Smackdown [May 31, 2013]


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Chris Jericho cuts a promo of the year candidate, and the WWE’s future stars hold this episode down very nicely.

Quick Results

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

  • Kane pins Seth Rollins via Chokeslam after Daniel Bryan pushed Rollins off the top rope
  • Roman Reigns defeats Daniel Bryan via DQ when Kane interfered and punched Reigns
  • DB started arguing with Kane since he had Reigns in the No Lock when the DQ happened.
  • Damien Sandow comes out for another mental challenge, a find a ball under the cup game. Sheamus does the game, gets schooled/cheated, and then Brogue Kicks Sandow. You’ve seen this before.
  • Curtis Axel cuts a promo with Paul Heyman and slides in a “perfect” pun.
  • Curtis Axel pins Sin Cara with the Perfect Plex
  • Big E. Langston pins Alberto Del Rio with the Big Ending after AJ raked ADR’s eyes on the ring apron
  • Ryback destroys Kofi Kingston via Shellshocked. After the match, Ryback powerbombs Kofi through three different tables to reinforce Kofi’s injury angle.
  • Chris Jericho cuts a brilliant promo on Paul Heyman, compares him to a dog, and manages to get in an “evil nemesis, Bob Barker,” reference.
  • Chris Jericho submits Cody Rhodes with the Walls of Jericho
  • They replay the Bray Wyatt promo from RAW.
  • Randy Orton and Dean Ambrose wrestle to a no-contest when The Shield and Team Hell No interfere in the match. Neat the end of the show, Daniel Bryan CLEANS HOUSE on all three members of the Shield using some of his signature high impact moveset. They cut to the whole arena pumping their arms in unison doing the YES! chant. What a moment.


I really hope the WWE knows what it has in Seth Rollins. The Rollins-Kane match was solid and entertaining and I don’t think Kane and Rollins were even pulling out all the stops. Every week I find myself wavering back and forth between all three Shield members on to who’s going to be the biggest star in the future.

Roman Reigns-Daniel Bryan was just as entertaining in its own right despite its short length of time. I like Reigns more when he actually uses a moveset that goes beyond the shoulder attacks in the corner. His Hurricane-esque clothesline is ridiculous and we all know I’m a mark for his running flying Superman Punch, or is it Super Samoan Punch? I want to see DB vs. Reigns for a solid 12 minutes to really see how far along Reigns is in the ring.

Curtis Axel vs. Sin Cara was great, and yes I’m saying great because Sin Cara was finished with the Perfect Plex. I actually like Axel’s rolling snap neck breaker thing but the Perfect Plex is such an iconic finisher. I’m very pleased to see it on my television again.

Big E’s win over Del Rio was a welcome sight. I like his counter to the Back Stabber into a belly to belly. Big E also did a Pro Wrestling NOAH-style double forearm block to Del Rio’s headkick. I honestly feel like the crowd is confused when it comes to Big E. It’s like they’re dying for his face turn so they can cheer him. His only fault is being guilty by association with Ziggler and AJ since he’s come into WWE. Fans love a guy who looks right when they “hulk up” and when Big E no-sells big moves, shit just looks right and feels right. This dude is a star.

Kofi vs. Ryback was what it was. It hurts me to see Kofi jobbed and stretchered so bad but I know it’s out of necessity. I should just let it all go and chalk Kofi up to a modern Ricky Steamboat. A guy with a huge fanbase, all the talent in the world, but without a major WWE title.

Did you see that Chris Jericho promo? Did you see that shit?

Y2J vs. Cody was good. I liked how Jericho grabbed Cody’s leg off the Beautiful Disaster kick and put in the Walls for the tap out finish. Good stuff right there!

I’m looking forward to the return of the army tank with the Ferrari engine turned Cape Fear psychotic.

Orton vs. Ambrose was a really good match with a lot of great moments. Loved Orton’s backdrop suplex onto the ring barrier. Ambrose’s counter to Randy’s hanging DDT into a cutter onto the top rope was one of the most innovative things I’ve seen in a while. Seeing the WHOLE ARENA explode into the “YES!” chant with Daniel Bryan was chilling. I hope this equals the huge push that Daniel Bryan deserves. I’ll never forgive the WWE for “18 seconds.”

This was such an enjoyable episode of Smackdown. Most of the matches were solid to superb and the backstage shenanigans were kept to a minimum. The in-ring talent level is as high as it has been in a long time. Big E and the Shield are quite a foursome to watch as they develop into bigger stars than they already are. The future is extremely bright; let’s hope the WWE knows what to do with their rising stars more than they did with the Fandango meme.

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3 Responses to “Smackdown [May 31, 2013]”

  1. tellstarcookie Says:

    So what’s new? It’s apparent that AJ has her eyes on more than one “man”. But does she have to make it so obvious that Ziggler is not the only one?

  2. Mascara De Fuego Says:

    That episode moved nicely. Good matches, newer faces on the come up and a classic moment for Daniel Bryan. Best buildup for a smaller guy ever!

  3. tellstarcookie Says:

    I agree. I just wish they’d get rid of the Shield.

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