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WWE Tag Team Champions The Shield vs. The Uso’s

-Finally they put the preshow match on the channel the ppv is on and not just on the internets! Its not long in the match before the RVD chants start. During the match they actually cut to commercial, now they were all WWE related but still…? What the fuck? Match really picked up steam when it spilled to the outside. Crowd was into the Uso’s for sure. Great spot in the corner where all four guys got a move on the next guy and so on. Finish comes when Rollins powerbombs one of the Uso’s in the corner before he took a Reigns spear for the pin. This was an awesome opener! After the match all three members of the Shield stand on top of the announce stable to celebrate.

Winners: Shield


-Josh, Big Show, Kofi and Vicki are in at the analysis booth. Big Show is good in this role even though this is just a waste of his talent and size.


-RVD video package, Philly is going to lose their shit tonight. I can’t wait to see that reaction!


World Title Money in the Bank Match

United States Champion Dean Ambrose vs. Fandango vs. Jack Swagger vs. Damien Sandow vs. Cody Rhodes vs. Wade Barrett

-Early on a “we the people” chant started. Its not long before these guys are using the ladders. A shit ton of good spots for each guy here, no one has missed out on a Money in the Bank moment. Cody was the MVP on this match and was finally going to get the briefcase when Sandow comes out of nowhere and throws Cody off the ladder and reclaims the briefcase for his own! SOLID MITB match and the other MITB match as a lot of live up to!

Winner: Sandow


-RAW General Manager Brad Maddox is out next, way to kill the ppv. He shouts out to Vicki… he tries to get a chant for her… this is wasting time. You had time for this shit but not the tag team title match!? then cuts to a video package on Vicki’s tenure on RAW… its poking fun… Vicki isn’t happy. The Miz then interrupts this with his match…


The Miz vs. Intercontinental Champion Curtis Axel w/Paul Heyman

-Mid match Miz fakes being punched by Heyman which causes him to get booted from ringside. This gets a “we want Heyman” chant. slow paced match for the most part but it picked up when Miz got the figure four and Axel until Axel flips the move. Miz actually got the figure four flipped before Axel made it to the ropes for the break. Axel finally got his neck breaker thingy for the win. Match was good.

Winner: Axel


Diva’s Champion AJ w/Big E Langston vs. Kaitlyn w/Layla

-this spills to the outside fast with Kaitlyn taking the ringpost to the shoulder. Kaitlyn finally taps out to the black widow. Good match, not terrible.

Winner: AJ


-analysis panel go over Maddox, Sandow and Axel.


Chris Jericho vs. Ryback

-crowd is loving Jericho tonight. Ryback pulls a stalling tactic on the outside before Jericho goes after him. the beginning of the match Ryback played pussy but once the match picked up he focused on power moves. Jericho is working hard to make this match good. Jericho goes for the lionsault and landed on his feet when Ryback rolled him up for the pin, nice finish! Good stuff here.

Winner: Ryback


-video package on the WWE Performance Center. Am I a mark cause I actually want to go there??


World Champion Alberto Del Rio vs. Dolph Ziggler

-LOUD “lets go Ziggler”! good competitive match, back and forth match here! Crowd is definitely into Ziggler here in Philly. Mid match AJ’s music hit and shit comes out to skip. Ziggler teller her to hit the bricks, she sticks around. AJ finally gets involved and causes the DQ. Good match here and this ending is fine cause it will lead to another match. AJ and Ziggler argue after the match before Dolph walks off to a “you screwed Ziggler”.

Winner: Del Rio by DQ.


WWE Champion John Cena vs. Mark Henry

-interesting placement on this match… hmmm… crowd is HOT for Henry! Henry spends the early going of the match over powering Cena. Cena has a comeback and hits the AA but Henry kicks out. Henry then gets the words strongest slam for a close two count. Henry put on a good match but then tapped out to the second STF… sigh.

Winner: Cena


-Michael Cole recaps why Kane isn’t going to be in the All Star MITB match.


WWE Title Money in the Bank Match

RVD vs. Christian vs. Daniel Bryan vs. Randy Orton vs. Sheamus vs. CM Punk

-crowd is HOT for RVD… only rivaled by Daniel Bryan. RVD is targeted by the rest to take him out of the match early, crowd didn’t like that. Sheamus is then taken out by the group. Orton and Christian are then taken to the outside leaving Bryan and Punk in the ring. Both tease their finishers before Sheamus comes in with a ladder. Orton stops this shit before RVD is back in it, he clears the ring. Rolling thunder by RVD onto Bryan on the ladder. Christian stops RVD from hitting the 5 star on Orton in the ring who was laying on a ladder. Christian is the first to tease getting the briefcase, followed by Sheamus. Sheamus sets up a ladder between the ring apron and the announce table. he tries to powerbomb Bryan onto it but he fights out and catches a running knee on the apron. Everyone made up up the two ladders to fight for the briefcase. Punk pushes the case so it starts to swing at that point everyone falls off the ladders. Sheamus then takes everybody down before attempting to get the case. Bryan goes up to stop him for dueling chants of YES and NO. Punk stops this attempt by Sheamus. nice t-bone suplex by Orton to Punk onto a ladder propped in the corner. Christian then makes his attempt for the case before RVD interferes. Both then fight on the top of the ladder before their ladder tips over. RVD then hits a 5 star frog splash from the top of a ladder to Christian. RVD then climbs before Sheamus rolls and both brawl on the ladder. Bryan comes in for a series of kicks to both RVD and Sheamus. Bryan is on FIRE taking everyone out! Bryan sets up a ladder and climbs!!! Curtis Axel then comes out and takes Bryan out with the chair…? He then hits his finisher on the outside… Punk is pissed and hits Axel with a GTS on the outside! Paul Heyman is out to yell Axel while he’s knocked out… this gets a “we want Lesnar” chant… Punk comes into the ring and starts to slowly climb while Paul Heyman pounds on the ring apron which starts a chant for him. Punk is having a hard time climbing which leads to Heyman coming into the ring and knocking Punk off the ladder with another ladder… crowd isn’t happy by this. Heyman gets booed and walks off. RVD is back in and starts to climb only to catch an RKO out of nowhere!! Orton climbs and… takes the briefcase off…. What? really, Randy Orton won this…?? damn dude the only good thing about Orton winning this is that Sheamus didn’t but other than that… fuck.

Winner: Orton…


-well the ppv started off hot and was decent the whole way through… didn’t want Cena to win and didn’t expect Orton…





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