06-24-13 WWE RAW



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-Recap of what Brock Lesnar did to CM Punk last week as well as Mark Henry’s “retirement”. Such an awesome RAW moment!


Daniel Bryan vs. Randy Orton (part 3)

-before the match Bryan cuts a jokey promo about his size and being called the “weak link”. He also brings up beating Orton tonight, crowd is kinda crappy tonight… Orton comes out to tell Bryan to shut up and fight. They briefly brawled before the ref started the match. Its not long before the ref calls the bell when both continue to brawl outside. A slew of refs come out to finally separate the two. My guess that if Bryan doesn’t end up in a MITB match that he’s going to face Orton at the ppv.

Winner: double DQ


-after the break Bryan walks into Vicki and Brad’s off to bitch about the double DQ. He wants the match started but Brad isn’t having it. Bryan wants Orton tonight or Brad… Vicki gives him Orton but not before teasing Brad. Har har.


-Bryan walks off and Vince walks in… he walks in to talk about Bryan’s short comings… jerk.


Team Rhodes Scholars vs. Sheamus & Christian

-short match that was good, Sheamus gets the brogue after the hot tag on Cody for the win. Cody and Damien had a flub in the corner leading to the finish. If that was set up it looked clean.

Winner: Christian & Sheamus


-in the back CM Punk is texting when Vicki walks up. He just wants to know if Vicki has seen Heyman or Lesnar. He doesn’t want to listen to anything else she says like that he’s in a match tonight. Looks like Punk is partial to Beats by Dre.


Kaitlyn w/Layla vs. Aksana

-during the brief match, Kaitlyn’s music plays and AJ comes out dressed at her, even sporting fake muscles. Kaitlyn wins with a spear. After the match AJ clowns. During that Big E comes out with flowers and they reenact what happened between Kaitlyn and Big E… Shakespeare at its finest.  :/

Winner: Kaitlyn


-another Wyatt Family video. Debut the guy already!


-recap video of Mark Henry’s stellar action job last week. That segment was so good last week.


Chris Jericho vs. Alberto Del Rio w/Ricardo Rodriguez

-Ricardo clowns the crowd before going into the intro, tisk tisk. He’s such a sympathetic character. Crowd was finally awake for Jericho. Really good match here, these two work well together. Nice spot where Jericho is locked in the arm breaker but breaks out by using the ropes for leverage, spins over and gets Del Rio in the Wall of Jericho. Rodriguez calls an end to this by coming in and hitting Jericho with the bucket for the DQ win. After the match Ziggler attacks Del Rio and hits the zig zag after Jericho hits a code breaker on RR. Aafter the match Jericho and Ziggler have a stare down, Jericho goes to walk away old to hit Jericho with a zig zag of his own… Glad they aren’t going all goodie-goodie with Ziggler.

Winner: Jericho


-Brad and Vicki in the back when Triple H then walks in… great. Vicki wants to cancel the Bryan vs. Orton match but Triple H says he doesn’t agree with what people say about Bryan (his nose grew longer) and wants the match. He wants the WWE Universe to pick the stip… I guess we gotta do everything around here… HHH shits on Brad’s tight shirt…



-Lawler is in the ring with Brad and Vicki to announce the cover of the WWE 2K14 game. We can do our own copy to be on the game, it’s a contest. Crowd shits on Vicki making her choices for the Bryan vs. Orton stip inaudible. She has her own cover of the new game, its got all the McMahon’s on it… Brad had his own as well… him with Punk and Cena… stupid. Lawler finally shows us the new cover, its got the Rock on it as speculated.


Ryback vs. Great Khali w/Natalya & Hornswoggle

-Ryback do his typical entrance and just walked to the ring without stopping on the stage to do the “moooore” line. Slow match which did have an impressive feat when Ryback picked up Khali and gave him the shellshock

Winner: Ryback


-Cena was out next. He comes out to put over the WWE Title and the dastardly deed Henry did playing on his fake retirement. He goes on to yap about Henry and defending against him at the ppv.


-RVD promo video! So good.


Triple Threat Tag Team Match for the #1 contender spot

Tons of Funk vs. 3MB vs. The Uso’s

-some regular dude came out with Tensai and Clay, he won an auction to do this… short match with the Uso’s winning. After the match the Uso’s come through the crowd to do the stare down

Winner: Uso’s


-After the break Paul Heyman comes down to the ring to chat about last week. Paul didn’t get back to Punk after last week even though he got calls, texts and emails. He wants to do it out in public… Punk finally comes out to address this. Punk goes down his history with Paul Heyman and the WWE. Nothing we didn’t know if you know your Punk history or just watched his DVD. Punk wants Heyman to tell Brock that he is coming for him and how he’s not better than CM Punk. Punk finally wants Heyman to tell him the truth about Lesnar and if he sent him out last week or not. This got a “tell the truth” chant… Heyman swears on his children that he didn’t send Brock out last week. Paul says this is Punk’s fault by saying that Brock needed Paul and how he kept them apart because of the jealousy of each other. Heyman plays up their relationship real good. Heyman says the crowd is trying to get Punk to do what everyone else wanted Paul to do with Punk in developmental and drop him… they have uncomfortable silence when they get a GTS chant… Punk says he’s sorry he doubted him and hugs Heyman… Punk looks sad faced.


CM Punk vs. Darren Young w/Titus O’Neil

-slow match which the crowd wasn’t into. Punk finally gets on the anaconda vise for the tap out. Titus then comes into attack Punk, it’s a 2 on 1 until Curtis Axel makes the save. Heyman comes in to try to match peace with Punk and how Axel did the right thing in helping him… the plot thickens.

Winner: Punk


-Vicki in the phone when Steph comes in to scold her on not having announced the MITB match for the ppv…


-Bella’s give away WWE Magazines at ringside… yeah…


-Steph then comes out to announce who’s in the WWE Title MITB match, its… CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, Sheamus, Randy Orton, Christian, Kane and Rob Van Dam!


-Ryback walks in now to Vicki’s office… he’s all mad and wants Cena at Money in the Bank… even though Mark Henry has the match… Chris Jericho walks in and he’s all mad about not being in the MITB match… they get into each other’s faces, Jericho calls Ryback “Mr. Back”… haha! Vicki makes this match for the ppv. Finally the match that was supposed to happen at WrestleMania… yay.


-in the back Heyman and Punk argue about Axel getting involved. Next week we’re getting the Primetime Players vs. Punk and Axel but Punk isn’t happy because he wants to do this on his own…


-Mark Henry comes out (without the ugly suit jacket) with a big smile on his face. He brings up fooling the fans and how they chanted for him. He then brags about his acting job. Haha. I really liked this Henry promo he was just a dick. Good stuff by him here.


-Lawler is back in the ring to tell us which stipulation won… it was Street Fight by 50%.


Street Fight

Daniel Bryan vs. Randy Orton

-this was a really good street fight main event, Bryan and Orton work well together! Being a street fight it did have tables, chairs and even a kendo stick which Daniel Bryan uses to put the YES lock on Orton for the tap out! after the match Orton and Bryan have a stare down. Orton offered his hand and they shake. Orton walks off while Bryan leads the crowd in a YES chant.

Winner: Bryan


-nice way to end the show, good main event. Good night tonight, it wasn’t last week but it was good nonetheless.



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