06-03-13 WWE RAW




-TIVO has been fixed. Not I can really skip the bullshit!

-recap of Cena telling us about this lame 3 stages of hell match for the ppv. Also Triple H is back to give Curtis Axel a rematch… huh?


-Well, we start the show with Stephanie McMahon coming to the ring. I think the last time we saw her she was slapping Paul Heyman, right? She’s out to let us know that she’s not letting HHH compete. She calls Axel “beneath” HHH… they boo Steph and cheer for Triple H, instead we got Vince McMahon. He panders for cheers. He tells the crowd not to boo Steph and its exactly what they do… and he tells us the same thing about HHH. The McMahons are heel-ish tonight. He keeps telling us how HHH isn’t wrestling for us anytime soon. Oh shit, The Shield interrupt! They get a commercial break. Apparently on the app Steph and Vince bounced. Alright. Ok. Alright, ok.


The Shield vs. Randy Orton & Team Hell No

-this match solely to build to the SUPER hot tag into Daniel Bryan! Holy shit. Bryan goes on to go through the hot tag when he does a hurricaneranna with Rollins onto Ambrose! Super pop! Bryan and Orton pump into each other setting up the forward DDT by Ambrose for the win. Solid opener, right now its ALL about Bryan and the Shield, how dope is that!

Winner: The Shield


-in the back Bryan and Orton argue about respect and weak links. Bryan is wrestling again tonight.


-Triple H shows up to the arena in a t-shirt, dress code bro. He walks into Steph and Vince’s office and they argue about not wrestling tonight. Goes longer than it needed…


The Uso’s vs. Primetime Players

-Uso’s are now painting their faces… couldn’t have them just be two dope Samoa’s could you WWE? #racist the Uso’s win this one, fuck I guess face paint means you can get over. Match was short and to the point.

Winner: Uso’s


-The WWE are working with the Special Olympic, nice. Some of the Olympians are here in the front row.


Alberto Del Rio w/Ricardo Rodriguez vs. Big E Langston w/AJ Part III

-most of the match Big E beat on Del Rio to “we want Ziggler” chants. Del Rio squeezed in a roll up for the out of nowhere victory when Big E was trying to fight out of the arm bar. Match was ok.

Winner: Del Rio


-Subway’s new avocado commercial is odd yet makes me crave avocado.


-I didn’t realize how over the top Sandow sold the cups being thrown at him last week. Haha!


Sheamus vs. Cody Rhodes w/Damien Sandow on commentary

-match was fine but it ends with Sheamus winning with the brogue kick. Maybe Cody will never come up… even worse when HE got to keep a family name, not like Curtis Axel… Sheamus offers his hand at ringside to Sandow. That gets brushed away before Sheamus smacks Sandow down.

Winner: Sheamus


-HHH and Steph argue in the back before Hunter leaves. He’s not happy with Vince and will be at the arena next week.


-Bryan and Ryback have a stare down in the back before they shit talk… looks like this is happening tonight… oh god don’t job Bryan to Ryback!


-Vince walks into Paul Heyman and Curtis Axel’s dressing room. He’s letting them know that this match with HHH isn’t ever going to happen. Axel is taking on Cena tonight… no DQ…


Fandango vs. Great Khali w/Natalya & Hornswoggle

-not long before Fandango tries to leave. Miz stops him but he takes the bullhammer.

Winner: Khali by countout


Intercontinental Champion Wade Barrett vs. The Miz

-We go right into this match. the only thing that mattered here was the Fandango dance interruption into Barrett getting locked in the figure four for the Miz win.

Winner: Miz


-Contract signing for Chris Jericho vs. CM Punk was next. Jericho and Heyman banter back and forth before finally signing the contract. Heyman gets the contract shoved down his pants. Crowd was into this segment.


Diva’s Champion Kaitlyn, Naomi, Cameron vs. The Bella’s & AJ

-sloppy match. AJ wont make the tag which costs her team the win when Kaitlyn spears one of the Bella’s for the pin.

Winner: K.N.C.


-in the back Kane and Daniel Bryan argue about this Ryback match tonight and how Bryan doesn’t have anything to prove tonight. Bryan disagrees. Kane walks off and he’s bouncing this bitch tonight.


-Wyatt Family video package. More people in this video, I don’t remember if this was an old video or now.


Daniel Bryan vs. Ryback

-shouldn’t surprise you but Daniel Bryan made this match. that’s your money guy right there! Ryback finally flips out and puts Bryan threw a table for the DQ.

Winner: Bryan by DQ


-while Ryback was setting up another table at ringside, Cena shows up to protect Bryan. This starts the biggest Cena chant there has been in a while. Before anything can break out Curtis Axel makes his entrance.


Curtis Axel w/Paul Heyman vs. WWE Champion John Cena

-good match but someones going to the Apple store to get their iPad replaced… yeah, Heyman passed Axel an iPad to hit Cena with. Ryback finally shows up and puts Cena threw the table set up at ringside. Again Axel wins by countout, does this match him the count out king? Ugh.

Winner: Axel by countout


-This was the Bryan show, everything else was secondary.



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One Response to “06-03-13 WWE RAW”

  1. tellstarcookie Says:

    As long as jerks like the Shield, Axel and Heyman are around wrestling isn’t worth watching.

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