06-17-13 WWE RAW



Payback aftermath…

-Recap of last night’s ppv starts the show.


-Ricardo Rodriguez comes out to introduce Del Rio, he gets booed. ADR is heelish here for sure. We even get a “we want Ziggler” chant although it was drowned out by Alberto. Del Rio does make state a good case for himself and the nonsense he’s dealt with. The then asks for the respect he deserves before CM Punk comes out to a solid reaction.


-Punk brings up the last time they were in the ring together before bringing up while he came out here, Del Rio calling himself the best. Punk challenges Del Rio before Paul Heyman interrupts him. Here is where the split begins. Crowd even chanted “si” at this match proposition. Vicki then comes out with Brad Maddox to make the match official.


-Punk and Heyman bicker in the back. Punk actually craps on Brock and Axel before telling Heyman not to come out for his matches anymore. Ouch.


Intercontinental Champion Curtis Axel w/Paul Heyman vs. Wade Barrett

-Vicki interrupts and makes the match with her big surprise, Christian! He gets a welcome back chant. Christian isn’t fucking around tonight and did a top rope dive to the outside onto Barrett. Match was fine, short. Christian wins with the killswitch. Well deserved reaction to Christian coming back.

Winner: Christian


-We get to choose the stip of the Bryan vs. Orton match tonight via the app.


Team Rhodes Scholars vs. Sheamus

-this was a handicap tornado match for some reason. It’s a matter of time before the Scholars double team Sheamus. Sheamus makes a comeback and sets up for the brogue kick on Cody when Sandow rolls him up out of nowhere.  Sandow bounces and Cody finally takes the brogue kick.

Winner: Rhodes Scholars


-RVD video package from last night aired at the point. Good shit.

-Vick and Brad were in the back talking themselves up to Triple H who then does the same thing to “bricky”… She tells her to make an example of the Shield tonight and shits on 3MB being on the show. Geez.


-Bryan prepares when Kane walks in, he wants to talk. They banter back and forth before they kinda/sorta broke up. Both want to go after the WWE title.


-still annoyed that they blew it with the Shield losing on Smackdown. They should have made people pay to see that shit!



Randy Orton vs. Daniel Bryan

-app users picked a no DQ match over 2 out of 3 falls or no count out. During the match the crowd chants yes at Bryan’s moves and no to Orton, he plays up noticing it. Bryan took a stiff dive to the outside and onto the barricade when Orton side steps him. Orton gets a kendo stick involved. The story of the match is that Orton’s been one step ahead of Bryan. The doctor called out and is trying to call off this match after it looks like Bryan is injured. They finally call the match off. Orton after the match checks on Bryan and helps him up. Hmm, maybe this was a legit injury? Odd ending if it wasn’t.

Winner: Orton


-Diva’s Champion AJ and Big E Langston come out for her to gloat about being the Diva’s champion. And how she’s a better woman than any other woman in the world… this brings out… Stephanie McMahon… oops. Steph doesn’t like what she did to Kaitlyn and tells her to act like a champion. AJ gets personal bringing up her marrying a wrestler… wait, didn’t she as well? 😉 They bicker back and forth before Steph threatens her job. This then brings out the other diva’s and Kaitlyn. Steph didn’t like being interrupted by Kaitlyn… what the? Steph bounces and Kaitlyn goes on about what happened, blah blah blah. Crowd chants you tapped out. this ends up in the brawl between the former best friends. Big E takes AJ off and everyone watches on. Ok, that was a little odd of a segment.


United States Champion Dean Ambrose vs. Kane

-not long before the shield interfere for the DQ. Kane takes the super bomb to finish him off.

Winner: Kane by DQ


-Mark Henry is shown in the back with the Primetime players and Tamina. Everyone’s looking sad… oh no.


-the Shield in the back when Vicki walks up all pissed. She looks like she’s going to fire them when Vince walks up and compliments the Shield. Well, isn’t that something. They bounce and Vince talks up the Shield to her. this of course goes against what Triple H told Vicki to do with the Shield earlier.


-Wyatt Family video package.


-Zeb Colter comes out next to endorse Antonio Cesaro. He comes out wearing all white and says “we the people”.


-oh shit William Regal gets a match on RAW!


Antonio Cesaro w/Zeb Colter vs. William Regal

-Cole shits on this allegiance of Cesaro and Colter the entire time. It distracts from what could have been a good match. Cesaro wins with the neutralizer. After the match he covered Regal with the We The People flag. This almost gave Michael Cole a heart attack.

Winner: Cesaro


-Cena’s out… he juices whatever this reaction he’s getting is… mostly boos. He claimed to have loved this. he yip yaps about HIS fans and how bad 2012 was, get over it dude. He then cuts a promo on whoever wins the Money in the Bank briefcase and them cashing in. Mark Henry then comes out in a suit but with his boots in his hands. He leaves them on the stage before coming to the ring. Henry tells Cena he can put his guard down and then shakes his hand. Cena was about to leave the Henry wants Cena to stick around. This breaks out in a Henry chant as it looks like Mark’s tearing up. We get a “thank you Henry” chant. Henry tells Cena that at the rate he is going that he is going to be the greatest WWE Champion. Before naming off the titles he’s won. He says he’s going to retire off the roster, this breaks into a one more match chant. Cena hands Henry the title and he poses with it. this gets massive thank you chants. Henry says he a proud man and he’s coming home. He then posses with Cena before giving Cena a World Strongest Slam! Haha!!!!! Like a fiddle! Crowd breaks out massively to this!!!! DOPE!


-Mark Henry is a superstar!


-Henry is stopped by the new interviewer lady. He says we were all played like puppets and that the WWE Title is one he has never held. Cena gets challenged. Henry claims he has another pair of boots because he’s leaving a pair up Cena’s ass.


Heath Slater w/3MB vs. Chris Jericho

-solid reaction for Jericho. Short match that ends with a codebreaker. The rest of 3MB get taken out after the match.

Winner: Chris Jericho


-Heyman in the back with Axel when Striker walks up and wants to know what the deal was with CM Punk. Heyman deflects and puts the emphasis back on Axel.


-some weird WWE commercial shown where Sheamus has his own 1-800 number… the fuck!?


-Miz on commentary for the next match.


Intercontinental Champion Curtis Axel w/Paul Heyman vs. Sin Cara

-Sin Cara lighting… fucking distracting… Axel hits a botchy looking DDT for the win.

Winner: Axel


-Bryan vs. Ambrose this Friday… if he can make it.


-Vince in the back with Vicki and Brad… Vicki makes Cena vs. Henry for Money in the Bank. Steph then walks in to tell Vicki to be more assertive. HHH then walks in and is pissy about the Shield. They all tell Vicki to listen to them.


-Paul Heyman walks up to Punk who was on his way to the ring. To tell Punk he’s the best in the world and to go out there and win.


World Champion Alberto Del Rio vs. CM Punk

-Good slow paced match. during the match Michael Cole mentions Daniel Bryan yelling at Triple H for stopping the match earlier. interesting… Del Rio would go for the arm breaker only to take a GTS. He rolls out of the ring and Ricardo helps him up, they bounce and get counted out.

Winner: Punk by countout.


-out of nowhere Dolph Ziggler shows up and jumps on Del Rio and Rodriguez before the refs get involved.


-Punk is declared the winner when all of a sudden Brock Lesnar’s music hits!!!! Oh shit! Brock circles before coming into the ring. Brock asks for a mic… oh no… he doesn’t say anything and quickly picks up Punk and F5’s him!!!! well they went to that feud fast as fuck…


-good night but man did they throw a lot at us tonight.









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