07-15-13 WWE RAW



SummerSlam is ALREADY taken shape!

-no WWE signature tonight, he start right with the RAW intro and a lot of pyro. Lights go out like we’re getting a big surprise but we get RAW GM Brad Maddox… ugh. He toots his horn before making Ziggler vs. Del Rio for tonight. John Cena interrupts him, rude. They banter back and forth about shit that don’t matter until Maddox tells Cena that he can pick his opponent for SummerSlam. This got a YES chant. He jokes about who he can pick and making jokes. Randy Orton then comes out and shits on Cena’s run with the briefcase and how he’s going to take advantage. He then threatens Cena that we wont see him cashing in. This brings out Fandango and the “Fandango’ing” is back with this crowd, dammit. Crowd is behind him when he tells Cena that he’s going to wrestle him at SummerSlam. This leads to a Fandango and Orton brawl. Orton clears the ring when Maddox then makes this a match…


Randy Orton vs. Fandango w/Summer Rae

-Match spilled to the outside a couple of times. Mid match we get a “Randy Savage” chant. these guys get some time with this match and honestly, it was a good match. Still made by the crowd though. RKO got a crazy reaction and 3 count by the crowd.

Winner: Orton


-recap of the World Title match from last night before the cut to Ziggler in the back and AJ stopping him. He breaks up with her, awe.


-Henry does the suited walk in the back before coming out to the ring after the break. He brings up the match last night before getting a “you tap out” chant. Henry says he’d make us tap out too, solid line! He then got a “sexual chocolate” chant that he ignores. He wants Cena to pick him for SummerSlam when The Shield comes out. Sounded like there was a flub on their music tonight. They surround the ring but its Henry who attacks first. Its not love before The Shield take him down before he makes a comeback that gets a crazy reaction. The Shield is just too much for Henry who ends up taking a massive super bomb before the crowd breaks out in a “holy shit” chant. Guess The Shield is back up the card thanfully. Cool visual when Ambrose had the sleeper hold and Reigns hit the spear. They stood over Henry to end this segment.


-Maddox in the back when Jericho walks in. He gets put in a match with RVD tonight! NICE! Please let that be dope!


World Champion Alberto Del Rio vs. Dolph Ziggler

-crowd is nuts for Ziggler. Del Rio’s reverse suplex from the top on Ziggler is just a crazy visual. This one was like a snap suplex. Ziggler sold his ass off in this match and got a jumping tornado DDT from the second rope which was awesome. This was another solid match that was ruined by someone mysteriously ringing the bell… it was AJ… Del Rio gets a kick to the head and pins Ziggler. After the match AJ loses her shit on Ziggler before he’s run over by Big E. He hits Dolph with his finisher to end this one.

Winner: Del Rio


-we get a graphic for “Cena’s decision” for later. Its got all of the roster in the graphic, even Del Rio… man this World Title is really being made to be the secondary belt hard…


R-Truth vs. Wyatt Family?

-Truth seemed winded doing his intro, well its been a while. I dig the Wyatt intro a lot. So Truth just came out to get beat up by 2 dudes? Crowd pops for Wyatt standing up from the rocking chair. Bray cuts them a promo about heros. He rants on before Truth comes back up to the ring with a chair. Bray clears his family and it was just Truth and Wyatt. The family cause a distraction and all three beat on Truth. Bray takes out Truth with his finisher before calling out Kane. I thought this was good, not amazing but good.

Winner: it wasn’t R-Truth…


-we’re to vote for the tag team match next.


The Real American’s vs… The Uso’s

-before the match Coulter rambles before asking Cena to pick one of his two guys. The Uso’s get the nod on the app. This was too short and had potential. One of the Uso’s get the surprise roll up.

Winner: Uso’s


Damien Sandow vs. Christian

-Sandow and his briefcase got a good reaction. this was fast and hard hitting. Sandow got a “you screwed Cody” chant. Sandow gets cocky and gets rolled up for the pin. Cody then attacks Sandow after the match. Good reaction for Cody in Brooklyn.

Winner: Christian


-another stupid Sheamus commercial about his hotline…


-we go to footage of Vicki in the arena asking the fans to vote for her and for people to sign her petition.


Naomi w/Cameron vs. Brie w/Nikki Bella

-they were trying their best to put on a good match. Naomi won with a splash from the top.

Winner: Naomi


-we’re shown footage from last night where Paul Heyman is leaving the arena and being asked repeatedly (TMZ style) why he screwed CM Punk. Heyman yells at the dude to bounce.


-CM Punk comes out to the ring walking all beat up from last night. He knows Lesnar and Heyman are here tonight and calls them out. Heyman comes out to tell Punk he doesn’t exist in his world and how Punk was just a figment of his imagination. Paul then takes claim saying “we” to all of Punk’s accomplishments and without him Punk isn’t the best in the world. How Heyman dumped Punk and not the other way around and shits on Punk not having family except the fans. He then says Punk can’t beat Brock. Paul is just amazing here, such a great promo. Punk then cuts his own promo and says he swears on Heyman’s kids that he’s out to get Heyman and everyone involved with him. Punk gets censored from saying son of a bitch. Heyman then calls for clobbering time and Brock Lesnar comes out… the brawl starts between the two at ringside. Punk continually comes at Brock before he finally takes him out with the ringpost as Heyman gives more orders. Punk then takes an F5 onto the table.. that doesn’t break. Lesnar stands on the table to end the segment. I thought this was some solid work here and now I must go to SummerSlam!


-CM Punk stands up from this pushing away help to get one last chant. he then holds his neck to send us to commercial.


-Cena does the walk in the back when he’s stopped by the Great Khali.. he says something about something and Cena answers back in something about something.


-Steph walks into Brad’s office… this is followed by Triple H… they question Brad about things in a roundabout way and being really vague…


RVD vs. Chris Jericho

-match started off methodical as both sized each other up. Crowd is behind both guys here, solid reactions for both. These two put on a great classic wrestling match tonight I just sat back and watched. This is worth seeing if you’re just going to watch one match tonight. RVD finally got the 5 star frog splash to pin Jericho. Michael Cole said “can anyone else get any higher”…. Uh…. Oops. Haha

Winner: RVD


-Paul Heyman is back on MizTV on Friday.


-to end the show the roster is on the stage waiting for Cena to come out and make his choice… He comes out and says he hasn’t made his choice yet and wants the WWE Universe to help him… this gets the crowd to chant YES. Cena is going to call off names so the crowd can react… he starts with Slater and 3MB, then moves onto Orton, Khali, Del Rio, Jericho, RVD, Fandango, Sheamus and Ryback. Cena then asks if he is missing someone while the crowd chants yes… a huge Daniel Bryan chant breaks out while Cena is trying to move on. Cena then finally chooses Daniel Bryan! Bryan then comes out while the crowd is going nuts! Awesome visual!


-boy they picked the right crowd do to this segment with… a shitty crowd would have gone with Sheamus… ok not really.


-solid show and I am pumped for SummerSlam!



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One Response to “07-15-13 WWE RAW”

  1. tellstarcookie Says:

    You want a tag team? how about the Wyatts against the Shield? At least you’d have all jerks fighting. Good going Dolph. It’s about time you dumped AJ. As for Heyman, you’re the biggest jerk on the continent. I think a Lesnar vs Heyman match is in order.

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