Smackdown [June 28, 2013]


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The Shield lose again on free TV.


Columbia, SC

  • Damien Sandow cuts a sick promo on South Carolina.
  • They open with Sheamus beating Damien Sandow in a Dublin Street Fight.
  • Kane gives props to Daniel Bryan for his victory over Randy Orton in the locker room. They argue a little and then the usual comedy starts to flow.
  • Paul Heyman is a guest on MizTV. Miz tries to start some shit on behalf of Renee Young. Heyman brings out Curtis Axel. Miz tries to shit on Axel and says he’s no where close to being his father. Miz tries to challenge Axel for the IC title but gets beat down for his efforts.
  • Natalya pins AJ Lee in a non-title match via rollup after Kaitlyn skipped around the ring dressed as AJ. After the match, Kaitlyn floors AJ with a wicked spear.
  • Backstage Vince McMahon asks Teddy Long what he’s going to do with the Smackdown Money in the Bank ladder match. Teddy throws a little dig at Booker T and announces his participants.
  • Daniel Bryan comes out to a huge pop to guest commentate.
  • Randy Orton pins Kane via RKO after Daniel Bryan rushed Kane into the ring to “beat” the countout.
  • Ryback obliterates Justin Gabriel with Shell Shocked
  • After the match, Chris Jericho mocks Ryback selling his thigh. Jericho has the crowd break out in a “CRY-BACK” chant. They both make their way to the ring and Jericho immediately starts attacking Ryback’s injured thigh. Ryback escapes the Walls of Jericho and leaves the ring.
  • Christian & The Usos defeat The Shield when Christian pins Dean Ambrose via Spear!
  • Ricardo Rodriguez gets a weak dig in at South Carolina. He should have consulted Damien Sandow.
  • Alberto Del Rio disses the crowd during his “Fiesta Del Rio.” He speaks only in Spanish for a while and bashes through a Dolph Ziggler piƱata. Dolph Ziggler shows up at the top of the ramp, slowly takes off his watch and coat, walks down and attacks ADR and Rodriguez. Ziggler grabs an acoustic guitar and ADR escapes the ring. Ziggler goes all Honkey Tonk Man on Ricardo’s head. The show ends with Mexican Flag-colored balloons floating onto the crowd while Ziggler celebrates with mariachis.


The Dublin Street Fight was a pleasant surprise. Both men started off at a blistering pace and I enjoyed seeing Sheamus being smacked by the green kendo stick. Sandow was looking like an intellectual Yoda when he was hacking away at Sheamus like a Jedi. The Irish beer taps surrounding the rings was a nice touch since I love me some Irish beers, son. It’s a shame I’m just not down with Sheamus. Despite the predictable result, seeing Sandow go to work and making Sheamus look good was a joy to watch. Sandow is certainly a master at his craft and a pro wrestler to appreciate.

I hope Team Hell No never breaks up. That is all.

Curtis Axel may be a solid wrestler in the ring but I still feel he’s a bit forced on the mic. Heyman did a good job shitting on Miz’s character. I guess they’re bringing Curtis Axel along a little slower.

Really nice to see Natalya wrestle on my TV this week. The match itself was too short but I liked how Kaitlyn put some shine on the time keeper, the ringside physician, and the lovely Lilian Garcia! I also Loved how Big E. Langston carried the limp AJ over his shoulder after she was killed by Kaitlyn’s spear.

Kane-Orton was okay but I was bit thrown off by Orton’s weird gestures at time. It almost seemed like he was goofing off or breaking character at favorable moments in the match. Not liking the pettiness displayed by Daniel Bryan. If they’re going to capitalize on his recent popularity, I don’t think slowly turning him into a petty asshole heel is the route to go.

I’m not crazy for this Jericho-Ryback feud. It seems like Jericho is just being used to give a lot of newcomers the rub, so it’s hard to care about any of his opponents not named CM Punk or Daniel Bryan. But then again, if Jericho ends up winning at the pay per view then I’m all for it.

The Shield loss was bitter sweet. Christian can do no wrong and the pin came when Ambrose teased a suicide dive attempt. That being said, Mascara de Fuego and I still feel like the Shield should still be undefeated at this point in their young WWE careers. Why not make some money and have these defeats occur on pay per views to make them extra special? I feel like the WWE is giving us some lovely Easter Eggs for free when I would gladly prefer to pay for them. I suppose I’m sounding ungrateful.

Anyways, there were too many great moments in this match to mention, but I loved seeing the Usos work over their cousin, Roman Reigns on the outside. Rollins’s somersault dive over the top rope was definitely the move of the night, besides Kaitlyn’s skipping of course.

Fiesta was okay. I’m guess it was supposed to be taken as Dolph Ziggler’s Stone Cold beer truck moment. He came off fine and I did like the visual of the balloons at the end with Ziggler celebrating. Overall, this show was solid with the Shield loss being match of the night.

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