07-01-13 WWE RAW



-Come on WWE, let’s make it THREE good episodes in a row!

-Vicki opened the show from the back to announce John Cena vs. Alberto Del Rio for tonight. She tried to put over how important both titles are even though we know which one is their favorite. 😉


-Daniel Bryan came out to the ring with his new t-shirt. It’s a play on the beard… American Dragon it is not… he talks about this momentum he’s on and taking it to onto Money in the Bank so he can win the WWE Title like others before him. He named a few which got some pop. Not a bad promo though it did bring out Sheamus to bring up how he’s beaten Bryan in 18 seconds… they banter back and forth before Orton comes out to add to this bitch fest of not being champion. Orton gets a “you tapped out” chant, he didn’t like it. Kane then adds to this cast of characters, he takes the wind out of this… the crowd finally chant for CM Punk while Kane and Bryan bicker. Christian comes out instead to recap his history with ladder matches. Punk comes out and calls what he’s doing right this moment predictable. He brings up winning this match twice and is going for three times. Punk then brings up RVD, the only dude not here before this breaks down into a Mexican stand off. Kane takes an RKO before this leads to everyone bouncing and ending this shenanigans.


-Tonight we’re getting video packages on the history of the WWE Title and the World Title. Lou Thesz and Buddy Rogers are covered. They are really trying to make this match a big deal.


-another Wyatt Family video, they need to do this already.


The Shield vs. Christian & The Uso’s

-before the match we get a recap of the Shield losing on Smackdown to the Uso’s and Christian, so we got the rematch tonight. Uso’s and Christian got a good diving spot on the Shield before the break. Ambrose gets revenge from Friday with a little tom foolery and rolls up Christian for the pin. Good match.

Winner: Sheild


-Kane in the back grunting when Bryan walks in to cheer Kane up  by telling him he’s got Orton tonight and Bryan is the ref… wah wahhh.


Dolph Ziggler vs. Jinder Mahal w/3MB

-recap of what Ziggler did to Del Rio’s party before the match. Ziggler got beat for most of the match before hitting the zig zag. After the match 3MB try to pull shield move on Ziggler but he bobs and weaves and averts the three man band.

Winner: Ziggler


-Bruno and Harley Race are showcased in Word & WWE Title packages.


-Maddox and Vicki talking shit on McMahon’s when Triple H walks in. He reminds her to listen to him and not his family… Vicki is conflicted and sad faced.


-Mark Henry video package. Good shit putting Henry over. Put the title on him, please.


Randy Orton vs. Kane w/Daniel Bryan as ref

-Long feeling match. Bryan DQ’s Orton for touching him. Kane is pissed and makes Bryan restart the match.

Winner: Kane by DQ

-Crowd spend most of the time chanting for Bryan in the second part of this match. Orton might want to be a heel but he knows how to force the crowd to cheer. This fall got a quick count after a Kane boot.

Winner: Kane

-Bryan and Kane argue before Kane finally takes Bryan by the throat. It looks like he’s about to choke slam Bryan but instead walks off. Crowd didn’t like him just walking off. Bryan then took an RKO.


-Punk and Heyman argue about this tag match tonight. Axel just stands around. Heyman vouches for Axel’s trust.


-Bob Backlund and Dusty Rhodes are profiled as past champions. Still waiting for HBK and Flair…


Fandango w/Summer Rae vs. Sheamus

-Fandango gets a scaled down of his entrance, you know what that means… he’s sporting tassels on the side of his tights that she shakes around… oh boy. Fandango has enough and bounces. Match was meh.

Winner: Sheamus by countout


Ryback vs. The Miz

-Jericho was on commentary who keeps making jokes on Ryback and calling him Cryback. Miz looking good here in this one, looks aggressive. Miz works over Ryback’s leg over and over until Ryback calls off his own match…the fuck!?

Winner: Miz by forfit.

-Jericho hits a code breaker on Cryback.


-Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair are showcased. I miss those days… mostly Flair though. 😉


-Mark Henry came out to the stage and cuts a promo on being the world strongest man. Not feeling this promo. He’s going on and on about what he’s eared shit and is going to win the WWE Title. He did close strong but it took a sec to get to that point.


-Maddox and Vicki in the back when Vince walks up… he brings up what he said about Bryan last week… oh god, please don’t let this lead to Vince vs. Bryan… Vince is pissed that Vicki is giving away Del Rio vs. Cena tonight for free… Vicki is sad face away and worried…


CM Punk & Intercontinental Champion Curtis Axel vs. The Primetime Players

-right off the back Axel and Punk were in each others faces. Punk finally gets the hot tag from Axel to this crowds delight. Young takes the GTS before Axel tags himself in and quickly pins him. Punk wasn’t happy about this. grumpy face. After the match Heyman and Punk argue before Punk bounces.

Winner: Punk


-Stone Cold and Sting are showcased next… I will give them that they don’t bury Sting under the rug.


Alicia Fox vs. Kaitlyn w/Layla

-Fox has improved but it didn’t matter. Kaitlyn hits the spear for the pin. AJ comes out after the match to show off a photoshopped picture of Kaitlyn. They made her fat, not nice.

Winner: Kaitlyn


-Maddox and Vicki in the back again and hey look its another McMahon… she bitches about what just happened with AJ. Steph tries to relate to Vicki but Vicki fucks it up… oops. Vicki’s getting a job evaluation next week… ugh.


-RVD promo video. Still good shit.


Cody Rhodes w/Damien Sandow vs. Antonio Cesaro w/Zeb Colter

-both Scholars talk about being in the MITB match. Colter tries to ruffle feathers with what’s going on with our government including the subject gay marriage… don’t be a dick Colter… during the match Cesaro did get a “we the people” chant. Not long before Cesaro gets the neutralizer.  After the match Sandow looks down on Cody for this loss

Winner: Cesaro


-Triple H and Booker T get showcased next. Stupid Triple H.


-Bella’s bring out them 2 new diva’s from Total Diva… they bicker until Cameron, Naomi and Natalya come in and… bicker more. This was dumb. Oh so dumb.


-Cole, Lawler and JBL talk about the Wyatt Family debuting next week finally.


Champion vs. Champion

World Champion Alberto Del Rio vs. WWE Champion John Cena

-no Ricardo tonight so no reaction for Del Rio… same old shit for Cena. How long has Cena been wrestling now? Why do you still look so damn sloppy in the ring!? Match was good and there was a nice sequence between their submission holds. Henry and Ziggler cause distractions but only Del Rio pays for this with an AA. After the match Henry makes Cena flinch… twice. Pussy.

Winner: Cena


-I’m SO bored with the John Cena character.


-One more push for the Wyatt Family debut next week.


-tonight was just ok, nothing like the last two weeks.


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