07-08-13 WWE RAW



We are headed into Money in the Bank.

-A Wyatt Family video starts the show. Please WWE, don’t eff this up… after the intro we cut right to the ring with Vicki in the ring with ladders and Brad Maddox…


-Vicki goes over ladder match history in the WWE and how it’s a metaphor for her career in the WWE. Vicki then climbs the ladder to the top… this is crazy… the crowd chanted fall… bad. She cut a promo on the top of the ladder about how she didn’t need help to where she got in the WWE and as General Manager. Jerry Lawler then cuts her off to say how you can vote on the app for Vicki’s job performance… stupid. She goes on about what she’s set up for tonight. Punk and Orton was announced, see this has been a while and I don’t mind seeing that match.


-RVD gets another video package, this one going over his history in ladder matches and the MITB match. another good video.


Daniel Bryan vs. Sheamus

-Vick made this match as part of her All Star MITB matches tonight. Bryan clearly had most the fan reaction in this one thankfully. I could use a vacation from the Sheamus character right now. Slow start but a excellent ending exchange by these two to lead into the Bryan roll up for the pin. Both shake hands before Bryan is left to celebrate. Classy stuff.

Winner: Bryan.


-The WWE shows “reporter footage” on them trying to get more information on the Wyatt family. This was a hokey piece with this reporter talking to a couple of locals…


-recap of the Smackdown shenanigans between AJ and Kaitlyn. I didn’t watch it. This leads to AJ and Big E in the back, he’s awkwardly nervous still. Dolph walks in and gets a moment with AJ alone. They argue about what AJ’s priority is. They make up and make out… makes sense…?


-Mark Henry piece, good build still for him.


-the Shield is now doing the preshow for the pay per view? what. the. fuck.


-another RVD video package when he wrestled Eddie Guerrero in a ladder match for the IC Title… the IC Title was blurred again!? What’s that about.


WWE Tag Team Champions The Shield vs. Tensai and Brodus Clay

-I’m not calling this dude Sweet T… this was actually a good match that the crowd got into. Clay and Tensai worked pretty well with The Shield. Maybe something comes of this, hmm?

Winner: Shield


-another video of this WWE reporter trying to find out more about the Wyatt family… this time he’s found and lead by this mysterious family member… spoooky.


-Cena comes out which leads the Mark Henry coming out to just “chill” tonight and cut a nice promo on needing and getting the WWE Title on Sunday. This was all Henry who after the banter between the two beats on Cena and poses with the title.


-Josh in the back with Randy Orton they go over this match tonight with Punk and a heeling promo on cashing in on Cena if he was to win the briefcase.


Chris Jericho vs. Intercontinental Champion Curtis Axel w/Paul Heyman

-Heyman is all beat up. Crappy promo by Axel. The match was decent. Axel is distracted by Miz for the code breaker and the pin. Cole plays it up as Axel’s first lose since joining Heyman.

Winner: Jericho


-and yet MORE RVD footage. More IC wins in ladder matches.


-Josh is now in the back with the Rhode Scholars, he wants to know if the MITB match will affect their friendship… they hint dissension. Zeb Colter walks in with his team which leads to Barrett and then to Fandango teases his name before getting bitches out by Barrett… buried.


-more reporter footage that leads to Bray Wyatt’s… office?


Sin Cara vs. World Champion Alberto Del Rio

-its not a proper Del Rio intro without Rodriguez. Del Rio is the World Champion but we STILL get the goofy lighting for a Sin Cara match. fuck… match was slow. Ziggler interrupts and the lights come back on. Ziggler then cuts an uncomfortable promo during the match which leads to the Del Rio and Ziggler brawl. Sin Cara then dives onto Del Rio to end this segment… so uh… who got over here cause it was kind of a bad segment…

Winner: no contest??


-some dude name Ray Rice is in the crowd… don’t know him.


-Vicki’s evaluation is next, its in the ring and a 3 man table had been brought out for the McMahon clan. Vicki states her case and balloons the truth. Steph is pissed about her signing Brock and what he did for Hunter and daddy. She apologizes for Brock but Vince says she didn’t do anything wrong with signing Brock. Hunter calls Vicki bad at her job, ouch. Vince alludes to Hunter being short sighted. Steph is put in the middle of this shit between inlaws. Steph leaves it up to the app… 75% fail. Steph then fires Vicki… Vicki throws a tantrum in front of the McMahon. This gets a “bye bye Vicki”… Vicki loses her shit as Hunter and Steph walk out. Vince stays behind to defend Vicki and says it’s the fans who failed. Vince then shits on us by making Brad Maddox this General Manager… you fucking kidding me with this bullshit… Maddox looks as shocked as the rest of us…


-more RVD videos, they are doing their due diligence to get us behind him.


-Vince consoles Vicki in the back and is going to make it right but then Maddox walks in to thank McMahon even though Vince isn’t happy and neither is Vicki who beats on Maddox.


Christian vs. Kane

-most of the match happened during the break, Kane wins with a chokeslam.

Winner: Kane


-Kane’s victory is over shadowed by a Bray Wyatt video on the jumbotron. Which leads to him saying he is here. Bray holds a lantern while he’s being followed by the family. He actually got a good pop from the crowd! Bray sits in his rocking chair and Kane is attacked by the family. Kane takes a Shield-style beating by these two. Kane takes the gimmicked steel steps before Bray comes over and kneels in front of Kane. This got a “Husky Harris” chant, see WWE what happens when you rush shit and hand out silly names.


-Vicki’s got her stuff and is walking out all sad faced. She almost walks into Ryback who puts her stuff down and… hugs Vicki before telling her she deserves better and that its going to be ok…?


Diva’s Champion AJ with Big E Langston & Alicia Fox vs. Kaitlyn & Layla

-Bella’s are on commentary… this was a mess and have no idea what happened.

Winner: ?


-Josh once again, this time with Punk. Best in the World stuff and things.


-RVD footage for this go round his him beating Cena for the WWE Title at One Night Stand. Wait, that was 6 years ago!? Fuck!


Randy Orton vs. CM Punk

-slow paced start that leads to dueling chants for both. These last throughout the match which added to this one. Match was a really good main event, these guys really did a swell job here. See what happens when guys haven’t wrestled each other in a while.

Winner: Bryan


-after the match Daniel Bryan attacks Punk and goes for a ladder. Bryan then takes Orton out with the ladder before he sets it up. Bryan climbed up the ladder and unlatched the briefcase! Bryan ends the show celebrating… here’s crossing my fingers.



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One Response to “07-08-13 WWE RAW”

  1. Estell Newton Says:

    Looks A J is in for another dump. Vicki should have done something about AJ’s shenanagans. A J went too far.

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