Smackdown [June 14, 2013]


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The Shield lose for the first time in an epic battle!


Greensboro, NC

  • They start the show with an ultra upbeat promo highlighting all the key feuds heading into the Payback pay per view.
  • Daniel Bryan walks out to HUGE YES! chants. Daniel Bryan recaps his recent success with Kane and considers Team Hell No one of the best tag teams in tag team history. He calls out Kane and Kane says that he’s only focused their six man tag match against the Shield. Daniel Bryan reminds Kane that when he wins at Payback, he’s going to be tag team champions with someone else. Kane just wants to confirm that Daniel is breaking up with him. Daniel says that if he wins the tag titles, he and Randy Orton will be called Team RK-NOOOO! Kane doesn’t think they’re going to win the titles. Daniel goes back to his weak link shtick, and says that perhaps Kane is the weak link. Kane grabs Daniel by the throat but Randy Orton interrupts and says that he needs Daniel at 100 percent. They all start arguing again.
  • The Shield are cracking up on the Titantron. Dean Ambrose calls them a car wreck and he can’t look away. They say they going to win tonight, and on Sunday.
  • Sheamus pins Antonio Cesaro with the Brogue Kick
  • After the match Damien Sandow attacks Sheamus from behind at the top of the ramp.
  • They play a highlight video showing a lot of Punk’s best moments when he was on the “face” side of the fence.
  • Dolph Ziggler, Big E. Langston, and AJ complain about having more respect to Teddy Long backstage. Big E. jacks a Hardees burger out of Teddy’s hand and eats most of it before handing it back.
  • Heath Slater w/ 3MB pins The Great Khali via DDT after 3MB distracted Khali
  • Alberto Del Rio & Chris Jericho defeated Big E Langston & World Heavyweight Champion Dolph Ziggler when ADR rolled up Ziggler for the pin
  • Chris Jericho is interviewed by Renee Young backstage. Jericho reminds us all that his epic debut was in Chicago and calls his match with Punk, Punk vs. Jericho 3. Paul Heyman tells Jericho “good luck” and he puts himself over as being in Punk’s corner. Jericho smacks the microphone onto Heyman’s mouth.
  • Kaitlyn beats Aksana’s ass before their match even starts, then beats the ref’s ass as other officials try to hold her back.
  • In a non-title match, Curtis Axel pins Intercontinental Champion Wade Barrett via his running snap rolling neckbreaker after Wade was distracted by the Miz on the outside. After the match, Miz gives Axel the Skull Crushing Finale.
  • Daniel Bryan, Kane, and Randy Orton defeated The Shield when Daniel Bryan made Seth Rollins tap out to the NO! Lock after being RKO’d in mid-air by Randy Orton.


Great opening segment. It’s great how much the Shield can get across with so little said. I hope they never become long-winded blowhards with nothing to say like some of the WWE’s upper echelon guys. I’m pretty excited for Payback, aren’t you?

It really hurts my feelings to see my favorite wrestlers lose to Sheamus. Seeing Sheamus no-sell Antonio Cesaro’s brilliant offense was pretty upsetting. Actually, Cesaro got a lot of offense in. He also got in a very looking inverted rolling Angle Slam looking thing. I almost thought it was a Death Valley Driver at first but it wasn’t. Decent match and I’m giving all the credit to Cesaro for making it work. I’m also glad Sheamus is relegated to the pre-ppv curtain jerker match. ‘F that guy. Yeah, ‘F that guy! Who am I talking to?

Random thought: Punk vs. Jericho, Kane vs. Ambrose, and Team RK-No! vs. The Shield is the holy trinity of pay per view matches. I can’t wait.

The cool thing about Slater vs. Khali? The DDT was used as a finisher. That’s pretty cool.

The tag match for the first hour main event was solid with a cool roll up finish. Jericho, Ziggler, ADR and Big E. all did their part to not give away too much of their offense but still managed to keep the match interesting and at an exciting pace. I’d love to see all four wrestlers battle each other in some sort of round robin tournament. There’s just way too much talent for that not to happen.

I wish they just made Kaitlyn angry as hell and had her SPEAR the shit out of everybody. I dunno, it just makes more sense to me.

The Axel-Wade Barrett match was okay. If there was a match designed to make me not interested in a pay per view match, that was it.

Despite the hastily booked loss and the lack of a Mexican Surfboard moment, the main event match was pretty spectacular. There were way too many great moments to mention, but I did like how Reigns countered Orton and then speared the hell out of him. The most amazing thing is witnessing just how in tune most of the crowd is with Daniel Bryan’s every move. If there’s a breakout star about to happen, it’s Daniel Bryan. I just hope the WWE doesn’t put a lid on it by jobbing him to Cena a hundred times.

Overall, this was the better go-home show to Payback than Raw was. I’m stoked for the pay per view and I’m even more excited at the possibility of Daniel Bryan breaking out into upper echelon scene for the latter half of 2013.

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One Response to “Smackdown [June 14, 2013]”

  1. tellstarcookie Says:

    Good going Daniel, Randy and Kane. Let’s see the Shield get their assas whipped more. Langston, you should be ashamed of yourself.

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