06-10-13 WWE RAW





-The opening recap covered all this Triple H silliness which then leads to Triple H to come out in his ring gear.


Triple H vs. Curtis Axel w/Paul Heyman

-Match started with Triple H taking the advantage before Vince McMahon’s music hits. He comes out in this smurf color suit. Terrible. He has Justin Roberts come out and call off the match giving Axel the win by DQ. Vince then heads to the back while HHH yells.

Winner: Axel by DQ

-after the match HHH restarted the match. Seconds later Vince comes back out and has Roberts call it off again due to forfeit.

Winner: Axel

-HHH has the match restarted again… this time it’s a 60 minute iron man match! hilarious shit. Vince looks shocked and head back down to ringside. Vince tells Axel to bounds since he’s already won two matches. Vince takes the mic and the ringbell with him. haha. Funny shit, I kind of enjoyed that. I’ve never seen that before.


-After all this Triple H and Steph argue in the arena hallway and Steph is begging for HHH not to beat up Vince. Its terrible acting at its best from Steph…


Kane vs. United States Champion Dean Ambrose

-We don’t get a bell to start the match because Vince still has the ring bell… Good match but it really picked up when the Shield attack. Bryan and Orton make the save.

Winner: Kane by DQ


-Sandow vs. Sheamus get the pre show spot before the ppv… ouch.


-we got to vote for Daniel Bryan’s opponent tonight, Rollins won this poll. This leads to Team Hell No and Orton argue. Vicki and Brad come in and makes Orton and Bryan vs. The Shield for the tag titles… no one is happy about this. Kane is all butt hurt until Vicki puts him in a match with Ambrose. Kane hugs Vicki… awkward…


The Miz vs. Cody Rhodes

-Fandango has been pulled out of the ppv match because of a concussion, shit. The ppv match is now Miz vs. Barrett.

Winner: Miz


-after the match Miz and Barrett looked to start brawling when Paul Heyman comes in to announce that Axel is taking Fandango’s spot in the triple threat match. hm, that’s a good idea. Give the kid the IC Title, why not it cant get any colder that it already is…


-video package on Mark Henry and after the break a recap of HHH drama from earlier. Is anyone picturing Vince hosing down kids like Stone Cold dude with the beer truck? Haha


-Steph is talking to Vince’s back… they argue about the WWE and doing business. Why do feel this isn’t too far from what arguments in this family are like. Haha.


-recap of Axel pinning Jericho on Smackdown. This brings Jericho out who is very complimentary to CM Punk and facing him on Sunday. He calls this a trilogy between them… too bad they waiting until the last minute to play up that fact. This gets interrupted by the returning World Champion Dolph Ziggler. He cuts a good promo before getting Jericho stops him. Jericho wants a match tonight and Ziggler gives it to… against Big E Langston.


Chris Jericho vs. Big E Langston w/World Champion Dolph Ziggler & AJ

-crowd seemed really into this one for the most part. Good series of back breakers by Langston to Jericho. Ziggler causes a distraction which sets up for the big ending but then Del Rio causes his own distraction leading to a code breaker and the pin

Winner: Jericho


Sin Cara vs. Antonio Cesaro

-Zeb Colter is on commentary shit talking Sin Cara and foreigners. He’s got problems but not with Cesaro because he didn’t sneak into the country not like Sin Cara. Damn, Colter shits on T-Mobile. Haha! They argue at commentary while Cesaro makes Sin Cara look like gold! Cesaro swings SC in a sleeper hold, oh man hope that doesn’t get him in trouble you know how touchy the WWE can get. Anyhow that sets up the neutralizer and Cesaro actually gets a win on TV!

Winner: Cesaro


-Bray Wyatt and the family video package. Man, I hope they don’t eff him up by booking him badly.


-Vicki and Brad in the back, Vicki is eating Carl’s Jr. Vince walks in and is all mad. They argue before Brad suggests Cena and Ryback get to see their lumberjacks tonight… weird.


Randy Orton w/Daniel Bryan vs. WWE Tag Team Champion Roman Reigns w/Seth Rollins

-Early on Orton drops Reigns on the barricade. During that Reigns held his head just like The Rock use to. I’m a sucker for detail when it comes to my wrestling. Match breaks down with Rollins and Bryan getting involved. This leads to a massive YES chant.

Winner: no contest


-this then leads to…


Daniel Bryan vs. Seth Rollins

-Ring of Honor! Bryan hits a series of elbows and knees over and over again early on, dope. Bryan gets Rollins into a surfboard then turns it into a dragon sleeper mid move! Fuck! YES/NO dueling punches. This match is awesome! Bryan finally gets a roll up out of nowhere for the pin.

Winner: Bryan

-after the match Rollin’s takes a kick to the head and an RKO.


-I don’t care for anything else tonight after that match, that was match of the year quality!


-Kaitlyn is out for the secret admirer reveal… and its Big E… he comes to the ring in clothes and with flowers. This is awkward and bad especially after the match was just saw. Big E slowly tries to kiss her when he drops her down and walks off. This brings AJ in who shits on Kaitlyn about what just happened. She goes on about Kaitlyn not being there for her when she had all this dramas with WWE dudes. Creepy ass promo from AJ, good shit! Its not long after Kaitlyn gets called a cow that the brawl breaks on. AJ escapes and skips off. Well, I was entertained by AJ’s promo here.


Damien Sandow vs. R-Truth

-this got a forward job. I started the show late so… its late.

Winner: Sandow

-Sheamus comes out to threaten Sandow for Sunday.


-Vince, Steph and Hunter argue in the back about all this mess. Vince plays cooler head finally and tries to tell him working in the office is bigger than this match with Axel. HHH gets it… then Vince gives Hunter the match for next week with Axel….!? Hunter doesn’t want to do the match anymore but now Vince wants to see it… well shit. Steph wants a family hug… this starts another argument but finally Steph gets her hug. This is odd.


-to finish the show, all the lumberjacks for the Payback come out and surround the ring.  Cena and Ryback then makes their separate entrances for whatever this is… this gets a forward job, I don’t care. Finally this gets physical with the lumber jacks getting involved and doing a big tear apart. The end.


-it was  all about Rollins and Bryan tonight!




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One Response to “06-10-13 WWE RAW”

  1. Estell Newton Says:

    Big E and AJ should be ashamed of themselves even is that was scripted. That was cruel. Good going Daniel.

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