Smackdown [June 7, 2013]


0 - smackdown new logo April 2013The Shield, Orton, and Daniel Bryan put on a tag team clinic in the main event!


Long Island, NY

  • Randy Orton, Daniel Bryan and Kane are guests on MizTV. Before Daniel Bryan can even speak, a HUGE “DANIEL BRYAN” chant breaks out. Orton and Team Hell No argue over last week’s finish, and Kane ends up walking off.
  • Teddy Long comes out and makes the main event of Orton & Daniel Bryan vs. Roman Reigns & Seth Rollins.
  • Curtis Axel pins Chris Jericho via roll up when Jericho was distracted by CM Punk’s entrance.
  • After the match, Jericho hit Axel with the Codebreaker.
  • They cut backstage to Ryback talking shit to Kane. Ryback tries to talk shit about slamming Bryan through a table, Kane says Ryback’s “rules” don’t apply to him.
  • Alberto Del Rio vs. Heath Slater went to a no-contest when 3MB attacked Del Rio. ADR eventually ran them off with a little help from Ricardo Rodriguez. Rodriguez even got to do a flying plancha off the top turnbuckle onto 3MB on the floor!
  • Dolph Ziggler gives them a slow clap, announces his medical clearance, and announces his return on RAW.
  • Kane defeats THE Ryback via DQ when Kane is powerbombed through a table after the ref distracted Kane.
  • Damien Sandow introduces Deep Blue, a super computer, ready to intellectually challenge Sheamus. He said we’re all a bunch of checker-minds living in a chess-world. That’s true. Deep Blue gets some good lines in, which Sandow hilariously responds to. Sheamus Brogue Kicks the flat screen and Sandow actually gets a nice right hand in and levels Sheamus. Sandow rams Sheamus into a round table multiple times and leaves him sprawled out in the ring.
  • Orton asks Daniel Bryan to put his problems aside. Bryan tells Orton to stay out of his way. Orton says he doesn’t like partners, nor Daniel Bryan.
  • Fandango pins Zack Ryder with the Legdrop off the Top
  • Natalya and Kaitlyn hype up Kaitlyn’s secret admirer meeting on RAW. Natalya thinks it’s too big a venue for the occasion. Kaitlyn gets offended and insults Natty.
  • Daniel Bryan & Randy Orton defeat Rollins & Reigns via DQ when Dean Ambrose interferes.
  • After the match, Bryan runs off Rollins and Reigns but gets RKO’d for his efforts. Orton stands over him as the show ends.


Great opening segment and I’m saying that because the crowd was very pro-Daniel Bryan. I liked how the crowd booed the suggestion that Kane would rather have John Cena as his tag team partner.

I love how Paul Heyman talks up Curtis Axel while they walk down the entrance ramp. However, Axel really needs to chill on the mic. Listening to Curtis Axel cut a promo is like hearing Pete Rock bust rhymes on the second Pete Rock & CL Smooth album, you just didn’t want to hear it man.

The actual Jericho-Axel match was solid and surprisingly competitive. Really cool spot where Jericho kicked out of Axel’s snap rolling neck breaker considering that was his first finisher. I can dig the story of that move being used too soon in the match. Good shit right there. The alternating shots of a rabid and upset Jericho, with a little spit on his lip, and a glaring and upset Paul Heyman at the end of the segment was editing gold.

I loved how Ryback played up his inner dickwad. He’s getting better at this heel shtick. I mark out whenever Kane runs down his extreme psycho resume in any situation. Dude buried his brother, yo.

Bravo for allowing Ricardo Rodriguez some shine! That was a great moment.

Damn. Nice gorilla press spot in the Kane-Ryback match. If you have a guy that can do classic strength spot, then by all means, you should always do it. I’m still waiting for the Daniel Bryan’s airplane spin to return.

Finally we get a pro-Sandow segment. It was refreshing to see Sandow get his.

Well I guess we know where Zack Ryder is still popular. He had one of the biggest pops of the night. It’s a shame the rest of the world has forgotten his brilliance. The match itself was just okay.

The tag team main event was extremely good and made this episode worth watching. Bryan’s double dropkick from the top was perfect. Reigns’ hit his Superman Punch on Orton, and his emphatic “NO!” to Orton when he saved Rollins from being DDT’d was classic. Another little gem was that Seth Rollins and Daniel Bryan continue their little trade off of Mexican Surfboard variations. This time Bryan used it to torture Rollins’s face and then had it set up his brutal kicks. If The Shield and Daniel Bryan wrestled in Smackdown main events for the rest of 2013 I’ll be a happy wrestling fan.

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One Response to “Smackdown [June 7, 2013]”

  1. Estell Newton Says:

    I would be a happy wrestling fan if the Shield were gone. Shaemus was honest. He did beat the computer with one move. Sandow is just a bad loser.

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