Smackdown [June 21, 2013]


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Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton go hard in the main event.


Dayton, OH

  • Daniel Bryan comes out to a solid pop. He talks about how he never had a match stopped due to injury in his 13-year career. Bryan goes on to say that the WWE officials really stopped the match because they think he’s the weak link, and that Randy Orton treated him like a little dog and gave him nothing but pity. Daniel Bryan says he’s going to beat Randy Orton tonight, which brings out Randy Orton.
  • Randy Orton says that Bryan has it all wrong and that the match was stopped because everybody was concerned for his health. Orton says he helped him up out of respect. Bryan goes on another weak link rant and says he’s going to shove Orton’s “respect” down his throat. Orton says he’s going to hurt Bryan and that he’s going to be carried out.
  • Sheamus submits Cody Rhodes with a Texas Cloverleaf
  • After the match Damien Sandow attacks Sheamus and beats him down.
  • Curtis Axel successfully defends his IC Title against Wade Barrett by pinning him with his running snap neckbreaker.
  • Layla and Kaitlyn watch AJ’s match from the back.
  • AJ Lee submits Natalya after biting her arm and then locking in the Black Widow.
  • After the match, Natalya beats down a shit-talking Aksana until Layla and other divas pull her off.
  • Alberto Del Rio defeats Chris Jericho by DQ after Ricardo Rodriguez interferes and Dolph Ziggler attacks ADR to make him flee the ring.
  • After the match Jericho gives Ziggler a Codebreaker, followed by ADR giving Ziggler another kneeling superkick.
  • Christian pins Drew McIntyre via the Killswitch
  • After the match, Christian cuts a promo about feeling damn good to be on Smackdown after 10 long months. He goes into his “one more match” phrase but the Shield come down and eventually blast him with the Shield Bomb.
  • Renee Young interviews Paul Heyman about Brock Lesnar’s F-5 on CM Punk on RAW. Heyman rips into Young about her own personal life and says that he’s not trying to “air his dirty laundry” on television either.
  • Daniel Bryan beats Randy Orton by countout after hitting Orton with a flying knee and suicide dive.
  • After the match Daniel Bryan doesn’t like how the match ended and wants the match restarted. The referee refuses while the arena filled with YES! chants as the show ends.


Nice opening to set up the main event. Both men held their own on the mic.

Sheamus vs. Rhodes was really Sheamus vs. every mid-card heel match you’ve ever seen. Someday I’m actually going to believe that Sheamus is going to be beaten on a weekly WWE show but it’s not happening any time soon. While Cody told the story of working over Sheamus’s arm throughout the match, Sheamus no-sells any damage to his arm, and wins with a cloverleaf sub out of nowhere. Great.

I enjoyed the Axel-Barrett match, solely for seeing Mr. Perfect’s old moveset. It was nice to see Axel’s dad’s running neck snap/crank.

They replayed the Mark Henry retirement segment on RAW, which is one of the greatest set ups to a major feud I’ve ever seen. Bravo to Mark Henry and his performance.

Natalya vs. AJ was a nice match. Natalya has such a lovely moveset and it was cool to see her rock AJ with a discus clothesline and a modified airplane spin. This wasn’t AJ vs. Kaitlyn at Payback but it was a solid match for Smackdown.

Jericho-ADR was exactly the excellent match you can expect from these two talented workers. I love how ADR is using his kneeling superkick more often. I think they should play it up as a dangerous move for concussions around the WWE. Seeing Jericho give the Walls of Jericho to ADR, and then give the Lion Tamer to an interfering Ricardo was a lovely sight.

Christian’s back, and that’s a great thing! Carry on.

Heyman’s promo is an instant classic. Kudos to Renee Young for looking devastated after the interview.

The main event went exceptionally well. I may bitch and complain when Orton wrestles less-talented workers, but he always seems to gel well with top-tier talent. This was arguably as good as any match he’s had with Christian or CM Punk. The finish was pretty cool with Bryan gaining momentum at the end with two of his signature moves on the outside. These two definitely have more to offer if they have more matches together in the future.

Overall this was a solid Smackdown. There wasn’t a showstopper match in either hour but the wrestling was solid throughout the show.

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