Not sure why the hell I am doing this to myself. I haven’t watched this show in MONTHS and have all but a vague idea of what’s going on. Let see how I fair, shall we?

start show with a video of Sting walking down the ramp into the arena. He’s wearing a suit and walking slow… it leads to nothing as we go right into a video on the Bound for Glory Series (BFGS) which starts tonight.


It’s Open Fight Night as well…


Most of the BFGS contestants are in the ring just hanging out when… Hulk Hogan’s music hits… well, I have to give it to this guy. He hasn’t bounced as most of us figured he would do by now with TNA. He yap about the BFGS and is going to add two more people to this series, former winner Bobby Roode and former winner Jeff Hardy… speaking of people still around… fuck he’s still painting his eye lids, so stupid! AJ Styles is brooding on the ring apron wearing his hoodie like Abyss. They do a poll (WWE Style) which Hardy wins, he gets to choose his opponent for tonight. Aries states his case before Daniels gets on the mic to do the same, dude is funny. He ignores both guys and calls out Robert Roode. This SHOCKINGLY turning into a typical TNA brawl… predictable.


Strip club commercial… nope, sorry I meant TNA Knockout’s commercial for TNA merch.


Crap, Mr. Anderson is still here and he’s with Aces & 8’s apparently. He calls out Joseph Park.


Mr. Anderson vs. Joseph Park

-Park is in the BFGS this year?? Looks like he’s moved up the roster? I have to say Park is a great actor being able to look like a rookie. Mike Tenay and Taz are equally as annoying as Cole and Lawler. Match was fine, Doc from A&8’s comes out for the distraction setting up for the mic check.

Winner: Anderson


A&8’s are in the back and Anderson and Doc argue about some shit when Bully Ray shows up to calm shit down. Each of them wants to be the VP of the group. Wait, that was


Jay Bradley vs. Austin Aries

-Bradley calls out Aries for the next match, I don’t think I know much about this kid and I definitely don’t know what he’s done here in TNA. This is a terrible review of this show. LOL! Oh well, I push along. Ok so Bradley won a Gut Check Challenge on a ppv for a contract. They are finally using the winners of the gut check now?? Aries wins this match with an impressive lift of Bradley into the brain buster.

Winner: Aries


Video of Sting complaining that he’s got no one on his side after Aces & 8’s beat his ass. Sting is bringing back the Main Event Mafia because of this…  super… after the break he’s in the shadows asking someone to be in the group, they shake hands but we don’t know who the fuck it is.


Chavo’s in the back pumping Hernandez for the next match. He comes out and calls out Chris Daniels


Hernandez vs. Christopher Daniels

-Daniels played bump-machine for the power moves of Hernandez. Nice running shoulder block from the ramp into the ring by super mex. Daniels finally gets the best moonsault ever to win.

Winner: Daniels


Brooke Hogan does the walk in the back. She’s lost some weight, looking kinda dope… damn.


After the break Kazarian calls out Magnus who it seems is getting a push. He’s got tights like AJ Styles now.


Kazarian vs. Magnus

-High paced match, not too bad. Magnus wins with a texas cloverleaf

Winner: Magnus


Hogan’s on the phone when Bully Ray walks up on him. Hogan threatens him but Bully Ray isn’t having it. Ray just wants to talk to his wife but Hogan says its stops now… wait now, now? Why is such a hurry, its not like it hasn’t been that they’ve been married for months.


Brooke Hogan comes out for the State of the Knockouts. She’s still terrible on the mic, so bad. She calls all the diva’s out to the ring. ODB and Eric Young are STILL tag champs, come on… Mickie James is the Knockout’s champion and is kind of doing Madison Rayne’s gimmick. Brooke brings up the tag title situation and Young basically sounds like he’s shitting on this gimmick with the titles and how they’ve just been sitting in the closet. Well, at least TNA didn’t hold back here with truth… He then makes out with ODB and they roll out of the ring and out of the segment… the fuck!? After that the rest of the Knockout’s bicker about the title. They set up Gail Kim vs. Taryn Terrell in a ladder match next week…


The Hogan’s in the back argue about her being around tonight.


Oh dear lord Jeff Hardy has a TNA workout app… BAH!!!!


Samoa Joe vs. AJ Styles

-how many times do you think they’ve wrestled each other? Styles has new music and comes out like a brooding Undertaker… what the fuck is up with AJ’s hair?? Haha sounds like AJ’s a heel again… bitching and complaining that its all about him now. Its still good to see that Joe vs. AJ is always a good match. Their counters to each other’s submission holds was dope. This goes to the time limit draw but not as dramatic as he could have been. After the match AJ pushes Joe.

Winner: time limit draw


Ray is on the phone with Brooke apparently and he’s telling her to come back. This conversation sounds like they are still lovey-dovey…


TNA is doing a Hardcore tribute to ECW again…


Hogan peptalking Sabin, King and Suicide. Seems like the X Title stip of being able to give up the title for a World Title match is still around.


Jeff Hardy vs. Robert Roode

-when is someone going to tell Jeff Hardy that his music just isn’t that good…? good main event, these two work well together. Jeff wins with the twist of fate.

Winner: Hardy


Bully Ray does the walk in the back.


Then the suited Sting does the same, keeps teasing shit but not getting to the point already.


Bully Ray comes out to chat about a few things. He started with the X Division Champion (whoever it will be) that gives up the X title for a chance at the World title then he Open Fight Nights his wife, Brooke. He gets Sting instead. They bicker about Sting not being able to never wrestle for the title again. Sting wants to fight so Ray calls out his group… they don’t come out… Sting cuts to a video of Bully’s crew being taken out. Sting then attacks Bully. Heel move. Sting chases Ray on the ramp before Kurt Angle attacks and puts the World Champion in the ankle lock. He taps out while Sting yets in his face. Heel move x 2. This ends the show.


Honestly that wasn’t too bad of a show tonight, it was entertaining. Will I be coming back soon to watch TNA, that I do not know. Goodnight folks.



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