WWE Payback – Thoughts & Predictions

from WWE.com

from WWE.com

3 Stages of Hell

WWE Champion John Cena vs. Ryback

Mascara De Fuego: Cena. That’s all I got.

Great Puma: Cena. Yeah, that’s pretty much how WWE likes to end these shows. OR could it be that they would like to send the possible Bizarro-World Chicago fans home happy? If Punk vs. Jericho isn’t the main event in Chi-Town, how do you end the show on a high note with Cena going over? Scratch that. My heart says Ryback all the way.

World Champion Dolph Ziggler vs. Alberto Del Rio

Great Puma: Ziggler. Unfortunately ADR’s relationship with the fans is lukewarm. ADR is not sucking by any means but he’s also not commanding all of their attention. Ziggler needs to prove why he’s the so-called Show Off and literally steal the show with a performance of a lifetime. He has the right opponent to do it but unfortunate, the build up to the match itself hasn’t made us care enough.

Mascara De Fuego: Ziggler. This should good be a good match but I am ready to see both guys move onto other feuds. Glad to see Ziggler back and hopefully we can see some Ziggler vs. Bryan matches soon.

CM Punk vs. Chris Jericho

Mascara De Fuego: Jericho. My gut is telling me that this match isn’t really going to happen which is suck even worse because of this ppv being in Chicago. I think they might just hold off on Punk for a later date and Heyman ends up having to do the match. It might sound farfetched but that’s my guess.

Great Puma: CM Punk. There’s a weird vibe to this and perhaps this is CM Punk’s face turn. The highlight package on Smackdown was filled with clips of a lot CM Punk moments that were made when he was a face. There is also a report that Rancid just finished making new music for the former WWE champ. All of those are strong signs of a character redirection. Heel or face, the WWE needs CM Punk on their active roster. Also, I expect the WWE crowd to respect Jericho, cheer for him at a 30/70 ratio, and give him dueling chants at least a few times.

WWE Tag Team Champions The Shield vs. Randy Orton & Daniel Bryan

Mascara De Fuego: The Shield. I’ll let Puma rant about what they did with The Shield on Friday night, it just made NO sense. And because that loss made NO sense do to on FREE TV they better come with strong victories on Sunday. The Shield need this in a bad way and not because of interference or someone turning. It needs to be a strong victory. Bryan will be awesome in this one and hopefully the WWE is smart enough now to realize this guy is money.

Great Puma: The Shield. You give us a Shield loss on TV for free? For FREE? The Shield not losing was one of the biggest reasons the Shield was must-see TV every week on RAW and Smackdown. Now that the Shield has been beat, is there a reason to fear them or to even tune in? The blueprint to beat them has been laid down and the Shield’s unbeatable mystique was sacrificed to bolster Daniel Bryan’s character that was going to be super over regardless of whether or not he defeated the Shield. The key moment that is going to galvanize Daniel Bryan’s character into legitimacy is going over John Cena clean and making his ass tap out. The Shield need to go over here and look strong in the process. It should be a performance that makes us forget about the loss and to remind us just how great their chemistry is together as a unit. It’s a shame really, the WWE lost out on a huge pay per view payday, where they could have really milked the Shield’s unbeaten streak as a marquee selling point that CM Punk’s title defenses became and what Undertaker’s Wrestlemania streak is now.

United States Champion Dean Ambrose vs. Kane

Great Puma: Ambrose. This is a true test for Ambrose in that he needs to go over and still make Kane look like the unstoppable monster that he is. I’m confident in Ambrose’s abilities to give us an exciting finish and leave us wanting more of Dean Ambrose, the singles wrestler.

Mascara De Fuego: Ambrose. Similar to the tag team match, Ambrose needs to look strong in this one. Hopefully this will be a good match as well. Kane has really been an underrated vet on the roster.

Intercontinental Champion Wade Barrett vs. The Miz vs. Curtis Axel

Mascara De Fuego: Fandango Curtis Axel. Barrett and Miz are cold and having the IC title isn’t going to help either of them. I was originally picking Fandango to take the title but since he is out of the match with a concussion they replaced him with Axel. They have been doing dumb shit with Axel since his re-debut and the shenanigans with the McMahon family. This could be a move in the right direction, especially if they play off the fact that his father also had this title. Might be good for him, who knows?

Great Puma: Curtis Axel. I’m hoping they stop Axel’s micwork to coincide with his IC Title reign. They should allow Paul Heyman to do ALL of the talking so Curtis Axel can just impress us with his in-ring work. Instead, we get the opposite of CM Punk, a bumbling, 3rd generation wrestler who is simply just trying too hard to get over on the mic. Axel’s bread and butter is his ring work and they should definitely play up to that strength above all else.

Diva’s Champion Kaitlyn vs. AJ

Mascara De Fuego: AJ. I had to look it up to remember when AJ won that battle royal to become the #1 contender… it was 2 months ago… so yeah, its about time this match happened. The buildup was crappy except for last Monday where AJ revealed that she was playing with Kaitlyn’s emotions. Well, I should say that it was AJ’s promo that saved that segment. Its too bad they will continue to hire models and not wrestlers. I would look forward to the day that Paige is part of the main roster but it won’t mean anything without having wrestlers to work with. Sucks. This will at least make for a good visual with Ziggler having the World Title and AJ with the Diva’s.

Great Puma: AJ. I like Kaitlyn’s character and look a lot, but I feel her title reign was somewhat stale. She “feuded” with Tamina but that was over within a few weeks without much fanfare. With AJ as champ, we might see the Divas division get a little more positive attention that it deserves. Hopefully, the WWE will bring in Paige for AJ to feud with but that’s too good of an idea for WWE to follow through on. It would be great to see well-worked Divas matches in the near future but I don’t think that’s high on the WWE’s priority.

Pre-Show Match

Sheamus vs. Damien Sandow

Great Puma: Sheamus. Sheamus is one of the WWE’s golden boys and that is why he’s going to win here. In the WWE’s perfect world, Sheamus would have Hogan-like popularity, with everybody in the arena wearing “Great White” t-shirts and eating out of the palm of Sheamus’s hand. Instead, you have the WWE surface-level fans giving Sheamus a polite pop whenever he’s introduced. He’s been protected for at least a year now and I don’t see him losing clean to anybody any time soon.

Mascara De Fuego: Sheamus. This is proof that Sheamus is a COLD character with no direction right now. As a matter of fact he just comes off as a bully more than anything… against heels of all things. They need to put him in a tag team and have him dedicated to that for no less than a year. He needs a makeover and I think this would be the best use for him right now. Sandow is in need of a good push (tag team or singles) before he gets to “Kofi-land” where no one is going to take this guy seriously. The guy has a good character that can do wonders for the upper card.

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One Response to “WWE Payback – Thoughts & Predictions”

  1. tellstarcookie Says:

    Why does Axel have a title match? He just started. I’d like to see Del Rio win because I don’t like Ziggy. AJ is a total jerk. I’d like to see someone give her what she’s be dishing out.. The Shield should not have gotten the belts and I hope they get the s–t beat out of them.

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