the ropes. Bryan tries to get the running knee from the apron but Ryback powerbombs him on the outside. Ryback then puts him through the table for the DQ. He goes to beat on Bryan some more when Cena comes out to make the save. Cena then challenges Ryback to a tables match… but when?

Winner: Bryan by DQ


-Vince McMahon then walks into the office of Maddox… McMahon forces Maddox to make Bryan vs. Kane for next week.


-back in the ring Bryan makes it to his feet and back into the ring where the crowd chants YES for him. He leads the cheers as Cena watches on.


-Good night though it was feeling like it was dragging towards the end tail, that is before Bryan’s gauntlet match.




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