Smackdown [July 19, 2013]


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Chris Jericho gives us a wrestling clinic in his last WWE appearance in 2013

Quick Results

Providence, RI

  • Teddy Long is in the ring to announce that Vince McMahon is going to give him a job evaluation. He compliments Vince McMahon and kisses the crowd’s ass.
  • Booker T comes out and said he’s back as General Manager. Teddy is disappointed. Vince McMahon comes out and busts Booker and Teddy’s balls. RAW GM, Brad Maddox comes out and suggests that he should be the GM of Smackdown as well. Vince blows him off and makes Vicky Guerrero the new Smackdown GM to a cacophony of boos.
  • Dolph Ziggler pins Jack Swagger via Zig Zag
  • After the match, Ziggler gets on the mic and shits on AJ to a huge pop. AJ and Big E Langston watch in the back, and AJ starts throwing a tantrum. Big E consoles her in his arms and kisses her on the forehead. AJ calms down and looks confused.
  • The Shield (Rollins & Reigns) and the Usos don’t start their match because Dean Ambrose interferes and attacks the Usos. Mark Henry does the face turn save and chases the Shield off to a big reaction.
  • Daniel Bryan taps out Wade Barrett via the No Lock. The crowd was very active for Daniel Bryan all match long.
  • Vicky Guerrero slaps the shit out of Brad Maddox backstage.
  • Paul Heyman is a guest on MizTV. Miz expresses his disgust with Heyman, and just gives him the microphone. Heyman puts over Brock Lesnar while the crowd roars a huge “CM PUNK” chant. Heyman claims he still has love for Punk and “offers” Punk to stay down, lick his wounds, and leave the WWE. Heyman says that if Punk ever shows his face again, he is going to be dealt with by Brock Lesnar. Miz talks down to Heyman again and walks to the back. Heyman rubs in Miz’s defeat to Curtis Axel and introduces Axel while Miz is still walking to the back. They lock eyes and Axel laughs it off.
  • Curtis Axel pins Chris Jericho via sideways rolling facebuster
  • After the match, Ryback walks out and decimates Jericho with the Meathook Clothesline, followed by his Shell Shocked finisher.
  • Damien Sandow gives a promo on forgiveness. He tries to justify his actions towards Cody Rhodes at Money in the Bank. He invites Cody to the ring and says that he forgives him for everything Cody has done. He claims that he and Cody are still best friends and offers Cody the honor of being the “guardian of the case.” Cody fakes being honored and smashes Sandow in the face with the case and beats him down and out of the ring.
  • RVD pins Darren Young with the Five Star Frog Splash in a squash
  • Backstage, Vicky Guerrero fools Teddy Long into thinking that they should squash any hard feelings. She has him removed immediately by security.
  • They hype up the Big Show’s return on the next RAW.
  • In a non-title match, Randy Orton pins Alberto Del Rio via RKO.


I was really getting used to the tweener Vicky Guerrero but I guess the crowd loves to boo her. Glad the full blown heel Vicky G. is back!

Swagger and Ziggler put forth a sick little match. I like the finish because Ziggler hit the Zig Zag out of nowhere, which should make his matches a lot more interesting in that Randy Orton-RKO way.

Loved how the tag match started off with the Usos just running in and going after the Shield. I’m glad that Mark Henry is still involved in a high-profile feud. I would hate to see him get lost in the midcard after his amazing performances since his return. He truly deserves the best.

Daniel Bryan is getting a monster reaction night in and night out. Sick finish with this match with Bryan transitioning from a crucifix takedown into the No Lock. Lovely. The match was short but entertaining.

Heyman was money, but you already knew that. It’s great that neither Punk, nor Brock need to make an appearance for the next month to push their feud. Heyman’s mouth is all they need to keep folks interested in this angle.

Damn I’m going to miss Chris Jericho on my television. The WWE just seems right when he’s around giving us quality matches and top notch promos. I hope the younger talent takes advantage of the time that he’s around the WWE locker room. Jericho and Axel had a lot of chemistry together. They had the crowd worked up into a frenzy when Axel was locked in the Walls of Jericho. It’s fair to say that they gave the crowd a little moment of pro wrestling magic at that point. It doesn’t happen often, but when it does, it’s a beautiful thing to witness as a pro wrestling fan.

Jericho’s post match beatdown was short and sweet. It definitely sets up a feud for Jericho when he comes back and it also gives some quality heat back to Ryback.

Good segment with Cody and Sandow. As much as I liked Cody’s great face turn performance, it’s nice to see Sandow being part of a major angle.

Cool to see RVD hit all of his signature moves. I guess the logic is that Darren Young gave up a better fight against CM Punk because Punk had ring-rust and was still preoccupied with Brock Lesnar. It’s going to be interesting from here on out to see how RVD flows in and out of his moveset in future matches.

I love ADR’s hanging arm breaker over the ropes! It’s has that deadly quality that Bret Hart’s ring post figure four had. Orton’s barricade backdrop is also pretty dope. ADR and Orton went at it pretty hard here with the outside action. Holy shit I would have marked the f*ck out if ADR actually hit Orton’s RKO. I liked it when he was mocking Orton’s psycho set up. ADR’s RKO counter into a back stabber was dope to see. This was an excellent main event with a pretty dope finish, where Orton dodged ADR’s concussion kick and hit the RKO. Nice.

Overall this was a pretty great episode of Smackdown. Despite the Shield’s absence, the wrestling was extremely solid from start to finish and the segments were short and to the point.

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One Response to “Smackdown [July 19, 2013]”

  1. tellstarcookie Says:

    And who missed the Shield? It was great NOT seeing them.

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